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jason bailey nft

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Jason bailey club nft

Meaning we put our main focus on building a trusted, blue-chip name in the space for many years to come and not on the day-to-day micro floor price fluctuations.”

Far more affordable than many other top collections by daily trading volume, Ashur pointed to “validation and cultural relevance” as the drivers of Lazy Lions’ success in the attention-based market, citing partnerships with larger name brands like Coinbase, the Sacramento Kings, and Puma.

With building in mind, Ashur emphasized the importance of preparing not for down slides but future market openings like the launch of Coinbase’s NFT platform and the confirmation from Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg that NFTs will come to Instagram.

Jason Bailey, a creator and longtime NFT collector who publicly called for a NFT market pullback in 2022, said he’s not surprised by the decline.

The only way to join this exclusive club is to purchase an ape on secondary. And although enrollment started out low, at the time of writing this, the ape floor is sitting at nearly 20 ETH. Yet, members of the club themselves won’t hesitate to advise you that a floor ape is always worth the money, as the perks of joining outweigh the loss of ETH.

Be fearless in front of them with your ideas as many times as they’ll let you

Beyond the incentives, the BAYC feels exactly like the developers intended.
The exclusivity is rewarding to those who supported early, or made the decision to ape in and join the crew. NFTs in general have allowed for those from all walks of life to be a part of a fantastically exciting tech, culture and financial movement; and BAYC is truly indicative of that.

We’ll sell a painting through a gallery, and we often don’t know who it’s sold to for how much. And then as it’s sold down the road, that information isn’t– we don’t have access to that. This gives artists the ability now to be at the centre of the transaction and have control and oversight their work in ways that we’ve never had.

ROBERT ARMSTRONG: For an artist, earning a steady income isn’t always easy.
But what if you earned money not just the first time you sold your artwork but every time, a royalty payment triggered by each secondary sale built into the NFT?

JASON BAILEY: Every time there’s a secondary sale– today the standard is about 10% of that sale– goes back to the original artist, which is amazing because all my art friends– as a failed artist and all my art friends in 40 years, I had never knew– I knew one artist who actually lived off of just making art.

The visionaries at ClubNFT are the ideal people to provide the needed foundation and help shape the future of the NFT industry.”

Collectors can protect their NFT investments by signing up for the beta here.

About ClubNFT

CEO Jason Bailey (AKA Artnome) has been an important thought leader in the NFT space ever since he announced the arrival of the blockchain art market in 2017. He is proud to have been the first collector on SuperRare and to have advised dozens of other NFT marketplaces. Jason believes that, for NFTs to reach their full potential, the industry needs to go beyond marketplaces and start building the infrastructure and tools of the future.
This belief drove Jason to recruit his tech cofounder Chris King from Google and CFO/COO Danielle King, the former Manager of Painting and Sculpture at MoMA, to launch ClubNFT.

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Know about Exclusive NFT drops from world-renowned artists and celebrities.

Instead, the marketplace that sold the NFT stores that information on a web-based file-sharing system for a fee — a process called “pinning.” If an NFT marketplace shuts down and the fee is not paid, the file vanishes, leaving you with just a worthless token.


“It’s not a perfect system,” Bailey said. “So don’t trust the marketplace. Don’t trust us. Don’t even trust the storage solution. … Keep track of it yourself.”

But backing up the file at home is an arduous, challenging, and time-consuming task, reserved for a slim sect of high-profile buyers, Bailey added.

He intends to have Club NFT do that work for everyday customers, and over 2,000 early registrants find the prospect intriguing.

More than half have given Club NFT the address to their cryptocurrency wallet, which directs users to their digital assets.

Yeah, I’ve been very lucky to have the space through the pandemic.

I’m very curious about NFTs. What I like about NFTs, my personal romantic vision of it is it’s the Wild Wild West. For me, I’m very curious to see what artists do with it.

It’s still in its early days.

Can a poet read a few lines of their poem and have their voice be embedded in that NFT? Can I incorporate parts of my process? Can I incorporate parts of my inspiration in a video form like some of these colours are inspired by graffiti work I’ve seen around my neighbourhood. Is there a way to incorporate some of that people don’t get when they just see my painting? That’s what I’m most excited about.

I had a discussion with my students recently about NFTs. They’re very curious. It seems like many of them don’t know much about it.

But in terms of art making, if you’re 15, you have a voice.

It’s also worth noting that the winner of the Beeple auction seems to be heavily invested in the success of crypto art. The cryptocurrencies that drive crypto art are often considered highly speculative.

I have no doubt that, right now, there’s a big NFT bubble.

There have been lots of bubbles before – tulips, baseball cards, Beanie Babies – objects that were flying off the shelves one year and then piled up in landfills the next. And, in a bubble, a few headline-making winners get rich, while a whole lot of others lose their shirts.

Even if crypto art lasts, maybe the particular artist or platform where you’re buying won’t be popular in the future.

My feelings about crypto art aside, I do believe that art is, fundamentally, a social activity.

And when cryptoart first surfaced in 2017, Bailey authored a post on the blockchain art movement.


“I strongly suggest artists and art collectors take blockchain seriously,” he wrote.

His NFT portfolio is stocked with early, sought-after artists, including XCOPY, who sold a $3.9 million piece to Snoop Dogg this September. So much so that this summer, Bailey moved from Ashland to a West Brookfield house he bought with money he made “selling JPEGs,” as he put it.

Among financial experts, skepticism still prevails about the lifetime and value of the NFT industry.

The art in your home communicates your interests and tastes. Artworks can spark conversation, whether they’re in museums or homes. People form communities around their passion for the arts, whether it’s through museums and galleries, or magazines and websites.

Buying work supports the artists and the arts.

Then there are collectors. People get into collecting all sorts of things – model trains, commemorative plates, rare vinyl LPs, sports memorabilia – and, like other collectors, art collectors are passionate about trying to hunt down those rare pieces.

Perhaps the most visible form of art collecting today, and the one that drives so much public discussion about art, is the art purchased for millions of dollars – the pieces by Picasso and Damien Hirst traded by the ultrawealthy.

In November, the startup began scanning buyers’ portfolios. And on Valentine’s Day, Club NFT sent 20 terabytes of downloadable links to collectors via e-mail — for free.

The concept fascinates Martin Lukas Ostachowski, an artist from Montreal who signed up for an early trial.

His 400- to 500-piece NFT collection mostly comprises digital art from small creators — pieces he likes to revisit and admire. It dates to 2018, but Ostachuowski said he has not always done his “due diligence” and lost several early files. The startup’s technology could ensure the safety of his NFTs, both as works of art and as investments, he said.

“The blockchain is something that is constantly evolving, and it is intangible,” Ostachuowski said. “A lot of people don’t consider that the whole space is very fragile. It could disappear.

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