How much was the most expensive nft

In the case of the Genesis plot, the virtual item is from a game; however, everyone is able to see that they are the owner because of the minting process that occurred on the blockchain. With time, thinks that any virtual item from a game can be used across all metaverses.

If you would like to read our in-depth article about Decentraland, one of the most popular blockchain games; that can be found here. The Decentraland game has made headlines numerous times for also selling incredibly expensive pieces of digital real estate.

Axie Infinity recently became the top earning decentralized financial application and currently houses the most expensive NFT collection.

How much was the most expensive nft sold for

Berners Lee “World Wide Web Source Code” — $5.4 million

The single NFT included four different pieces, which were time-stamped source code files, a video animation of the code’s creation, a letter by the creator and Berners Lee self-designed digital poster of his code.

The creator of the World Wide Web collected a staggering $5.7 million dollars when he auctioned off an NFT of his creation’s source code in June 2021. The money will be given to charity.

Image source: Berners Lee

Honorable mentions: Top NFT collections

While we listed the most expensive single NFTs sold to date, there are very notable collections that deserve some attention.
Some top-selling, popular NFT collections, in alphabetical order, include:

What makes an NFT valuable?

It’s difficult to nail down the exact value of an NFT, or what may make an NFT valuable.

How much is the most expensive nft worth

NYSE:NET) access and security solutions along with new enterprise-specific features into a unified Zero Trust network that can be managed through a single “pane of glass.” or display screen. With the rapid shift to remote work caused by the pandemic, this product increases Cloudflare’s potential for winning business from enterprise customers seeking to adapt to this new business environment.

While Cloudflare One adoption is still early.

Cloudflare, Inc. (NYSE:NET) has already started to demonstrate an improved ability to sell to large customers. When discussing its third quarter results. Cloudflare said that it is continuing to sign up larger enterprise customers.

including its first client to generate more than $10 million in annual recurring revenue. Cloudflare has just started to better monetize its more than 100.000 paying customer base.

How much does the most expensive nft cost

It sold for nearly $7.1 million in December 2021, up from the previous sale price of $174,000 in February of the same year.

Interesting twist: the NFT was purchased by Cozomo de’ Medici, which rapper Snoop Dogg has claimed is his pseudonymous, NFT-collecting alter ego. Cozomo previously purchased another XCOPY piece for $3.9 million in September 2021.

13.CROSSROAD: $6.66 Million

CROSSROAD is an NFT created by acclaimed digital artist Beeple.
It features anti-Trump messaging, and an enlarged Donald Trump-like figure laying in a defeated heap with profanities written across his naked body. It didn’t always look like that, though; the artwork was designed to change based on the outcome of the 2020 election.

What was the most expensive nft bought

A collectible generated by an algorithm; this particular punk was one of 24 Ape Punk and was wearing a fedora.

7. Axie Infinity’ “Genesis Plot” – $1.5 million. One of the nine Genesis Plots of land from the Ethereum-based game known as Axie Infinity.


Larva Labs’ “CryptoPunk #4156” – $1.25 million. A punk with multiple scarce features; this NFT is one of 24 ape punks wearing a blue bandana (only 481 bandanas created).

9. Kevin Abosh’ “Potatoe #345” – $1.08 million. The famous Irish artist sold an NFT of a potato with a black background.
Other ties for this spot again includes Abosh’ “Forever Rose” for one million; and, WhIsBe’ “Not Forgotten, But Gone” also for one million.

10. Pak’ “Metarift” – $904,413.

How much is the most expensive nft in the world

It is an alien, with one blue and white headband worn around its forehead.

The CryptoPunk NFT #3100 made its place in the top 20 most expensive NFTs with its price being US$7.58 million at the time of writing this article, although the same NFT started its journey at US$76 once!

7) CryptoPunk NFT #7804 Sold For US$ 7.57 Million

Image source: crypto

The CryptoPunk 7804 is one of the most expensive NFTs sold because it contains a combination of the rarest attributes created by Larva Labs. Being one of the 9 alien CryptoPunks, it contains a front-facing cap, a pair of smoky shades, and a pipe with smoke emanating from it.

