How to make nft art on my phone

how to make nft art on my phone

You can either choose a fixed-price listing or auction and set your price.

If it is your first time creating and selling an NFT, you will have to pay a gas fee before listing your artwork.

  • Promote Your Work On Social Media

    To create more chances of selling your work, you will need to build a substantial fanbase. Therefore, you need to share your direct link to potential buyers and promote your artwork to fans on social media to help them discover it.

  • Can you create NFT art without coding?

    You can create your NFT art without writing any codes.

    The step-by-step guide provided above is a typical example of creating a digital art token without coding.

    Finalize your listing, then you are ready to make money from your work.

    Highest Sold NFTs

    NFT that was sold for $69.3 Million

    The increasing popularity of NFTs is easily discernable from the number of bids they are receiving at the marketplace. The year 2021 has seen a tremendous increase in awareness regarding NFTs. Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive and popular types of digital art and collectibles that have ever been sold as an NFT.

    The tag for the highest sold NFT for the year goes to the artwork of Mike Winkelmann, Everyday: The First 5000 Days, which has been sold for a whopping amount of $69.3 Million.

    How to make nft art on my phone

    do not fret – I’m here to guide you through the process of creating your first digital art NFT, and publishing it on the most popular non-fungible token marketplace in the world!

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    What’s the Point in Learning How to Create NFT Art?

    If you’re one of the more-skeptical individuals out there, you might say – why should I learn how to create NFT artwork, in the first place? It’s just pure hype, and nothing more – this trend will pass in a few months’ time!

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    How to make nft art on my phone number

    The most expensive NFT comprises a collage of 5,000 of Beeple’s earlier artworks, which he has created every day during the last 5,000 days.

    The inspiration for Mike to start this project came from the British artist Tom Judd. The artwork is made up of images that are arranged chronologically, with some of them being hand-drawn. Similarly, another highly expensive NFT on this list includes CryptoPunk #7523 which has been sold for an amount of $11.8 Million.

    A peculiar feature of this NFT is that it wears a face mask, which gives it a sense of importance during COVID-19.
    Furthermore, it is the work of a group of 9 Alien CryptoPunks.

    How to make nft art on my phone explorer

    You could just create one, and store your ETH here – that being said, though, if you value security, and want to keep your crypto coins and NFTs protected, it’s a much wiser idea to invest in a hardware wallet. Here, the Ledger Nano X is the most likely contender.

    With a Ledger wallet, you will still be able to use MetaMask, without needing to alternate between the two. You’d simply connect your Ledger device to MetaMask, and would be able to perform all of your processes via the latter.

    Once you have both wallets set up, and your coins transferred, you can then start checking out guides on how to create NFT artwork on select marketplaces.

    How to make nft art on my phoned

    Anyone can learn how to make an NFT and create a digital version of their art, becoming an NFT creator.

    What can NFTs represent?

    An NFT can be basically anything, since it is a digital version of a real-world, tangible item or only a digital asset stored on the blockchain.

    The most common types of NFTs on the market are:

    • Digital art and images
    • Music
    • Videos
    • Game items
    • Collectables and trading cards
    • Sports moments
    • Domain names
    • Memes
    • Virtual fashion items

    Digital art

    The most popular form of NFT is art. Artists can sell their finest works online by offering digital artwork in the form of these unique assets. Many of the most valuable NFTs currently available are digital art.

    How to make nft art on my phonebook

    Sign up for a crypto wallet

    Each blockchain comes with a different NFT token standard which determines which wallet will be compatible. The Ethereum NFT token standard is ETH-721, while Binance Smart Chain’s is BEP-721.

    With ETH-721, you can sign up for several wallets, including Coinbase, MetaMask, and Trust Wallets. For Binance Smart Chain, you can use wallets such as MetaMask and Binance Chain Wallet.

    Top up your crypto wallet

    When you’re creating an NFT, you may have to pay transaction fees, commonly known as ‘gas’ on the Ethereum blockchain. Load your wallet with supported crypto to cover these fees.

    If you are using the Coinbase wallet, you can buy crypto on Coinbase.

    How to make nft art on my phoneme

    This includes uploading your NFT.

    So you will want to buy some Ether in order to purchase the gas and pay the transaction fee. Transaction fees fluctuate pretty wildly, but are overall significantly lower than they were A month or two ago when Ether started its bullrush to $2000.

    Step 4: Choose a Marketplace

    Once you have your art, your wallet, and some Ether burning a hole in your pocket, you are ready to put your NFT to market. What do you want to do is head over to and take a look at their selection of dApps — short for decentralized apps. Rarible, Nifty Gateway, and Foundation are some good starting points to get a handle on the Ethereum market and some eyeballs on your own NFT. Each one caters to a slightly different taste so make sure to check all three of them, as well as the many other market places, before settling on one.

    However, since this article promises to be beginner-friendly, it uses the marketplace, OpenSea, as a case study on how to create your digital arts token.

  • Set Up a Digital Wallet

    The next step is to create a digital wallet to store both your cryptocurrencies and your NFTs. Yes, cryptocurrencies, Ether precisely, are needed in the NFT creation process.

    It would help if you had Ether since several NFTs are created on the Ethereum blockchain. The ETH is used to pay the gas fee, the Ethereum blockchain transaction cost before listing any token you have made.

    OpenSea usually recommends using the Google Chrome extension of the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet, purchasing your ETH, and getting ready to mint NFTs.

    However, suppose you already have another cryptocurrency wallet with ETH in it.

  • ETH, and connect your wallet to an NFT marketplace.

    1. Set up an Ethereum Wallet
    2. Purchase a small amount of Ethereum
    3. Connect your wallet to an NFT Marketplace

    Step 1: Set up an Ethereum Wallet

    The first step in your NFT journey is to create a digital wallet where you’ll securely store the crypto currency that is used to buy, sell, and create NFTs. The wallet also allows you to safely sign in and create accounts on NFT marketplaces.

    There are hundreds of platforms that provide free wallets for storing cryptocurrency and all of the options laid out below are guaranteed to work with most major NFT marketplaces and blockchain apps.

    Coinbase Wallet

    Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges online today and their wallet is a great option for those new to the world of virtual money.

    It is beginner-friendly and will set you off on the right path to owning property rights over your digital art tokens.

    Meanwhile, some NFT platforms also provide a guide on how to do it, and you will probably be able to do it as long as you can use the internet.


    Are NFTs Cryptocurrencies?

    While NFTs are a type of cryptographic token, they are quite different from cryptocurrencies. This difference occurs because they are not interchangeable.

    Cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for each other at the same value. For instance, one bitcoin can be interchanged with another bitcoin without reducing or increasing the value.

    But, you can not exchange a non-fungible token for another at the same rate.

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