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Invisible friends nft cost

invisible friends nft cost

The Invisible friends NFT has made a massive stride in the whole NFT world, with its craze and high price. Though the team has not revealed a roadmap, the sensation to get a hand on this piece of art has not dwindled. So, when the team reveals the roadmap, we can easily make an Invisible friends NFT price prediction and say that these NFTs will be worth thousands of dollars.

How To Buy Invisible Friends NFT

  • Ensure that you have enough Ethereum on your wallet for the floor price and gas fees
  • Connect your Opensea compatible wallet to Open sea.
  • Choose the artwork you want to purchase
  • Place a bid on it
  • Once selected, you will have the NFT in your wallet

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The artwork created for the Invisible Friends initiative is very stunning.

Invisible friends nft cost

Hey everyone, I just wanted to come here and let you know that the name “Invisible Friends” has been used by my band for three years already. We’ve released music, have amassed followers on social media, and I am literally a character who is made to be semi Invisible (I wear a helmet and cover my face).

It took forever to create this name, idea, and moniker. Now I feel gutted as this project will forever confuse current fans and new fans we have been working hard to garner.

I’m just looking to get this information out there a bit because music has been my life’s work and I feel a little bit ripped off here. We purposely came up with “Invisible Friends” because the classic “Imaginary Friends” would’ve been way to common/obvious.

Invisible friends nft price

Invisible Friends NFTs are an example of one of these successful NFT drops which launched in February 2022.

What Is the Invisible Friends NFT Collection?

Invisible Friends NFTs is an Ethereum based non-fungible token (NFT) that was created by Markus Magnusson and is part of the Random Character Collective (RCC) initiative. This NFT was one of the most anticipated NFTs that has been launched thanks to the huge marketing and advertising of this NFT which brought together a strong community, with over 400k Twitter followers and counting.

Invisible Friends NFTs holds a collection of about 5,000 animated NFTs, and according to the creator of these NFTs Markus Magnusson, he said:

“It’s for people who are still kids at heart.
People who just wanna have a bit of fun on the internet.

Invisible friends nft price prediction

Created by a handful of wholesome artists and developers, Woodies is a fun and accessible project that focuses on kinship and kindness.

Crypto Chicks

Cost: 0.30 ETH

Values: Beauty and growth

Crypto Chicks is a collection developed to celebrate the unique, diverse beauty of women around the world. As the majority of the NFT space is male, projects like Crypto Chicks hope to help further diversify the ecosystem.
This is a project for all who value vibrant communities and want to support efforts to empower women in Web3.

Creature World

Cost: 0.40 ETH

Values: Curiosity and spirituality

Creature world is a project for those who are children at heart.

Invisible friends nft mint price

In the last seven days, the project has seen sales of $31.3 million, ranking third amongst all NFT collections.

The images have not been revealed as of the time of writing.

“We will update on reveal time/date soon. We want to make sure we can deliver on time before we announce the reveal date.
It won’t be long,” Invisible Friends tweeted.

The project has more than 500,000 followers on Twitter Inc TWTR and over 277,000 members in its Discord. Invisible Friends also has more than 156,000 followers on its Instagram, a photo-sharing platform owned by Meta Platforms IncFB.

“We’re already branching from Web3.

Invisible friends nft floor price

What Happened: Invisible Friends is a collection of 5,000 “animated invisible characters” created by Swedish animator Markus Magnusson and is a Random Character Collective project.

“It’s for people who are still kids at heart. People who just wanna have a bit of fun on the internet.

Just the very easy-going type of person that has a good taste in art,” Magnusson said to describe people who would likely mint Invisible Friends.

The collection came with a mint price of 0.25 EthereumETH/USD, which put it on the higher side of mint cost for projects.

Prior to the mint, Invisible Friends auctioned off an exclusive rare 1/1 gold NFT. The “Golden Friend” sold for 499.69 ETH, or $1.32 million. Proceeds from the auction went to the RCC Charity Fund.

Invisible friends nft price opensea

When it comes to finding the right PFP project that’s also affordable, there’s definitely more than one answer. So let’s take a look at some of the most prominent PFP projects, ranked first by price and defined by their core values.

A quick note before we begin:

This won’t be an exhaustive list, but rather one to help get you started.

We’ve also purposefully left out some of the more expensive and/or less PFP-learning projects (like VeeFriends). If you’re looking for a more comprehensive list of the most prominent PFP projects, check out our articlehere.

Tier 1

For the first tier, we’re looking at projects that are affordable, exciting, and have room to grow.

These are the projects that, for a number of reasons, lean on the smaller, more tight-knit side.

Invisible friends nft minting price

The mint price has been set to 0.25 ETH, which at the time is equivalent to $676.

Relatively speaking, the price seems very fair or even kinda cheap. Considering the rarity and popularity, there’s no fault in calling it a steal. But that’s my opinion. People on Twitter have expressed their views differently.

A Twitter handle, zeneca.eth said in a tweet: “I’ll buy as many Invisible Friends you have, right now, at 1 ETH. Sell me all you want. This is ridiculously cheap for the product they have, they could EASILY sell out at 2 eth – this is a respectable mint price, well below what the market would snap pay tbh.”

While this seems to be praising the project, another user; davidshinkle.x had to say: “Wow getting crazy now. $721 to mint? The fun slowly getting sucked out of NFTs. Only the wealthy I guess will be able to even Mint…Bad I think for NFTs/Crypto arena.

Invisible friends nft starting price

This is a great project for fans of metaverse wearables and Web3 pop culture.

Alien Frens

Cost: 0.72 ETH

Values: Optimism and friendships

Alien Frens is a project that feels just as playful and happy-go-lucky as the whimsical avatars that make up its 10,000 supply collection. Created by artist Mason Crowe, the community surrounding these extraterrestrial friends is great for creative types. Within the Alien Frens Discord, you’ll find a mish-mash of content creators, collectors, and artists alike.


Cost: 1.20 ETH

Values: Competency and boldness

Although Deadfellaz may have started out as a simple collection of PFP zombies, it has since grown into one of the boldest and most coveted projects on the market.

How much does invisible friends nft cost

M) was paid for it.

The buyer, who goes by the Twitter handle BOOOMR, acquired the one-of-a-kind Gold edition and five previously unseen Invisible Friends NFTs.

Invisible Friends NFT Rarity

Markus’s Invisible Friends is a collection of 5000 animated invisible figures. According to Invisible Friends’ Twitter handle, the team does not plan to have any official rarity.

They believe that art and vibes are significantly more important than Invisible friends NFT rarity.

However, on raritysniffer.com, Invisible Friends NFT #4672, which has a hip surfboard is ranked #1 with a rarity score of 66401.68.

Invisible Friends NFT Sales, Statistics, And All About Numbers!

Image credits: invisiblefriends.io

Since its introduction on the secondary marketplace, Invisible friends NFT opensea have been selling like hotdogs.

How much do invisible friends nft cost

Featuring 666 static NFTs (as opposed to his more popular animated pieces), this collection embodies XCOPY’s position of art NFTs needing no utility as well as promising no extra incentives and presenting no complex roadmaps to collectors. Considering the prestigious nature of XCOPY’s art, this is a community filled with top-tier NFT collectors and knowledgeable builders.


Cost: 13.20 ETH

Values: Creativity, growth, and fun

Similar to Cool Cats, Doodles has become one of the top-tier most robust projects and communities in the NFT ecosystem.

Featuring colorful, lighthearted art, the collection and overarching project mission are both playful in a cohesive and intentional sort of way.

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