How to value an nft

This, however, is very uninteresting to anyone who views cars to get from A to B.

The purchase of an ultra-rare Pokemon card, while meaningless for most of the population, is a literal goldmine for certain buyers.

Across any marketplace, whether online or in your local town, all objects and commodities are assigned a value based on the target consumer, their likes, and their desires.

It is based on them subjectively. Some who enter an art gallery will be impressed by certain art pieces and place subjective value on them. Some of those who enter won’t consider the same.

This is the same with NFT art and items.

The $69 million-dollar Beeple’s sale at Christie’s is one of the costliest non-fungible token sales that has ever taken place in NFT’s short history.

How to value an nft

The blockchain certificate that comes with digital items on the blockchain technology guarantees their provenance, previous ownership, and total authenticity as a sellable items.

Because of the way it is added to the blockchain, this blockchain certificate can be viewed by almost everyone, but there is no ability to change or alter the certificate.

It can be distributed without losing ownership of a design or an artwork, and its value is assured.

3. Utility

The utility value of an NFT is wholly dependent on how the NFT can be used.

Gaming platforms, systems, and items are one of the more practical and real-world examples of utility in NFT form.

Across the NFT market, there are many ways that NFTs can be applied, from gaming to digital property ownership to ownership of avatars and the like.

How to value nfts

NFTs of players that are licensed from professional soccer teams across the world. There are weekly challenges in which users can set a lineup of their NFT collections and win rewards for scoring the highest points that week depending on what the players do in real life. There are many other platforms like Sorare that allow NFTs to be put to good use.


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NFTs have the potential to appreciate in value mainly based on speculation and scarcity.

How to value nft art

Make full use of the platform

Your work is valuable no matter where you’ve minted it. But depending on where you mint it, you can leverage the platform you’re on to add to or increase the value of your NFT. In fact, you should always make use of the features to your full advantage, that’s what they are there for!

Marketplace features

Depending on which platform you’re on, the features on each do vary.

On Mintable, we offer creators an unlockable content feature for every NFT. Unlockable content works like exclusive content, like a bonus feature on a purchase. Depending on what you attach to your NFT, it may increase the value of your NFT, hence allowing for a more elevated price too.
This is your chance as a creator to be as creative as you can – think about what you can tack on as unlockable content to add extra value to your work and incentivize a collector to buy it.

How to value my nft

Release Pace

Has a creator minted 1,000 1 of 1 NFTs across the span of a year, or just 12?

What I mean is that figuring out the production pace of a given kind of NFT is key to understanding its value.

A project that offers unlimited mints of an NFT at 0.01 is generally not as enticing as buying an NFT from an artist who’s committed to minting only 25 NFTs ever. Naturally, prominent artists that only release a select few pieces every year tend to sell for higher than similar-caliber aritsts that release pieces multiple times a week.

However, there are unique occasions like how Beeple sold his entire collection—5,000 pieces where he created 1 every day for over 13 years—for nearly $70M.

How to add value to an nft

Source: When it comes to objective valuation, you must also consider applicable rare features (such as how Axies with mystery parts are valued in Axie Infinity), and items where the primary sales price is hard-coded. Examples here include binding curves similar to EulerBeats, or how regular Avastar is always initially 0.07 ETH, Uncommon Avastar is always initially 0.14 ETH, etc.

Source: There is also the time dimension that is key to the review.

In other words, what has this NFT been worth in the past? How much is it worth today and how much is it likely to be worth in the next few years? How has its value changed rapidly or abruptly over time with booms and busts? Delving into these questions is a good way to better approach any NFT valuation.

How to increase value of an nft

When people own the brand, they want to show it; when other people see it, those people want to own it.

In the restaurant business, there has been an increasing trend to make food not only tasty but also instagram-able. Food must look delicious when photographed, so that it can be shared via Instagram to attract new diners. Brands work in the same way. Lamborghini will not be a thing if its owners do not drive them around.

Originally we considered measuring PFPs’ brand power based on their perceived artsy-ness or coolness, such as conducting surveys among a large and diverse group of individuals.

However, we are afraid that no groups are qualified to be NFT tastemakers.

Instead, floor price is a simple yet very good proxy for determining whether a brand is desirable or not. Chanel is more expensive than Coach primarily because Chanel is perceived to be more worthy.

How to find value nft

On top of that, music NFTs tend to provide fans a direct relationship with an artist without the need to involve middlemen such as a music-streaming service.

Video NFTs

Similar to music NFTs, as music and video tend to go hand in hand, video NFTs have the added functionality of being playable and easier to use for entertainment purposes.


The liquidity of an NFT tends to be directly correlated to its value. When an NFT has a high trading volume, it makes it easier to be traded later and thus increases chances to make profit. NFTs that are made on ETH tend to be more mainstream and can be quickly sold even in secondary markets.

Therefore, the easier it is to liquidate the NFT, the more valuable it is.

How to create value nft

You must determine its demand, scarcity, and the personal effect it has on users. For example, in an NBA NFT marketplace, the value of NFT collectibles of NBA games depends on whether the game is a finals game, the players involved, the stage, etc.

NFTs with tangible value usually have expiry dates and are, thus, suitable for short-term investments.


Interoperability is the ability to use a token in different applications. It’s a key factor in the NFT value because it has increased the use cases of tokens.
For example, NFT game players worldwide play one game, which requires a massive ecosystem of use cases and games. That’s something!

Another way interoperability increases the value of NFT is how easy it is to build partnerships so that multiple parties can benefit while also increasing the use-cases of an NFT.

How to know the value of an nft

If you think you have sold your artwork at a lesser price, then let it be and focus on making more masterpieces so more people would be interested in buying them. You can then raise the price of your NFT item to your liking.

Practical Approach is Important

NFT marketplaces have every type of artwork. Some of them are typical, and one can get them at a reasonable price. Some of those artworks are rare too. Artists put a big price tag on rare items and earn huge profits from them. This is considered a practical approach. If you want to sell your artwork, it is important to try something different.

How to determine the value of an nft

There are two cats in the entire collection that have two diamond gems each.

Founder cats still among most valuable

The first 100 NFTs minted in the CryptoKitties universe, are the so-called Founder Cats. Their value changes by their ID number, and the lower that number the more value the cat has. Also, their genetics place a role in the pricing, and whether the kitten has bred or not.
Virgin cats are considered more valuable. Recently, one of the Founder Cats, number 84 to be exact, sold for more than $64,000.

During the peak of 2017, Founder Cats #87 sold for more than $80,000. This underlines that CryptoKitties isn’t receiving the same amount of hype just yet as it commanded more than three years ago.

Exclusivity plays an important role

Exclusive cats came into existence at the discretion of the CryptoKitties team for various reasons.

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