How to start selling nft

NFTs – especially if you’re on the Ethereum network as you’ll have to sign off some transactions to do with gas fees.

I cannot comment on any other platform, as I have not personally used them before.

When you’re on Opensea, click ‘create’ – the Metamask wallet will pop up, sign off the transaction – you will not be charged here.

Now, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can set up your NFT to go up for sale.

Opensea makes it extremely easy to create and sell NFTs, here’s the process:

Upload your asset – whether it’s a video, image, GIF, or music, you can upload it into the first box at the top of your page.

Name your NFT – this should be a name that resembles what it is you’re selling.

External links – if you have any links you want to lead people to, put them here.

How to start selling nft

OpenSea provides an NFT marketplace that can be a service to a variety of NFTs. There are more categories that can be included when the market is integrated with financial decentralization.

The OpenSea ecosystem allows customers to conduct transactions without worrying about privacy and security. Additionally, it doesn’t charge you high fees. A 2.5% charge on your sales seems acceptable, given that some online stores can charge as high as 5 percent.

In the end, OpenSea is an excellent marketplace for NFT traders who are just beginning their trading or for professionals.

Click Here to Explore OpenSea’s Marketplace < <

FAQ How To Start Selling Nft

What do I need so I can utilize OpenSea?

OpenSea has a mobile and desktop browser that you can utilize.

How to start selling nft on opensea


The people working on Ethereum are working on a new and improved ‘Ethereum 2.0’ which will be removing the gas fee problem.

While many cryptocurrencies are trying to beat them to it, Ethereum 2.0 will be a massive game-changer for the entire blockchain space.

If you’re still wondering about NFT marketplaces, here are some more I suggest you look into:

  • Rarible
  • Nifty Gateway
  • Makersplace

Looksrare is also a new marketplace that yields $LOOKS when you use it to buy and sell your NFTs.

Create your listing

Once you’ve picked the platform of your choice, you’re almost done.’

For this step, I’m going to assume you’ve selected Opensea as your platform of choice – if not, don’t worry, almost all platforms will follow the exact same process.

How to start selling nft art

OpenSea is also the first NFT marketplaces to openly experiment with a free creation system for creators.

How do I make an NFT?

Step 1: Make a Digital Art File for your NFT

There’s no singular technique for creating a piece of art that can be used as an NFT. If the file you create is supported by the marketplace where you’re listing the content, then it’s going to work as an NFT.

This opens up a new world of possibility for the content you can monetize. Any image, TXT, JPG, PNG, MP3, or GIF can be an NFT on Zora or Rarible. Create a great meme? That can be an NFT. Produce a banger in your bedroom? There’s an NFT.
Construct a delicious recipe and have it saved as a txt file? N-F-T.

Inspired by artist Maurizio Cattelan’s divisive 2019 piece “The Comedian,” I used the Kapwing Studio Editor to create my first NFT in just a few minutes.

How to start selling nft for free

You want potential customers to know more about your digital work than they would have otherwise.

Step 5: Manage your NFT listing

Your NFT is now available for purchase on the marketplace. Now you must advertise the deal on your website or social media for maximum exposure. Changes or removals to your NFT listing may incur additional fees, and already paid gas payments are non-refundable.

Your NFT will continue to resell on the secondary market, allowing you to make money over time.
Remember that digital wallet we established to hold cryptocurrency and NFTs?

Many NFT marketplaces charge a fee for listing and managing your NFT.

How to start selling nfts reddit


  • Congrats! You just minted your first NFT.
  • Next, go back to Edit from the Collections tab and toggle the option to submit your collection for review and approval from OpenSea.
  • Your art will be available to others while pending approval but with the Unapproved Collection tag or warning sign.
  • Once approved (could take a few hours or days), your NFT will have the Approved Collection tag when it appears on OpenSea listings.
  • Click the link for one of your art items and select Sell.
  • Choose your pricing model (fixed or auction) and select Post Your Listing.
  • Follow the wallet prompt to sign the transaction via Metamask.
  • Your NFT will become available in the public domain once the transaction is approved on the network.
  • 5.

    How to start selling nfts with no money

    Like other cryptocurrencies, NFTs may become worthless over time or increase in value. So, even though the future of NFTs is highly speculative, it’s still worth the try.


    What can I do with a NFT?

    NFTs offer several benefits to collectors and digital artists.Here’s an overview of what you can do with NFTs:

    • CryptoKitties universe

    Today, you’ll find crypto celeb NFTs, monsters, and even puppies you can collect. The users of CryptoKitties interact with other third-party applications to play and customize the digital cats.

    • Games

    Another leading use of NFTs is gaming.
    Some of the top NFT games include My Crypto Heroes, Gods Unchained, Decentraland, and Sorare.

    • Digital art

    NFTs offer specific benefits to collectors and digital artists.

    How to get started selling nft

    Cattelan’s piece consisting of a banana duct-taped to a wall sold for an astounding $120,000 at the Art Basel in Miami, and I figured a digital recreation could very well demand the same price on the blockchain.

    I started by creating a 16:9 white canvas in Kapwing to serve as the wall in my rendition of the work. Next, I found a banana emoji and pasted it into the center of my canvas. Finally, I used the Images button in Kapwing to search for a PNG of duct tape and position it over the banana.

    With my digital banana taped to my digital wall, I was ready to export my first piece and mint it as an NFT.

    Step 2: Price your Art and List it on a Marketplace

    Downloading my image from Kapwing and adding it to Rarible to mint as an NFT was about as simple as uploading a YouTube video.

    How to start selling your nft


    SuperRare brands itself as a marketplace for collecting and trading “unique, single-edition digital artworks.” Artists can list their work under different tags such as 3D, animation, painting, abstract, illustration, surrealism, etc.

    Although anyone can sign up to start buying NFT art on SuperRare, it is not the same for artists. At the time of writing, SuperRare is still in a beta phase, and interested artists must submit a form ahead of the full release.

    Existing creators receive 85% of the amount they sell per item and also get a 10% royalty commission if a collector resells their work. Meanwhile, the buyer pays a 3% transaction fee at the purchase time, which goes to SuperRare.

    Now that you know where to sell NFT art, the next step is to get your work out.

    How to Sell NFT art in 5 Easy Steps


    How to start buying and selling nfts

    With the growing popularity of NFTs, artists might want to know how to make an NFT to earn. The whole process of making these unique assets is actually simple and accessible. NFT Marketplaces have worked on making it streamlined, and to that end, you don’t need much technical know-how.SponsoredSponsored

    This guide will take you through what NFTs are, what types exist, and how to mint and sell NFTs on a marketplace.


    The NFT landscape

    The NFT ecosystem is great for protecting scarcity and establishing ownership over digital and tangible assets.

    This technology offers digital creators solid options to monetize their work, as well as flexibility that is often missing in traditional creative industry models.

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