How to move nft from coinbase wallet to metamask

Note: You will be asked for your full legal name, email address, password, and state. Coinbase will ask for proof of every piece of information you provide to them, so be ready with your proofs when you are asked to submit them.

Read the User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Once done, click “Create Account” (computer) or “Sign up” (mobile). Coinbase will send a verification email to your email address to register your email address.

Step 2: In the email sent to you by Coinbase, verify your email address. Also, you will need to sign in again using your email and password.

Step 3: Enter your phone number. Then enter the seven-digit code sent to you on your mobile phone to verify it. Then click on “submit.”

Step 4: Add your data as shown on your valid government-issued photo ID because you will need to upload a photo of this ID later.

How to move nft from coinbase wallet to metamask

Coinbase to Metamask.

How To Transfer Cryptocurrency From Coinbase To MetaMask?

To transfer from Coinbase to MetaMask, you should follow these steps.

  • Log in to your Coinbase account.
  • Log into your MetaMask account and click on three dots that read “buy and send”.
  • Each cryptocurrency has its address, so make sure to send yours to the correct address. Eg: Make sure you’re sending Bitcoin to a Bitcoin address, and Ethereum to an Ethereum address.
  • Copy the MetaMask wallet address on the clipboard.
  • Paste the address into the wallet address field on Coinbase (confirm the wallet address before sending).
  • Enter the amount of crypto that you wish to send.

How to transfer nft from coinbase wallet to metamask

However, you may witness a few issues. For instance, you may not find an NFT on your Coinbase Wallet, the MetaMask ID or address can fail verification, and the transfer might not proceed as expected.

Both Coinbase and MetaMask are still evolving in regards to NFTs as I write this article. For example, the MetaMask wallet supports NFTs, but the web extension is yet to add this feature.

This is why you’ll want to consider a few alternatives if the straightforward transfer doesn’t work.

Gift NFTs From OpenSea to MetaMask Wallet

If you can’t transfer NFTs from Coinbase Wallet to MetaMask for whatever reason, you can always use the NFT exchange or marketplace to access your asset. Then, you can send or transfer it to your preferred wallet.

Consider OpenSea as an example.

You can have multiple wallets connected to your OpenSea account.

How do i transfer nft from coinbase wallet to metamask

After hitting the transfer button, OpenSea will allow you to select multiple NFTs in your collection. Once you’re done, select the blue transfer button in the bottom right.

MetaMask will pop up in the top right and request you sign the transaction.
Select the blue sign button in the bottom right. The signature is authorization to send your NFT anywhere.

Paste destination address

OpenSea takes you to the transfer screen. Copy and paste your desired recipient account’s Ethereum address to the Wallet address or ENS name box. Double-check the first five and last five digits of your wallet address with your wallet before sending.
When finished, hit the blue transfer button.

Pay the gas fees (Ethereum)


That is why it is all-important to keep your hardware wallet safe or use sure wallet providers like Coinbase and Metamask wallet.

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This usher takes a detailed search at how to transfer funds from Coinbase to Metamask wallet.

About Metamask wallet

Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet that you can download on Chrome, Firefox, io, and Android. As a browser extension, Metamask can besides work as a bridge between your even browser and the Ethereum Blockchain.
furthermore, the Ethereum Blockchain is a network that allows the creation of decentralized apps and early digital assets. This network allows developers to write transaction guidelines known as “ smart contracts.

All other wallets only work on either web or mobile, making MetaMask a no-brainer option to use across platforms.

To simply put, using MetaMask is the most recommended option for everyone to consider as their first and primary wallet.

Coinbase Wallet

Just like choosing a financial institution, trust is key for giving wallets access to your assets. While newer and not as widely supported compared to MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet is another contender for your cryptocurrency wallet.

Coinbase Wallet is created by Coinbase, a publicly-traded American company with the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange platform.

You will only need your hardware wallet physically connected to your computer when you list your item for sale, once you confirm the listing and approve on your hardware wallet, the item can sell anytime and you don’t have to do anything because you already approved the sale and your NFT is on the blockchain, not on your Ledger.

Okay, now that we have all the fundamentals out of the way, let me share some of the things I learned getting a Ledger Nano X setup and moving my NFTs into my hardware wallet.

Lesson 1 – update the firmware on the Ledger first

Before you start getting everything rocking, make sure your Ledger is running the latest version of the firmware, which is probably isn’t.

If you are sending a big sum, it is highly recommend that you send a small sum first to confirm that you are sending it to the correct address and not the ill-timed one. If you send it to another Ethereum address that is not yours, you will not be able to recover your funds.

Once you are done, click “ Continue ” to confirm the transaction. source : metier informant : medium source : medium tone 6 : Your transaction will show that it is “ pending. ” note that it may take some time before your transaction can be completed depending on demands on the Ethereum network. During congested periods, it may take a couple of hours.

When your transaction has been completed, you will see a ratification message on your shield.
Coinbase Wallet and MetaMask are two popular accounts to store crypto assets, but they’re not fully interoperable. For instance, you can import a MetaMask account to a Coinbase Wallet, not the other way around. So, how do you transfer NFTs from Coinbase Wallet to MetaMask?

Here’s how to transfer NFTs from Coinbase Wallet to MetaMask:

  1. Send NFTs from Coinbase Wallet Collectibles.
  2. Gift NFTs from OpenSea to MetaMask Wallet.
  3. Transfer NFTs through Polygon or other bridges.
  4. Transfer NFTs from Coinbase or Coinbase Pro.

You may find a lot of misinformation online about how to transfer NFTs from Coinbase Wallet to MetaMask. This entire realm of cryptocurrencies and NFTs is still undergoing tectonic changes, so nothing is etched in stone.

How to transfer nfts on OpenSea

TL;DR- Go to your profile page on OpenSea. Under collected, hit the three dots on the bottom left of the NFT/assets you want to send and hit the blue transfer button.

Authorize the transfer and gas fees on your wallet, enter the recipient Ethereum address, and send. See below for the complete walkthrough with screenshots.

NFTs on OpenSea

I’m not going to waste too much time talking about OpenSea as a platform, but I have to say they’re the dominant force in NFTs right now.

They have an excellent interface, and every significant NFT collection dominating pop culture is listed on their platform. OpenSea has allowed creators to make their work tokenized.

OpenSea only allows one wallet per account, so many people need to transfer NFTs.

You will also be asked a few questions; answer them, and click “Continue.”

Step 5: Verify your identity by logging into your Coinbase account. Then complete the ID verification process.

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Step 6: Connect your Coinbase account to a payment method.

You can do this using your debit card. Also, connect your bank account so that you can purchase ETH.

Once you have accomplished these steps, it is time to purchase Ethereum. You can buy ETH on Coinbase (since you have connected your debit card with it).

You can also buy ETH if you have connected your bank account to Coinbase. But it will take you 15 days for the funds to appear on your account.

Furthermore, click “Buy/Sell” and select “Ethereum.” We recommend that you buy a small amount of ETH to start with.

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