Invisible friends nft pfp

invisible friends nft pfp

The first type of Invisible Friends is the Coinbase Token, which is a virtual currency. The other type is the Ethereum Token (ETH), which is a cryptocurrency.

How Much Does Invisible Friends NFT Cost? The Invisible Friends 023 and 006 NFTs are currently available for $86 and $81, respectively. This NFT is a rare coin but its market dominance has been on the rise recently, with celebrities and sports sponsors buying them. The project is gaining popularity and is now considered to be the most exclusive one available. The price is not fixed, so it’s best to invest a few hundred dollars in a few months.


Invisible Friends NFT is an animated series of 5,000 NFTs depicting walking avatars with invisible skin. The character designs are highly customizable, and the traits that differentiate them from each other determine their market value.

Invisible friends nft pfp

Regardless of age, the collections in this tier have at some point taken the NFT space by storm, holding tight through the many market ebb and flows. Now, these surely aren’t the most affordable projects, but each encompasses a vibrant community and a wide array of member benefits.

Note: No Yuga Labs or Larva Labs projects here.
Joining any of their projects isn’t feasible for most, and everything that needs to be said about them already has been via our BAYC guide and our ultimate guide to CryptoPunks.

Cool Cats

Cost: 3.90 ETH

Values: Citizenship, fun, and growth

When it comes to community-driven projects, Cool Cats is a tough one to beat.

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Cool Cats

Floor Price: 4.8 ETH Mint Quantity: 9.94K

Coined as the coolest NFTs on blockchain, Cool Cats has succeeded where many PFPs have failed.

Cool Cats PFPs come in a wide variety of outfits, colours and designs, giving NFT holders the opportunity to mix and match, creating exclusive NFTs for themselves! The more complete the outfit on your Cool Cat, the more points you receive, steadily raising the value of your NFT.

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Floor Price: 1.45 ETH Mint Quantity: 10K

Deadfellaz is a Ethereum-based collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs. Creators Betty and Psych, along with there extensive team have been pushing hard to create the Deadfellaz eco-system.

NFTs are the future of what exactly, is the product of much debate and conjecture. But it’s impossible to ignore the influence that NFT projects are having on the market today.

Leading the disruption are PFP (Picture for Proof) NFTs.

PFP NFTs are computer generated avatars, each with unique traits and attributes. Initially they were created simply as a form of digital art.
Since then, PFP NFTs have evolved into a sort of backstage pass into some of the most awesome aspects of the ever-expanding cyber community. Not to mention the ridiculous fortunes that have been amassed by the sale of some of these digital tokens.

One of the first PFPs to hit the market were Cryptopunks, created by Larva Labs in 2017.
FoundersMatt Hall and John Watkinson created 10,000 of these NFTs, which they initially gave away for free.

This means that your progress in the game is directly related to horse races taking place in real life.

In order to participate, you must acquire cool PFP NFTs called Racing Silks, which represent racers, and then you can buy a horse NFT. And as your horse progresses in real life, you will be rewarded in the game!

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Imaginary Ones

Floor Price: 1.077 ETH Mint Quantity: 8.89K

Imaginary Ones is a collection of 3D animated PFP NFTs, each with different accessories.
The PFPs themselves are very well done, and will only rise in value as newer phases of this NFT are rolled out over time.

The RCC is home to hilarious memes and incredible artwork, which is a unique aspect of the RCC. This project is one of the most promising new projects on the blockchain.

The Invisible Friends NFT project is an animated NFT with five thousand GIFs.
The coins will be available for purchase in early February 2022, but there is no official release date yet. However, you can buy pre-sale tickets now for 0.15 ETH, which works out to be $364 per NFT.
If you’re interested, check out the Random Character Collective’s social media accounts, which are now over 440k.

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Who is Creating Invisible Friend NFT?

The project was originally slated to launch in January but has now been delayed until February.

The delay has been done in order to allow investors to secure their spots on the whitelist. The collection is based on Ethereum and will be available exclusively to Discord users. Once a Discord user reaches level 10, they can participate in a mini-game and create their own unique fan art. This makes Invisible Friend NFT one of the most popular projects on the market.

The Invisible Friends project was created by Markus Magnusson. Among his fans are people who share the same interests as him, which is a good sign. The Invisible Friend NFT project has the potential to grow into an extremely popular community. Aside from the potential for profit, it’s also worth a few dollars on the exchange.

Floor prices for these projects may go up, down, or sideways, but the teams behind each of these collections seem to be actively at work building their communities day after day. Some projects are more expensive than others, and some might even be considered sleeping giants, but each is unique and valuable in its own way.


Cost: 0.45 ETH

Values: Boldness and optimism

Designed by artist Waheed Zai, Smilesssvrs is a multifaceted project that focuses on culture, fashion, hip-hop, and smiles. Smilesssvrs is the first of many other physical and digital Smilesss initiatives to come and places value on making a statement with streetwear and style.

Of course, whether or not the generative NFTs look good plays into things, but rollout mechanics including whitelisting and pre-sales, dutch auctions vs. releasing in waves, etc. all play a huge role in how a project is perceived.

If this all goes smoothly, and the collection sells out quickly, collectors are likely to be much more pleased with the process and the product — as opposed to when projects, like Akutars, charge full speed into a sale and hit significant and debilitating roadblocks.

Considering the overwhelming success of Bored Apes and CryptoPunks, it’s no surprise that dev and artist teams everywhere have attempted to follow in their footsteps. Yet, while most derivative collections have come and gone, it seems that while the NFT market is saturated with PFP collections, originality still prevails.

Football Critters is a collection of football (soccer) based NFTs created by artist Geoff Gouveia and Co-creative Jeff Rafter. This collection was inspired by the founders love for the game growing up and emphasis on community. Players will be able to compete with each other using real-life data for a weekly prize pool. Critters are made up of 20 different animal bases using one of four different positions: goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and forward. Each critter plays for one of 1,600 possible teams to make up the collection of 6,400 total pieces. Each NFT will be minted for 0.0125 ETH each. Each team correlates to the public data for various NFT projects on the market, based on its weekly sales volume. If a collection has more volume at the end of the week, the number of points it’ll score increases, while fewer sales volume decreases their point generation.
And although the first phase of this PFP has been completed, FWENCLUB is planning a second phase mini game called “SEIBOWS” by mid-2022.

To know “Moar” check them out on Discord:

The Squishiverse

Floor Price: 0.323 Mint Quantity: 8.89K

Reminiscent of the slime enemies in Dragon Quest, this PFP collection includes adorable little slime-bubble characters, each with a range of expressions and features. This NFT is unique because a portion of the proceeds from sales go to support up and coming artists, giving holders the added assurance of standing for a good cause.

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