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Hypebeast prime nft

Check out some of the reactions online below.

So they rug pulled #EvolvedApes nfts, the remaining of the community is trying to make something out of it. For the first project i’ve minted and spent time in the community its pretty disappointing, luckily mistakes earlier are better then later. #NFTs#Ethereum

— TheDailyNFT (@The_DailyNFT) October 2, 2021

NFT scam marks: “there were multiple red flags” in Evolved Apes early on, “but 99% of us were just blinded by the art”

The art: pic.twitter.com/l0u2kR22Yh

— mattthr (@mattthr) October 5, 2021

I can’t believe what just happened to #evolvedapes

— fashionkilla (@fashionkilla_op) October 1, 2021

@BlockchainBoyy happened 2 days after I said it was a rug.

Shame on you and the company you keep.

Hapebeast prime nft

It is not uncommon for developers to quite literally create digital pieces and take the money and run. The most recent case of this involves an NFT project titled Evolved Apes.

The project is described on the NFT platform OpenSea as “a collection of 10000 unique NFTs trapped inside a lawless land.
Fighting for survival, only the strongest ape will prevail.” Just a week after the Evolved Ape is launched, the anonymous developer behind the project has seemingly disappeared and gone dark on social. The creator, who also promised a much-hyped fighting game that comes with the project, has vanished from the social verse, deleting the official Twitter page and taking down the website.

According to Vice, the developers still left a blockchain trail that has revealed they siphoned around 798 ETH or $2.7 million USD from investors.

Hypebeast prime nft

September 24.

Investors who participated in the Evolved Apes social media competition had not yet received their NFT prizes and took to the community’s Discord chat to ask questions. One investor, Mike_Cryptobull, spent over $10,000 USD on now a worthless digital drawing.
In a report he wrote to others affected by the cut-and-run incident, he said,

“What has happened is that Evil Ape has washed his hands of the project taking away the wallet with all the ETH from minting that was to be used for everything, from paying the artist, paying out cash giveaways, paying for marketing, paying for rarity tools, developing the game and everything else in between.”

The artist behind the actual drawings was in fact not paid, despite hundreds of sales of over $50,000 USD were made. Each of the Apes also netted 4% in royalties.

Hypebeast prime nft opensea

So the HAPEBEAST Discord has quite a different feel from your typical NFT discord, and this is frankly refreshing.

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No Grinding Allowed

HAPBEAST also does a good job of addressing the elephant in the room, namely that not everybody who’s really been a part of the HAPEBEAST community is going to get a HAPE.

Check this out from the HAPEBEAST announcements channel in the Discord:

“We are making 8,192 HAPES and there are two hundred thousand of you.

Hypebeast prime nft price

It hopes to companion with prime musicians and register one million consumers by the top of the primary 12 months.”

LimeWire is Again as an NFT Market https://t.co/GuMROn0E8A

— HYPEBEAST (@HYPEBEAST) March 10, 2022

At this time, Limewire introduced they’ve partnered with Common Music Group, which is by all metrics, the biggest file label on the earth. For example, some main labels and types owned by UMG are Abbey Street Studios, Def Jam Data, Capitol Music Group, Virgin Music, and Motown Data.
That means, UMG owns the rights to a few of the most legendary music of all-time. Limewire would be the official NFT platform for Common Music Group and the artists therein.

Matt Sypien is an art director working on a huge NFT endeavor to create 8K unique NFTs titled ‘HAPEBBEAST Prime’. What is HAPEBEAST? It’s part of what we call now ‘new art’ and fashion playground from London-based studio Digimental.

The initial drop of 8,192 unique NFTs will promote and unites style, technology and community, and sets up HAPES as next-generation fashion leaders. I think those are so cool and I love the merge with fashion into this NFT drop, learn more at hapebeast.com.

They are releasing this drop in December.

UPDATE: As of December 17, 2021; Hapebeast team announced that the mint date will be on January 19, 20222.

Hypebeast prime nft collection

What are Nft’s?

Prior to delving into the subtleties for Hapebeast, how about we investigate NFT and its uses overall.

NFT represents the Non-Fungible Token. Accordingly, this is the tradable and one of a kind piece of information put away in your gadgets in computerized structures, and this advanced record is additionally known as the blockchain.

NFT can likewise address various things, be it recordings, photographs, sound or some other related computerized media document.

The primary undertaking for these NFTs was dispatched back in 2015 on the ETH stage, and the equivalent has just invigorated digital currencies.

Hapebeast NFT

HBA NFT is fairly identified with the Ape pictures.

Music may also play a big role, which is not really far out as a possibility as the creator, Digimental, tweeted about the involvement of Snoop Dog.

Phase 2 – A special collection may be launched together with introducing “Simian engineering” or some tech-related aspect introduced to the HAPEBEAST ecosystem.

Phase 3 – Live clothing collaborations and fashion projects.

HAPE Prime Utility?

Little info could be found about the real utility of HAPE Prime tokens. However, if we’re going to base it on other NFT collections such as Party Bear NFT or Invisible Friends NFT, what owners could get is a PFP (picture for proof) token in the form of a cool 3D digital artwork.

As Digimental follows the current trend of combining fashion with technology, we’ll see many possibilities in play for the creators to further develop the future of these tokens.

HAPE Prime NFT is supposedly taken from “Hypebeast,” a fashion movement that features street fashion and athleisure wear. It is said to be the personification of 90s hip hop and fashion culture that is very much on-trend.

About 8,192 Ethereum-based tokens were minted when it first launched on January 19, 2022.

Its genesis stories involved their creation some two million years ago. All 10,000 tribes of apes were born when “lightning struck the monolith and the universe fractured.”

HAPE Prime NFT Roadmap

Fans and the entire NFT news community have been heavily speculating what Digimental can offer into the metaverse.

A roadmap teaser has been released, indicating three phases in the pipeline. These are:

Phase 1 – The first drop happened on January 19, 2022.

Their new tweet was expressing gratitude toward every one individuals who have joined their pack as of now and furthermore, they have additionally expressed that they would have been nothing without this help.

What are individuals’ responses from this present Nft’s point of view?

Subsequent to investigating different connections for the subtleties of this token, we have gotten surveys from clients who like something similar and are extremely amped up for the Hapebeast NFT dispatch.

The most famous NFTs for the undertaking are Hapebeast Honda, CCIE11440 #7475, CANANAPO #2763, GRANT #4112 and a few others.


This article was a drive to illuminate you about NFT’s and subtleties for the new venture.

As we have as of now referenced, these NFT documents comprise of pictures and other related advanced records; Hapebeast is about Ape and its 3d perception.

These NFT were open for exchanging, and the new news asserts that they have been sold for atleast multiple times in the beyond seven days. Additionally, the complete deals volume for the HBA NFT counts for around $11.83k, in which the normal cost for each NFT counted for around $1.5k.

About Twitter Handle:

The authority represent Hapebeast NFT on Twitter will likewise assist you with thinking about something very similar.

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