How much did the most expensive nft sell for

Mattel’s strategically important IP monetization has also developed well with no fewer than 25 media projects in the works. We expect significant contributions from these high-margin IP revenues over the next several years and do not think the market yet gives the company credit for the scale of this opportunity.”


CryptoPunk #3100

Sold For: $7.67 million

CryptoPunk #3100 is another “blue alien” NFT owned by a social media user simply known as 7B8961. It is part of 10,000 uniquely generated characters, none of which are similar to others.

Each of these characters can be owned by a single person on the blockchain. CryptoPunk #3100 sold just one day after the sale of CryptoPunk #7804. The former features a blue alien sporting a colored headband.

NFTs are becoming ever more expensive as digital artists use the tools offered by Takung Art Co., Ltd.

How much has the most expensive nft sold for

Beeple has been making artworks every day since May 2007, not missing a single day.

These art pieces, dubbed as “Everydays,” vary in terms of styles, medium, and content and often rely on dystopian or satirical settings. As per Artnet, Beeple happens to be the “third most expensive living artist” in terms of auction prices, following the likes of Jeff Koons and David Hockney.

1 The Merge ($91.8 Million)

Taking the number one spot as the most expensive NFT ever sold, The Merge is the creation of famed digital artist Pak. Pak is another big name in the NFT space, having created some of the most iconic artworks out there. The artist’s actual identity remains a total mystery, but that hasn’t stopped them from having a massive presence in the digital art space.

Of all the NFTs Pak has created, The Merge is their most creative.

What is the most expensive nft

Winkelmann started working on the collage in May 2007, posting art pieces continuously every single day for 13 years.

The artwork was exclusively offered in Christie’s, an NFT auction house, which was bought for $69,346,250 by crypto billionaire MetaKovan as he saw Beeple as the “artist of the digital-native generation”. The sale also marked the first purely digital-work auction on NFTs where a cryptocurrency (ETH) was used as payment.

Following the sale, Beeple also amassed a huge number of followers, gaining 1.8 million on Instagram and bagging collaborations with brands such as Nike and Louis Vuitton as well as music artists like Childish Gambino and Katy Perry.


CryptoPunk #3100 – $7.58 million

CryptoPunks are collectibles composed of 8-bit images of humanoid characters known as Punks; each having unique traits.

How much money is the most expensive nft

Ross Ulbricht “Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection” — $6.28 million

This NFT piece, called Perspective, is a pencil drawing that was drawn by Ross Ulbricht while he was in prison. It’s part of the Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection, and the entire collection was compiled into one singular NFT using Kanon’s KSPEC protocol.

The sales proceeds from this collection will “fund efforts to relieve the suffering of the incarcerated and their families, as well as the fight to free Ross from a life in prison,” as stated on the SuperRare listing.

Image source: SuperRare

The collection was last purchased for 1,446 ETH in December 2021, or $6.28 million at the time of purchase.

16. XCOPY’s “All Time High in the City” — $6.19 million

This GIF NFT by XCOPY was bought in January 2022 by @rarecollector3000.

How much was the most expensive nft

At the top of the dystopian man-made objects is a tree, underneath which mushrooms can be seen growing.

The artwork was bought on 23 March 2021 following intense bidding on Nifty Gateway by Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of the Tron Foundation, for USD 6 million. Beeple himself announced the winner and the winning bid on Twitter.

(1/4)Here let’s enjoy @beeple‘s NFT artwork “OCEAN FRONT” that I successfully won a bid for!

“OCEAN FRONT” expresses Beeple’s concerns on global climate change, a profound message of the need for environmental protection.

— H.E.

This number is ever changing as expects more large fine art auction houses to sell NFTs; this will bring more awareness to the space.

Famous people – musicians and athletes for example – with their enormous followings have the potential to make millions from selling NFTs. This is one aspect to consider as it would greatly increase the amount of money invested in NFTs.

As a proof point, Logan Paul, the social media sensation, made US $5 million in a single day selling NFTs.

How Much Does The Average Beeple NFT Cost?

Beeple is one of the artists widely known within the NFT space. Following an already impressive artistic career, he established himself as a top digital artist in a variety of mediums.

The average sale price for a piece created by Beeple is greater than 120,200 Ethereum.

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