Invisible friends nft scam

If you are like many, the project that first made you start googling “How to create an NFT” was Bored Ape Yacht Club. It is currently number 2 on the Opensea NFT Marketplace but in 2021 it was by far the collection that made the biggest strides in reaching various members of community and ascending to become a Blue Chip NFT Collection. With key senior Executives of Goldman Sachs, ” a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm” to purchasing a Bored Ape for the price of over $250,000 (110 ETH) you may be wondering why NFT’s are so valuable?

Goldman Sachs is not alone, other high notoriety apes include Paris Hilton, Jimmy Fallon, Steph Curry, Justin Bieber and Eminem. They’re all members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, meaning they’ve all bought into a collection of 10,000 ape avatar NFTs with different traits and attributes.

The lottery prize pool is valued at $5.5 million, and the diluted market capitalization is currently at $530 million. The token has come a long way since its release, and the newest additions to the platform will surely drive the price even higher in the future.

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Lucky Block NFTs

The release of the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFT collection created a huge hype among LBLOCK holders and early investors.

Like the LBLOCK token, the Lucky Block NFT collection is also expected to increase in price during 2022 and beyond. If the NFT collection has the same success as the token, a $1,000 investment will have a $100,000 return!

Unlike most NFTs available on markets such as OpenSea and others, the Lucky Block NFT collection comes with added utility.

Selbst internationale News-Seiten wie Dexerto haben über das durchgeschlüpfte Hakenkreuz im NFT-Giveaway berichtet. Kongdo Club hat inzwischen den Tweet gelöscht und auch MontanaBlack hat seinen Post zur Verlosung gelöscht.

MontanaBlack: NFT-Anbieter nimmt Streamer die Schuld – doch dieser reitet sich tiefer rein

Das sagt Monte zu den Vorwürfen: Nachdem Kongdo Club den Post gelöscht hatte, nahm der NFT-Anbieter die Schuld für das Nazi-Symbol auf sich: MontanaBlack selbst wäre in keiner Weise in der Entstehung des Bildes involviert gewesen.
Gleichzeitig merkten die Betreiber:innen an, dass es nicht die Absicht gewesen sei, Hassrede zu verbreiten. Der Streamer selbst hat sich ebenfalls noch am selben Tag in seinem Twitch-Stream über das Giveaway geäußert.

Invisible friends nft scamander

But when the target exceeds ten people that’s to excessive spamming.

A disproportionate surge in social media followers

Have you ever come across some accounts on Twitter with a huge following relative to when the account was created? Surprisingly, some NFT projects buy their followers (fake followers). And that should lead you to question the legitimacy of their project and the intentions of the project team

An unaffordable mint price

The mint price of an NFT should be affordable enough that most community members participate in its minting.
Typically, aggregation sites will display the mint price of a project.

That said, if you see a project with a mint price exceeding $4000 worth of the cryptocurrency, it’s traded in, that’s likely to be a red flag.

Invisible friends nft scamorza

And then i saw, ALL MY ETH was sucked out.

A Panic Attack Set IN, I was like AHHHHHHH FUCK. I was just scammed with the newest affiliate hustle of ex Tech Support scammers turned crypto investors.

And long and behold, I was taken for everything I had in my MetaMask.

Here’s the Etherscan address

As you can see, they took my money and they also took almost 1 more eth from someone else so far.

⚠The scammers ETHER WALLET address is 0x596551D8F0f906CB7a7Ec6992d823D73a2ca24b2

The scam went like this:

  1. They DM’d me on discord, with official looking profile and official formatting and all the funky flashing shit that they post in Discord chats.
  2. They had a domain that was similar to invisiblefriends, but it wasn’t the real domain ofc.

Invisible friends nft scamec

Ich kann nur eines sagen, es tut mir sehr leid, auch wenn es kein originales Hakenkreuz war, was da zu sehen war.“

Viele der Zuschauer und User auf Twitter finden das Statement von MontanaBlack zu der Thematik allerdings sehr schwach. ChuckiZ schreibt: „Das ist ein Teil unserer Geschichte digga und das ist ja kein Hakenkreuz, sondern ein indisches Symbol digga.

Danke für das Statement Kuss. So sieht natürlich die Distanz zum Rechtsextremismus aus.“ Auch andere User vermissen hier eine deutlichere Auseinandersetzung mit dem Thema und sehen die Aussagen von Marcel Eris in den Clips als halbgar an, zumal die Entschuldigungen immer mit einer Art Ausrede verbunden sind.

Erstmeldung vom 19.01.2022: Buxtehude – Täglich grüßt der Monte-Skandal.

Danach habe ich dann noch versucht etwas zu sagen, das mir eher noch ein Bein gestellt hat, weil ich da einige wirre Aussagen gemacht habe, um irgendetwas zu sagen.“

MontanaBlack: Entschuldigungsbotschaft wird auf Twitter kritsich gesehen

Der Twitch-Streamer fügt im zweiten Teil der Videobotschaft dann noch hinzu: „Rückgängig machen kann ichs nicht, ich kann nur sagen und das ist mir wichtig. Was die Twitter-Leute von mir halten war, mir schon immer scheißegal.
Am Ende ist es mir sowieso egal, was die gesamte Öffentlichkeit von mir hält. Wichtig ist mir, was die Freunde, Familie von mir halten und dass die mich lieben.

  • NFT catcher
  • NextDrop
  • Amidst the ease of finding upcoming NFT collectables on aggregation sites, there is one important missing feature on those sites, curation. And with countless collections getting listed daily, you’ll have to sort through the noise to find desirable NFTs collectable whose whitelists you can join.

    What Features Should You Look for in an NFT Collectible?


    You want an NFT that is unique yet visually appealing such that it carries with it the potential to be shared widely on social media as a meme.

    Everyone who owns at least one NFT from the collection gets lifetime entry to daily NFT lottery draws. Each reward can win you $10,000, and the luckiest players will receive one of 25 rare NFTs.

    The platform made it to TV shows and other media channels all over the world in the past few months. The media is interested in the project, which will surely boost the value of tokens as well as NFTs.

    The NFT collection is available on a newNFT Launchpadas one of the top collections.

    Lucky Block NFT Benefits and Utility

    While NFTs are generally criticized for not having any real utility to them, the developers wanted to make things different with Lucky Block NFT by adding specific use cases and benefits to the holders.

    Let’s review them in detail.

    The relative speed at which its community has grown in such a short time is something we should watch out for.

    Hence, the quality of a community is directly proportional to the chances that a project will break out and become successful. As a result, every project’s community has a certain ‘noise’ level.

    Likewise, the louder it is, the more the project is visible to the world.

    Ever since the cryptocurrency Shiba Inu broke out among the masses in 2021, the internet has been obsessed with Shibas. As a result, people have started collecting and trading all types of digital assets.

    Likewise, owning NFTs makes our own personalities stand out on the internet. Furthermore, this greatly enhances one’s identity among his or her network.

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