Hypebeast nft mint

hypebeast nft mint

Twitter followers with whitelist giveaways like the one below fetching over 10,000 retweets.

🎉10 HAPELIST roles up for grabs in our Discord.🎉

To enter: 1. Follow @HAPEBEASTGANG and join the server: https://t.co/nIIBqe5Dl7

2. Like, RT and tag your friends

10 winners will be picked in 72 hours.


🦍🤍🍌™️ pic.twitter.com/NqqnOaLlGl

— HAPE (@HAPEBEASTGANG) November 28, 2021

How to Get on the HAPEBEAST Whitelist A.K.A. HAPELIST

The thing you have to know about the HAPEBEAST whitelist is that the team has said that the traditional “grinding” that sometimes guarantees people a whitelist spot in many NFT projects won’t really fly here.

Organic Community

The team has said in the Discord:

“Spamming the chat won’t help; [they] don’t have ranks and don’t want to create artificial communication.

Hypebeast nft mint

We don’t want to see any other projects utilizing our individually crafted layers, so we are not open to you minting new NFTs that are derivatives of our project, change the original Hypebeasts NFT, or minting another full project using our other Hypebeasts’ traits in any way. Other than that, you can create whatever merchandise you would like.

In summary, you can add original traits to your Hypebeasts NFT, but cannot use traits from our collection if you do not own NFTs that feature them. If you create a collection based on your unique Hypebeasts NFT, the character must always feature the traits that are present in the NFT’s metadata.

Hypebeast nft mint price

Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks are original shoe in this collection and the very first Nike NFTs. Each shoe design comes in a limited supply.

Cryptokicks can be viewed as a separate, complementary collection to Clone X seemingly leaning more towards the Nike side of the business.

Since Nike Dunks were used in the original drop, this leads me to believe other classic Nike shoes are scheduled to get their own NFT versions in the future.

To customize each shoe, RTFKT also dropped a collection of Skin Vials which allow users to equip different skins to their Cryptokicks. Users can apply an unlimited amount of skins to a single shoe, meaning each Cryptokick is an infinite canvas for skins.

Using CryptoKicks as the template and Skin Vials as a secondary NFT, this allows RTFKT to have scarce resources (shoe models) with infinite customization (new skins).

Hypebeast nft mint date

When he types, computers listen. So do HAPES. https://twitter.com/rickeccak

When will I be able to mint? The official date is January 19.

We plan to begin minting at 18:00 GMT on Wednesday, 19th of January.

Alphas will mint one HAPE each to test the contract a couple of hours before minting opens to people on the HAPELIST.

Will there be a pre-sale event? You tell us. We’re building a community. There will be a whitelist for early supporters of the project but we want to avoid the problems other projects have had with bots and be fair and equitable to everyone. We’d appreciate your thoughts; put them in feedback channel.

Will there be giveaways? Sure.
We’re Hapes, not monsters.

Hypebeast nft minting

There aren’t many teams in Web3 focused on pushing the boundaries of AR which really makes Clone X stand out from the pack.

Augmented Reality has been on Nike’s mind for a while and I can’t imagine the ideas they’ve come up with since first filing the below patent in 2010.

AR was heavily featured in the first ever Clone X meetup in NYC this past week. The scenes below give us a glimpse into the future of what RTFKT/Nike has in store for their experiences.

AR doesn’t just stop at events, RTFKT is also planning to release AR filters to Clone X owners in 2022.

Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks

CryptoKicks may be the biggest sleeper pick in the RTFKT ecosystem because it touches on all 3 areas I just described.

Fashion. Gaming. Augmented Reality.

What are Cryptokicks?

CryptoKicks are Nike-branded digital NFT shoes.

Hypebeast gang nft mint

We make absolutely no promise or guarantee that these NFTs will be worth anything more than what you and the market deem the art to be worth. This could very well be zero. We give you our word that we will try to build a community and bring as much intangible value and vibes to the project as we can! You understand that they have no inherent monetary value, and they should be treated as nothing more than a collectible with potential future value or lack thereof.

6. Taxes

You are entirely responsible for any tax liability which may arise from minting or reselling your Hypebeasts NFT.



The Hypebeasts project is not targeted towards children.

As part of CXIP’s universal solution, creators use CXIP to mint NFTs directly to the creator’s own identity on-chain and receive groundbreaking borderless cross-market royalties, carbon offsetting, double layered permanence and the ability to seamlessly register work with the U.S. Copyright Office. CXIP also offers a seamless API for enterprise users, allowing current NFT marketplaces to instantly upgrade their existing minting, and enabling any e-commerce business to mint and sell NFTs.

CEO Jeff Gluck has spent the past decade protecting creators through his contemporary intellectual property law practice in the fields of art and fashion. By combining his experience — which includes winning landmark artists’ rights cases like the graffiti artist Revok versus H&M — with blockchain and NFT technology, CXIP is increasing artists’ rights in the space.

HAPEBEAST whitelist (called the “HAPELIST”), which will let those on it mint one HAPEBEAST.

The HAPEBEAST team has said that spots on the HAPELIST will be given out in a similar way as the OG role i.e. for contributions to the community, in whatever form that might take. They say, “This could be one message or a thousand, a piece of art or a moment of kindness.”

So how this works practically is if a moderator spots something or someone they think is worthy of getting on the HAPELIST, they discuss it in a private group with other members of the HAPEBEAST team.

An individual in the senior moderator team then makes the final approval if they think that individual is worthy of HAPELIST.

I know this can sound frustrating for some people because the whitelist project here is so subjective, but I think there’s merit to this.

Hypebeast nft minta

Welcome to HAPEBEAST. It’s good to see you. We hope you’re Haped. We love PFP projects. We’d like this to be something bigger. You’ll find out more about that when our site launches on 29th.
Be patient.

About The Team: HAPEBEAST was founded by renowned digital artist Digi, a.k.a. Matt Sypien, founder of Digimental Studio London. These are his HAPES, soon to be yours. Look after them. https://twitter.com/DigimentalLDN

The roadmap, world and utility is led by thoughtful internet ghost and game designer trou.
He wants to bring apes together. All of them. https://twitter.com/_trouvelot

Strategy, community and marketing comes from internet of things mastermind JustCarl. He’ll take good care of you, whichever tribe you’re from. https://twitter.com/TheCarlbrutal

Finally, code and contracts are down to rick, our head of tech.

Hypebeast nft mintay

My bullishness on fashion NFTs begins from the avatar-level. When people first enter the metaverse they need a character/identity in order to find their tribe and gain a voice within the space.

You can’t play the game without a character.

Referring back to the composability definition, avatars (PFPs) represent the first object in the system.

In order to survive, PFP communities must create value for their holders which presents a problem that can be solved one of two ways:

  1. Build utility for the avatars yourself (events, games, digital wearables, etc.)

  2. Plug into a pre-existing system

As you can probably tell, option #2 is easier and bypasses the time-consumption of developing a brand new product.

10KTF is the best example of how composability works with fashion NFTs.

Hypebeast nft mintex

You’re thinking, “Uh, another profile-pic ape NFT trying to piggyback off the success of Bored Ape Yacht Club.”

And to that, I say, yes, that’s exactly what’s going on here!

The dev team behind HAPEBEAST is not being shy about it either. Check out the HAPE below in white — the ink above his upper lip says “HAPE BAYC”.

That said, folks, the NFT space is largely built on hype, and we’ve seen over and over again how collectors (or, probably more accurately, speculators) are more than willing to ape into projects that are clearly derivative insofar as those projects have a lot of hype.

And HAPEBEAST is certainly not low on hype.

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