How to know if your nft is rare

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How to know if your nft is rare

Are you trying to figure out the best NFT traits strategy for your next project?

Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by what all these different NFT projects are doing and don’t know where to start?

Well, no need to worry, because we’ve had a closer look at a wide array of projects and put together a quick guide that will help you navigate the space.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use NFT traits to craft an excellent rarity strategy for your next NFT project.

Let’s check them out.

Key Points (tl;dr)

  • NFT traits are the various building blocks that form the final image of a PFP NFT token when each trait is layered on top of each other.

How to tell if your nft is rare

The NFT rankings include trending collections, new collections, and the top collections in the last 30 days.

The ranking for the collections includes the number of sales and the total volume.

NFT Stats highlights

This NFT platform offers a quick overview of the top NFT collections sold in the last 24 hours, seven days, and 30 days. Data includes the NFT and the collection it’s a part of, when it was sold, and at what price.

Each collection page has details on the recently sold NFTs and price charts for the last three months.

Spotting the best NFT investment opportunities

Most of the NFTs are minted on the Ethereum blockchain and are part of the DeFi ecosystem.

How to check if your nft is rare

How do I check the rarity of my NFT asset?

You can check the rarity of your NFT by going to Rarity.Tools. Click “All Collections”, search for your project, type in your OpenSea asset ID under “ID” and click “Look Up”. You’ll see the rank of your NFT out of the total NFTs in the collection.
E.g. 4th out of 4,500.

We are going to go through these exact steps together, in detail, and I’m going to show you how to use Rarity.Tools and OpenSea to properly price your NFT asset and find underpriced NFTs.

When you mint or buy an NFT, it is usually part of a larger collection. can help you figure out how rare your asset is out of the entire collection it’s part of.

For example, let’s say you mint or buy an asset from the 0N1 Force NFT project that has 7,777 individual assets.

How to see if your nft is rare

NFT communities.

Forget Instagram, Facebook or any other Social Media sites because the place where NFT’s and NFT art is most talked about is on Twitter.

Twitter is the best place to not only find lots of NFT Projects but also to market your NFT art and Collectibles.

If you go right on Twitter and search for the hashtags, #NFT, #nftart, or #NFTCommunity, you’ll find lots of art, posts and tweets about NFT.

The NFT community is extremely active on Twitter and shockingly, on Instagram, they aren’t so active as Twitter.

This is the say that Details matter a lot in the NFT community and Twitter allows users to present the details about their art in a much better way that other social media platforms.


YouTube is also a great source for finding good NFT projects that can potentially make you lots of money.

How do you know if your nft is rare

Set up the sale process

Now that you know how to make an NFT, you have to set up the sales process.

On OpenSea, click on the account icon (top right) My collections. You will see your recently created NFTs. Click on the desired collection, then on the particular NFT. Next, you’ll have the option to click on Sale, on the top right.

You can, depending on which platform you use, decide on:

  • Fixed cost: Setting a fixed price, which will be delivered on first-come, first-served basis
  • Timed auction: The asset will take bids within a set time frame
  • Unlimited auction: No time limit.

How do you know if an nft is rare

The CryptoPunks collection contains 10,000 pixelated images containing punks, and it’s one of the first forms of generative digital art examples. It has been a huge success among NFT collectors. The collection was minted on the Ethereum blockchain in 2015, and each NFT is unique, having a set of features that sets it apart from other items from the collection.

Video NFTs

As with digital art, video NFTs are popular among NFT artists. GIFs and short videos have been in demand by NFT collectors.
A looping, 10-second video called Crossroad, made by Beeple, that depicts a naked Donald Trump lying on the ground, sold for $6.6 million.

However, NBA Top Shot moments are one of the most prominent NFT success stories so far. They are part of the initial hype wave for blockchain-based art.

Even if an NFT begins life as an analog painting, for example, or a music track recorded in a studio, the NFT itself is a digitized version of it.

How to find out how rare your NFT is

We can consider the same formula for NFTs:

Value of an NFT = Perceived (Demand + Rarity + Authenticity)

Demand. This is key, because the vast majority of NFTs out there do not sell at all, because there is no perceived demand for them. Those that do sell, and sometimes for a lot of money, are the ones that were promoted heavily (whether through a “drop” both organized and marketed by a platform like Rarable, Nifty Gateway, Top Shot or OpenSea, or through a traditional bricks-and-mortar platform like the Christie’s auction house) and the hype around which stoked demand.

How to know if your nft is rarely

As long as the NFT projects community is massive i.e. if they have a large following on all social media platforms, it will be safe for you to invest in that project. However, you must also determine why and what type of NFTs are rare and valuable in that project and how they will benefit you shortly. Try looking for uncommon qualities and properties and see if you can get them for a low cost.

If you use Twitter frequently, you’re familiar with how it functions and how valuable it is. “CryptoTwitter”, or CT is where all the magic happens because Twitter is the platform where NFT lives, communicates, and where you’ll discover the majority of NFT communities along with information; any project worth its importance including new projects will have a Twitter presence worth monitoring.

How to know if your nft is rarebell

In other words, as the number of people playing decentralized games rises, so will the price people are prepared to pay for a unique card.


The immutability of ownership provides value in the form of tangibility for some NFTs. An NFT can be used to secure ownership rights to just about anything. There are certain NFTs tied to actual objects that can be “felt”, although they are rare.
As evidence of ownership, a cryptographic token is used in this instance.


The rarity of an NFT must be established before it may be sold. Putting a fair rate on your asset will enhance your reputation as a seller. It’s also possible to lose a lot of cryptocurrencies if you undervalue it.

So, how do you know if your NFT is rare?

Rarity Tools may be used to determine the rarity of your NFT.

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