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Furthermore, NFTs maintain their uniqueness, which makes them an excellent solution for digitizing the collectibles market, where there is proof of ownership and protection from copyright infringement.

Unfortunately, today’s NFT solutions also come with some serious drawbacks.

For example, the current process of getting your NFT to a buyer is extraordinarily expensive. Usually, a minting fee for creating the NFT is attached to the process, listing it on a platform costs an additional fee, the NFT platform usually wants a commission on sales, and the actual transaction on the blockchain also involves fees.

The IOTA Foundation has always had an aversion to fees, as it is our belief that they severely hamper potential business adoption and application of the IOTA technology.

Iota nft

Alles in allem wird die NFT-Lösung auf Basis des IOTA-Netzwerks deutlich günstiger sein als alle anderen bestehenden Lösungen und damit für alle Marktteilnehmer attraktiver.

Testen Sie es jetzt

Genug mit den Träumen von der Zukunft! Dank des IOTA NFT-Marktplatzes ist es bereits jetzt möglich, die NFT-Plattform powered by IOTA zu testen. In dieser Testversion wird die Wallet direkt auf der Website des IOTA NFT-Marktplatzes verwaltet, ähnlich wie die Verwahrung von Wallets auf großen Börsen wie Binance, Bitfinex und Bitpanda.
Mit der Hinzufügung einer Browser-Wallet und kommenden Smart Contracts wird der IOTA NFT-Marktplatz vollständig dezentralisiert werden.

Erstellen Sie noch heute ein kostenloses Benutzerkonto, fordern Sie Ihre IOTA 2.0 DevNet-Token über den integrierten Faucet an, und prägen Sie Ihre ersten NFTs.

Iota nft airdrop

A cross-chain bridge is a connection between two blockchains, a practical realization of blockchain interoperability without sharing the ledger.

Most bridges work with a burn-and-issue protocol, meaning that when a token is transferred from one blockchain to another, the underlying protocol first burns the token and then mints an equivalent token, on the other blockchain.

Other protocols work with token wrapping, leaving the issued token blocked on the source network and generating a wrapped token on the destination network.

Either of these two ways ensure that, throughout the blockchain ecosystem, policies are respected so that there are no duplicate values.

In the past few months, NFTs have been the talk of the town among technology experts, industry and the art world.

Iota nft platform

Wenn Sie einen detaillierten Blick auf das IOTA Digital Assets Framework werfen wollen, klicken Sie hier.

Ein zugänglicher NFT-Marktplatz – futuristisch, schnell, fast gebührenfrei

Obwohl derzeit nur im Testmodus verfügbar, verspricht der neue, von der Community aufgebaute IOTA NFT-Marktplatz eine zugänglichere Zukunft für NFTs. Transaktionen sind im IOTA-Netzwerk immer “gebührenfrei”, so dass diese Barriere bereits weg ist.

Auch die Prägegebühren sind aufgrund des IOTA Digital Assets Frameworks vernachlässigbar. Lediglich die Provision für den IOTA NFT-Marktplatz bleibt, da die Infrastruktur in irgendeiner Weise mit Strom versorgt werden muss.

Iota nft erstellen

NFT-Revolution on IOTA

In recent months, NFTs have been a major talking point among tech-heads, industry experts, and the art world. Even traditional, non-industry media has covered the feverish debate surrounding the possibility of digitally representing assets on a distributed ledger and trading them as so-called NFTs on dedicated platforms.
NFTs are cryptographic tokens that represent something unique (or ‘non-fungible’) in digitized form.

Virtually anything can be digitized and represented as an NFT. You can represent and trade digital assets such as digital artworks, video clips, music, or gaming items as NFTs, as well as physical assets such as real estate, paintings, or vintage cars.

Iota nft art

Yes, IOTAs colored coins are NFTs (the official term is actually “IOTA Digital Assets”, same thing). They can be minted without fees and only require each 1 IOTA token (currently worth 1 millionth of a Euro) per NFT.

It works by attaching the unique transaction ID of one or many token to their tag-field.
This way it can forever be verified, that they have been minted at this one specific transaction (no other token will ever have this tx-ID). On top of that, they can have a top-layer name like “Tesla share” or “Dollar cent”, depending of what you want them to represent.

IOTA Digital Assets will soon be available on the Mainnet (Q2, currently only GoShimmer testnet AFAIK).

Iota nft kaufen

There are no blocks or miners in the Tangle, and each transaction on the IOTA network must validate two previous transactions through a small proof of work (PoW). Thus, the more transactions that occur, the faster the network can process new transactions, theoretically allowing the network to become more efficient as it expands.

The IOTA NFT marketplace, developed by the IOTA community, and launched on July 15, 2021, on the IOTA 2.0 DevNet, illustrates without a doubt that the future of digital assets, including NFTs, is near feeless, decentralized, green and accessible to all.

Although currently only available in test mode, IOTA’s new community-built NFT marketplace promises a more accessible future for NFTs.
Transactions are very low on the IOTA network, and minting fees are also negligible due to IOTA’s digital asset framework.

Iota nft drop


These include the Fantom and Avalanche networks, which each have their own respective Fantom NFT marketplaces and AVAX NFT marketplaces.

What are Assembly and Shimmer?

Assembly and Shimmer are two networks that were created in order to accelerate and incentivize the adoption of the IOTA network. Assembly is designed as a smart contract platform on top of IOTA, while Shimmer’s purpose is to be a staging network.

In order to accelerate adoption and also facilitate ecosystem development, the IOTA foundation decided that it was necessary to create 2 new networks and build on top of the IOTA network.

  • Assembly: The Assembly network is a venture capital funded permissionless smart contract platform built on top of IOTA and it will function as an intermediate layer.

Iota nft shimmer

По заверению команды IOTA, все токенизированные активы имеют такой же уровень безопасности, что и нативный токен проекта MIOTA.

В IOTA надеются, что с новым фреймворком экосистема станет одной из самых надежных и масштабируемых в отрасли. Это, в свою очередь, приведет к «взрывному росту экономической» составляющей в сети IOTA, подчеркивают разработчики.

Пользуясь хайпом NFT

Впрочем, стоит заметить, что IOTA далеко не первая экосистема с поддержкой NFT.

Новомодный рынок уже поддерживается стандартами в сетях Ethereum и TRON.

О большой популярности NFT редакция BeInCrypto писала и ранее.

Iota nft twitter

The latter was available for purchase by customers, and a total of 3,700 successful biddings were made.

At the end of the tweet, IOTA stated,

We are working hard to improve the marketplace and add new features.

Dominik Schiener, the co-founder of the non-profit IOTA Foundation, commended the IOTA community for their amazing work. With its ‘almost feeless’ policy, the IOTA NFT Marketplace is now perceived as the best platform for NFT minting. This quality keeps the platform above competition from other similar creations, such as Ethereum NFTs, which are relatively costlier. Fees on the Ethereum network tend to get notoriously high especially when the network experienced heavy traffic.

Nevertheless, the platform is still running on its development test network.

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