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These artists typically release limited edition NFT collections. This platform is also one of the only ones that allows you to connect bank accounts or credit and debit cards.

• OpenSea

OpenSea NFT is the first and largest marketplace for collectible crypto assets. The platform features a huge library of digital products and assets including digital art, 3D collectibles, virtual worlds, metaverses, trading cards, sports, and video game insider items, and the prices are generally comprehensive.

Because it is an open platform, anyone can create and sell NFTs easily, and this process can take only a few minutes.

• Foundation

Foundation is another platform that focuses on digital assets of NFT art, and has an invitation-based system for digital artists and NFT creators. Therefore you need to go through a long approval process to start minting NFTs.

But if those same two parties were holding the Mona Lisa and the deed to their home, respectively, they’d each have ownership of something with unique utility and value.

In the crypto world, currency units are similarly fungible and interchangeable, but not all digital assets are. That’s where NFTs come in. The digitization of media — including art, music, videos, books and even news or blog posts — has confounded the nature of ownership, copyrights, and intellectual property.
This is largely due to the ease with which digital media can be copied and reproduced. Nevertheless, NFTs provide a means for owners of different types of digital content to sell and trade their property using the advantages provided by the decentralized crypto space.

A 12-year-old in the UK made nearly $400,000 this summer coding some digital NFT art (a low-resolution cartoon whale).

  • Twitter ~1k followers
  • With an average engagement rate of ~4%
  • Discord ~1k members
  • Early access ~9k emails collected

What we did:

Twitter Giveaways: 1 – bring fake followers so we stopped.

Design challenge: 1 – gave us a lot of visibility and brought leads.

Surround ourselves with kick-ass ambassadors: 13 from several country

Hours on Twitter, Discord LinkedIn building trust: +∞

We also decided to split our genesis drop on 3 weeks spaced apart with one week to allow maximum people to participate and to limit the FOMO effect.

This is obviously some personal feedback, I probably miss some elements, or you might want to handle your growth in a different way.

The OpenSea Clone Script is a ready-to-use script for launching your own P2P NFT marketplace.What frameworks are used to build an NFT Marketplace like OpenSea?


In terms of the NFT market, or non-fungible symbolic turn of events, Ethereum is perhaps the most popular platform. It is easier to demonstrate proprietorship history on Ethereum because transaction history and token information are publicly available.
NFTs become compact across things since all Ethereum objects share the same backend. Furthermore, because Ethereum never goes down, tokens will always be ready to trade.


Flow is a decentralized and fast blockchain built for a new era of digital assets, apps, and games.

They operate effortlessly on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Generally, buyers of NFTs pay gas fees for every transaction processed on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Likewise, our team utilizes tools like TRONBox and Tron Studio for deploying the pre-programmed smart contract on an NFT marketplace.
It functions on the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM). Importantly, TVM is fully compatible with Ethereum-based smart contracts.

Each smart contract works on certain terms and conditions. Generally, the gas fees may increase if the blockchain networks are highly congested.
Investors can purchase ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standard assets (Ethereum) and TRC-721 based assets (TRON).

The cost of smart contract deployment depends on the complexity of the blockchain network, demand from investors, and the performance of ETH or TRX cryptocurrency in the market.

When you deploy a smart contract, a LISTING_FEE() function is actually created for you, but we created a getter function for code cleanliness.

  • getListedNfts retrieves the NFTs that are currently listed for sale.
  • getMyNfts retrieves the NFTs the user has bought.
  • getMyListedNfts retrieves the NFTs the user has listed for sale.
  • Deploy the Smart Contracts Locally¶

    In order to deploy our smart contracts, we’ll need to modify migrations/1_deploy_contracts.js. Because BoredPetsNFT requires the Marketplace contract address, order matters here! Truffle allows you to deploy contracts in order using Promise or await/async.
    You can read more about it here.

    If you don’t want to use Dashboards, you can modify your Truffle config files to use environment variables you set up. Create a .env file with the following code:

    MNEMONIC=”candy maple cake sugar pudding cream honey rich smooth crumble sweet treat”INFURA_KEY=”<Your Infura project key”GANACHE_MNEMONIC=”<Your Ganache mnemonic”KOVAN_MNEMONIC=”<Your Metamask mnemonic”

    The .gitignore already ignores .env, but since you’re populating your mnemonic/secret key here, PLEASE DO NOT COMMIT THIS ANYWHERE PUBLIC.

    Then, just run truffle migrate –network [NETWORK NAME] or npm run migrate:ovm –network=[NETWORK NAME]

    Deploy to Optimistic Kovan¶

    Since Optimism is EVM equivalent with small exceptions, we can just copy our contracts from the contracts/ethereum over to contracts/optimism.

    To get Eth for Optimistic Kovan, you can use this faucet.

    We will take you through how to build an NFT team from scratch and which nft project team structure works best for where you are in the journey.

    It largely depends on whether you are getting ready to launch an nft or already launched an nft and looking to grow. We share 4 of the critical roles you need to build an nft team and outline responsibilities for over 20+ roles you may need in the future.

    Let’s dive in:

    What’s the Best NFT Project Team Structure?

    Creating an nft team starts with having key teammates take on the tasks of selling, engaging, making, and dreaming.

    Roles such as Product marketing managers, community managers, web 3.0 software engineers, and founders make up an NFT’s project team structure.

    Some examples of providing value might come in the form of creating entertaining or helpful content using those characters.

    Then, as the characters become more popular, you can create merchandise using those characters and ensure that your community has first dibs on that merchandise, or even provide holders of your NFTs with free merchandise.

    Another example of value can come in the form of helping others without expecting anything in return. In a space like NFTs and Web3 which is still very new, a little help can go a long way.

    Ultimately, if you lend a hand without expecting a hand, others will be very appreciative of your true and honest efforts.


    I have been a part of many NFT communities, both good and bad, and one of the most important signs of a good community is communication.

    Hey, this article doesn’t make me an expert, but it should help you create and launch your own 10,000+ NFT Collection. It will also help you better understand a lot of concepts behind non-fungible tokens. Reading this will serve you as an NFT creator or as an NFT investor.

    I’m not going to go deep into the coding or photoshop concepts. There are plenty of tutorials on that.

    (How to code an NFT , Digital Art Tutorials.)

    However, I am going to outline my own in-process launch for my 10,000 NFT collection – No Fun Toads – as a case study.

    By following my public building of this through vlogs and blogs, you’ll get the big picture so you know what puzzle pieces you have to solve for, see how I approached them, and gain insight into what works and what doesn’t when launching an NFT.

    When comparing yourself to another project, compare like for like, as an example, we haven’t all had the chance to work at Dapper and launch CriptoKitties like pioneers back in 2017.

    E.g: Doodles, two of the Founders come from Cripto Kitties // DapperLabs. Those guys had a name and a reputation in the space, naturally they were going to excel twice as fast as the rest of us can say ‘Discord’.

    = Trust

    E.g: HAPE, Matt has been in the digital space for years and has strong credibility, already working with big brands with its studio Digimental

    = Trust


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