How to display nft art at home

how to display nft art at home

Just like setting up a building in the real world costs you a good amount of money, in the digital world it is expensive. For a less expensive route, you can list them for display in existing galleries run in the virtual worlds by Async Art, KnownOrigin, and OpenSea.

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Why Choose Galleries In The Metaverse?

The Metaverse is an assortment of virtual shared spaces. As NFTs and the blockchain continue to evolve, so will the Metaverse. The Metaverse already shows promising signs of continued interaction and development with many large companies and people either purchasing their own parcels or at least taking advantage of the galleries already built.

How to display nft art at home

So, you got that NFT you always wanted, but how to display it? If you want to display your NFT in your home, there’s an abundance of choices. With digital frames and displays becoming commonplace, many NFT frames and displays actually connect to your crypto wallet.
However, it’s totally possible to print and frame your NFT with some novel methods too.

Perhaps you want to display NFTs in the metaverse, or in virtual galleries and VR and XR. Fear not! This guide will give you the tools to display your favourite NFT in the best way possible.
These days, there are NFT galleries, Virtual NFT spaces, and countless more options on the crypto art display market.

So whether it’s an NFT compatible TV you’re after, or something a bit more specific for displaying NFTs; here are our top 7 ways to Display NFTs in the real and virtual worlds.


Qonos is a bit like Infinite Objects in the way they collaborate with artists to insert the images and videos right into the frames. The final transaction is then a crypto art inside a frame, and it’s often shipped to the buyer’s physical address, instead of going through a digital exchange.

What Exactly Is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?

The connection your device has with any other digital device in the universe is a complicated matter.

Back in the 80s and 90s, if you wanted to connect two computers, you’d have to use an actual wire.

And that wasn’t just it, the connection required extra software and hardware to manage the flow of a few bits of data.

Blockchainis the technology by which you can send and receive emails from anyone. And it’s also the foundation of all social media, e-commerce, andcryptocurrency.

How to display nft art at homer

NFT sales in 2022.

This is one of their most unique creations by Beeple with hybrid elements containing a human-sized structure made of components such as mahogany, polished aluminum, and a display through four video screens creating a total of 16k resolution!.

The high-resolution screen keeps on displaying human and humanoid avatars for years to come and that is nearly the USP of this NFT.

5) CryptoPunk NFT #7523 Sold For US$ 11.7 Million

Image source: crypto

DraftKings’ shareholder Shalom Meckenzie bought the CryptoPunk #7523 at US$ 11.7 million which is basically one of those 9 alien Punks with a red beanie, a gold earring, a facemask, and a rare alien skin.

6) CryptoPunk NFT #3100 Sold For US$7.58 Million

Image source: crypto

This CryptoPunk also falls in one of the rarest punk categories while created by Larva Labs.

How to display nft art at homers

Buying a new non-fungible token (NFT) can be exciting, but how do you make the most out of the investment? Putting a virtual image on display might sound complex, but it’s as straightforward as displaying any art piece. Use our tips below to find the best ways to display your NFT artwork at home.

Digital Canvas

If you have digital artwork like NFTs, you don’t have to print a copy to put it on display.
As the name suggests, a digital or smart art canvas is a picture frame for virtual images. Whether you want to showcase crisp virtual family photos or your latest NFT, a smart canvas provides you with a way to do so easily.

Further, instead of buying a new frame for your latest NFT purchase, you can choose a digital frame that supports multiple images; all it takes is a simple upload.

This article will explore three different methods for displaying your NFTs, both in the real world and the digital. Let’s get into it.

Displaying NFTs In The Real World

As the industry blooms and NFTs become more popular, an increasing number of companies are pioneering solutions that allow NFT owners to display their collections in all their glory, and the results are often spectacular.
As you might expect, displaying NFTs in the real world can be quite a challenge considering these art pieces are digital in nature. Yet, there are some innovative solutions.

Digital Frames

Image Source: Mono X7

Digital photo and video frames are typically the best means for displaying NFT art in the real world.

The file format is an important criterion to consider when choosing an online gallery or website as well.

However, at the end of the day, when it comes to choosing your NFT display, you are spoilt for choice!Ultimately, the best choice would depend on the type of NFT or crypto art you own, and your personal display preferences. So, as we often advise, make sure to do your own research and scope out your options to display your precious crypto art.

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The issue with printing on paper or canvas is that this may not clearly display the quality of your NFT art which was created to be presented on a high-definition display.

iPads and Tablets

NFT art can be displayed on your iPad and tablet but this option may require you to set up multiple tablets, and although these accessories are more than capable of displaying your prized NFTs, there are better solutions.

The Best NFT Art Display Solutions.

You need a display that can run on battery power. You also need the ownership information and rights to be displayed.
The third aspect is the need to have a long-lasting display that need not be recharged frequently.

Here are some exciting and more customizable options that fulfill all the above conditions. There are newer options and innovative solutions being launched in the marketplace as we speak.

Display NFT Art Using A Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo and video frames are a great means to display NFT art at home. Firstly, let’s look at the best NFT frames specifically designed to display crypto art. If you’re investing in an NFT frame, ensure the frame supports the format of your NFTs. Plus, make sure to research its picture quality and storage capacity.


Tokenframe, for instance, offers real wooden NFT frames with both 2K and 4K options in anti-glare screens. Using the Tokenframe app, users can simply sign in to theircrypto walletand access their NFT gallery to display the NFTs. App users can also control the background colour, artwork size, and more.

Decentralized Displays

The UK-based Decentralized Displays offers both wooden frames and acrylic displays.

Importing your NFTs from Metamask and choosing from a range of available templates/experiences is, thankfully, very simple. Plus, you can display NFT and crypto art you have collected or created.

What’s more, you can explore OnCyber’s NFTs on display for free!

The platform offers four types of spaces: Free, Curated, Factory, and Collectibles. Firstly, Free spaces allow you to curate your own art space by giving it a title, description, banner, and more. Accordingly, theother three are designed incollaboration with select artists to create unique art spaces.


A social and collaborative platform, Spatial allows you to create your own virtual galleries on their platform. You can create your room in Spatial and easily display both 3D and 2D NFTs. Anyone can visit the gallery using VR headsets, mobile devices, or any web browser.


The Looking Glass is currently available for pre-order with a discounted price of $250.

Mono X7

The MonoX7 is a digital frame that feels designed with the digital art renaissance in mind. The internet-connected device features an ultra-thin 17.3-inch display and includes a dedicated processor making it a powerful force on your wall. The display handles any image or video that can play in a web browser making it perfect for all types of NFTs and formats.

Despite the hefty price point of the MonoX7, I could see it quickly becoming a new standard for NFT collectors looking for an elegant solution to display all of their digital art in a physical space.

You could turn your house into an elegant gallery for valuable artworks, enjoy a curated playlist of digital collectibles, or experience the grandeur of classical paintings.

In my opinion, if you’ve acquired a unique digital artwork, then you should display it with one of theQonos NFT Frames. It’s designed to exhibit NFTs and does so with the highest possible image quality.

Then again, that’s not the only type of digital art currently in demand.

If you have amassed a collection of NFTs, thenSAMSUNG 65-inch Class FRAMEis a great option to keep all on display. And when you’re not using it to showcase your art, you can use it as a TV set.

There are also DIY frames like theTokenCastfor the folks with manual dexterity and an affinity for working with tech stuff.

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