How do you sell nft on opensea

how do you sell nft on opensea

And any new ERC721-based asset will automatically be bundle-able on OpenSea’s platform.

Bundles are accessible for third-party collectible apps via the OpenSea API. Bundling is even baked into the OpenSea.js SDK, so you can bundle your items programmatically as well.

For developers, the combination of off-chain orders, bidding, bundling, and a host of other built-in marketplace features makes building your marketplace on OpenSea a no-brainer for any blockchain project—large or small. Learn more about our partners program here.

How to bundle, a user guide

Bundling is really easy! After the initial set-up transactions, it costs 0 gas to list a bundle. Here’s a quick walk-through:

1. Select your items

First, go to your account page and select “Sell a bundle”. Add each item that you want to include in the bundle.


How do you sell nft on opensea

Promote Your Content

Social proof is among the criteria that OpenSea and other marketplaces use to approve content creators. OpenSea specifically requires that you include the number of social media channels you actively manage and share your NFT collection to the public at least once.

Therefore, make it a goal to let your audience know that you’re venturing into NFTs and get the word out as soon as you mint your first collection.
Experts also recommend releasing free edition NFTs to build your followership and sales record on OpenSea.

Don’t forget to add your upcoming NFT to our calendar to get more engagement!


How Do Royalties Work in NFTs?

When creators mint NFT art on OpenSea and other platforms, they’re usually entitled to up to 85% of the amount realised for the primary sale.

How do i sell nft on opensea

Consider a Timed Auction When Dealing With Unique, Serialized NFTs.

OpenSea offers you several means of selling your NFTs. You can either settle for a fixed price or auction it to the highest bidder.

Even though the first one is faster and comes in handy if you need immediate liquidity, auctioning guarantees you high-profit margins. When trading unique or serialized objects such as profile pictures, always settle for it.

You can focus on the method, duration, or reserve price when auctioning.

Under the method, one may sell their item to the highest bidder. Remember, the price of the item increases as more people bid, and it finally goes to the person who puts forward the highest amount when the time limit fades.

If you decide to set a reserve price, keep in mind that your NFT won’t sell if the auction doesn’t hit the special price.

How to sell nft on opensea for free

Create a Web3 Wallet

Since non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are blockchain-based assets, you need a wallet to create, send and receive them. You also need to fund the wallet so that you can pay transaction fees associated with your transactions.

Since most NFT platforms are built on Ethereum, you need an Ethereum-wallet funded with their native currency, ETH, so that you can pay transaction fees.

Most experts recommend using the Metamask wallet extension on Chrome or any other browser you use.
The extension allows you to connect with an NFT marketplace and use related serves directly from your computer’s browser.

You can read this Metamask setup guide.

When you install and run Metamask for the first time, you will receive a 12-word recovery phrase. Back this up in a secure offline location and proceed to copy your ETH address.


How to sell nft on opensea without paying gas

Here, the seller sets the price and keeps the item listed until it’s purchased or the seller decides to cancel it.

English Auction Listings

An English auction is simply like an eBay auction. Here, a seller sets a minimum price and hopes the bids climb so far that he/she can accept the highest one.

Sometimes, a good strategy is to start the bidding at $0 to get the buzz going amongst buyers. Additionally, to prevent a listing from selling too low, OpenSea offers the reserve price feature.
With this listing, sellers remain in control as they can accept the highest bid whenever they are ready to sell.

Dutch Auction Listings

Also known as Declining Price Listings, here the strategy is to establish a price higher than the market value and let the price decline over time. To set up a Dutch auction, sellers need to set a starting price, ending price, and a duration.

How to sell nft on opensea mobile

create Opensea account tab here.

Where can you buy ETH ?

There is hundreds of platforms offer free cryptocurrency wallets, and all of the options listed below are 100% easy to use:

  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Paxful
  • Fortmatic
  • Exodus
  • CoinPayments
  • trustwallet
  • Jaxx

how to create NFT Art work on opensea ?

At this point, you should see your account page – empty for now, but we’re working on it! Next up, press Create at the top, then My Collections, Enter your collection’s name and description, and upload an image, We’re not making NFTs right now; we’re just organizing your portfolio so you can show off your work, and you can change it later.

How to sell nft on opensea from metamask

When a buyer comes along to buy your bundle, they’ll submit an on-chain transaction, pay gas, and receive the items. And, of course, you’ll receive ETH in exchange.

One of the coolest advantages of this system is that your items do not leave your wallet when you create a bundle.

This means that you can keep using them within a game until they sell. It also means that you can put valuable, individual items on sale in addition to bundling them with others, which you could use to help sell some of your less-valuable “floor” items.
(Note: if an item in your bundle sells separately, your bundle will no longer be valid and get delisted.) We estimate that the max bundle size is roughly 100 items.

Advertise your bundle

Each bundle has a unique URL that can be accessed by anyone. For example, check out this box of jewelry, this complete MLB team, and this happy family.

How to sell nft on opensea polygon

It’s always a good idea to leave a few hundred dollars in Ethereum to pay for gas fees. I understand that’s a lot of money to spend on fees.
There are emerging marketplaces that allow little to no fees when buying & selling.


If your NFT is a unique, serialized NFT (most profile picture projects are), you can hold a timed auction, similar to a sale on eBay.

You’ve got a few options at your fingertips:


Sell to the highest bidder – Bidders drive the price up and the item goes to the highest bidder at the time limit.

Sell with declining price – This allows you to create a dutch auction where the price starts high and decreases to a certain price at a specified time.

Duration – Set your auction to end at a certain time.

How to sell nft on opensea mobile app

ETH is used to pay for gas fees and is the default currency on OpenSea.

OpenSea Bundles

While most buyers and sellers on NFT marketplaces deal with single items, sellers can bundle up to 30 items in a listing, with this cap at 30 items having to do with gas limits, Ethereum blocks, trust minimization, and single transactions according to Bundles are a popular way for sellers to drive revenue, and these types of sales are growing steadily.

OpenSea Listings

When you are ready to sell, you will have 3 options for listing your items which are covered in the following 3 tips:

Fixed Price Listings

As explained in detail over at, this listing is the typical “buy it now” scenario similar to an Amazon listing.

How to sell nft on opensea without gas fee

Some online groups or programs have dedicated tokens, so you can see “social tokens” or “game coins” being used to buy and sell products on OpenSea.

to use opensea you need a cryptocurrency wallet that is not difficult to make, just like any normal sign up thing, however, if you use desktop you’ll need to add a wallet extension for your browser for the wallet you chose or you already have, you can go for MetaMask or Dapper, and On your mobile device, you’ll need to use an Ethereum-compatible mobile browser like Coinbase Wallet.

to learn more read best crypto wallet To Start Buying NFTs

Create OpenSea account

It’s time to link your wallet to OpenSea once you’ve done setting it up. To get to your account tab, click here. You’ll see a message at the top showing that your wallet has not yet been connected.

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