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How do you display nft art

Check out our guide for a comprehensive list of the best marketplaces for each type of NFT in 2022.

Social media

Any artist worth their salt these days must have some sort of social media following if they want to remain relevant and keep their audience informed with their latest collections. While social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook may not display your art in the highest resolution, the added perks they offer, such as engagement, reach, and the potential to build your brand, are simply too good to pass up.

Portfolio website

Hosting your NFTs on a private website to which you own the rights is a great way to maintain complete control over your artwork. You get to display your NFTs however you see fit, and you can decide whether or not you want to take them down or alter them in any way.

How do you display nft artwork

Collectors are purchasing works they love; they’re not just engaging in speculative transactions. They want to experience and show off their investments.”

Of the many intangible joys of owning art that does not change is that it’s a tangible display of taste.

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How do you display nft art

If you have a different wallet we do not yet support or prefer not to connect, don’t worry, there are other ways to find the best image suitable for printing.

And once you do have your image file, simply upload, select a print size, and custom frame it online in minutes.

Image credit: @bitpixi on Twitter

We can’t guarantee that the artwork will be as unique as your non-fungible token, but you can customize the frame to your own personal style across hundreds of different profile and mat combinations.

And we can guarantee that each framed photo is printed on premium, Archival Matte, or Lustre Photo paper using pigment inks that won’t fade for centuries.

Read more about how we make sure your images are printed to the highest quality standards so that your framed art looks its best.

#nfts are not just digital art, they look pretty awesome IRL as well.

How display nft art

Start by downloading that video or image to your device.

In this example, I’m downloading a file from a Google Drive link that was provided when I purchased an NFT on Rarible.

Step Two: Upload the file to the Kapwing Studio editor and resize

Now that your video or image is saved, head over to the Kapwing Studio Editor and click Get Started. On the next screen, click the upload button and locate the your NFT file on your device.
In just a few moments, your NFT will appear in Kapwing.

Once the file is fully uploaded, you’re all set to resize it. It’s important to know the correct dimensions for the frame or place where you’ll be displaying the NFT.

How do you view nft art

I can now directly connect with and sell to an audience of people who are genuinely interested in my particular style of art.”

Working with NFTs has done more than just changed the way Petit connects with her audience, it’s also revolutionized the way she approaches creating her art. “When making NFTs, I first create for myself, and then release it with the hope that someone will connect to my vision.”

Petit said that artists, audiences, and potential collectors connect more now thanks to platforms such as Twitter, Discord, and Clubhouse. “When people ask me about my art or leave comments, I can respond directly. Many have told me that they loved hearing the backstory of a piece I made.

How can you display nft art

This shocked the artist, who had hoped to sell his work online as an environmentally beneficial alternative for shipping physical object around museums all over the world. In a subsequent remark, Lemercier detailed the lack of openness he encountered when studying the energy consumption of cryptoart platforms.

Because NFT artworks are so resource-intensive, many designers are concerned.
There is a broader issue at hand here than just dealing in cryptoart; it has to do with the digital technique known as “proof of work.” To develop and mint cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum, proof-of-work, which first appeared in the early ’90s, is now mostly utilized in the mining process.

How to display nft art on wall

If you choose to go this route, make sure to choose a case that is both stylish and protective.

Another option is to create a display wall for your NFT art

How to Display NFT Art in a Glass Box

One common way to display NFT art is to place it in a glass box. This is a beautiful and functional way to display your art, as it protects it from being damaged while also allowing you to show it off to others.

When choosing a glass box to display your art, you will need to make sure that it is the right size.
The box should be big enough to fit the art, but not so big that it takes up too much space.

You will also need to make sure that the glass box has a lid.

How do i view nft art

Do not be like them and over-estimate your artistry. Overpricing your art would stop liquidity in your sales.

The price you set for your NFT artwork should lie between these two bars. The buyers inside the NFT marketplace are not your typical buyers. They know the value of things and they’re willing to pay for them.

Being realistic in the market would help you clear your mind about things.

Be Yourself

Being yourself should be your motto.
You can inspire other NFT artists but do not lose the IT factor you have inside of you. It’s good to try different things inside an NFT marketplace. Sometimes risk can go well.

Try unique things. For example, you can leverage gamification into your NFT art.

You can also provide unlockables to your collectors. It will put a big smile on them as investors and they might want to come back for more.

Importing your NFTs from Metamask and choosing from a range of available templates/experiences is, thankfully, very simple. Plus, you can display NFT and crypto art you have collected or created.

What’s more, you can explore OnCyber’s NFTs on display for free!

The platform offers four types of spaces: Free, Curated, Factory, and Collectibles. Firstly, Free spaces allow you to curate your own art space by giving it a title, description, banner, and more.

Accordingly, theother three are designed incollaboration with select artists to create unique art spaces.


A social and collaborative platform, Spatial allows you to create your own virtual galleries on their platform. You can create your room in Spatial and easily display both 3D and 2D NFTs. Anyone can visit the gallery using VR headsets, mobile devices, or any web browser.


How do you display nft artcam

To summarize, this means that, just like any other investment, its value may rise or fall over time.

Specifically, we’d like to know how this new, digital way of selling art will effect artists and the creative business.

What do NFTs impact on creator?

1. Digital Art Ownership

It wasn’t until the rise of Cryptocurrency that we could possess anything entirely digital.

We repurposed and reposted video clips and motion graphics, but there wasn’t this contemporary possibility to acquire complete, real ownership over a digital file or artwork. With the emergence of NFTs, creators can now rent, sell, or show their digital artwork in whatever way they want.

It is necessary for designers to have some sort of legal ownership of their work in order to be able to sell their creations.

How do you display nft artist

Once verified, the PFP will be displayed as a soft hexagon in place of the original circular icon.

Instagram NFTs

In early May, 2022, Instagram started testing digital collectibles with select US NFT creators and collectors. The feature allows NFT owners and creators to connect their wallets to Instagram and share the NFTs they want on the social media site.

Once shared, the posts will have a “shimmer effect” along with displaying the public information. Currently, Instagram supports NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Flow.

Other Social Networks

Soon after Twitter’s NFT PFP feature went live, Reddit too announced it is testing a similar feature.

Similarly, Spotify is also testing a new feature which will allow artists to display their NFT collections.

How do you display nft artful

Digital displays, virtual worlds, web-based galleries and editorials are crucial to curating and displaying your work and your collection.”

I went hands-on with a 2021 model of the Frame to get a sense of what it’s like now to display crypto art and how it might be used in the future.

Right-Click, Save

The easiest way, in early 2022, to display purchased NFTs in your home is to download them to your computer or mobile phone and then upload them to a digital frame. For example, Samsung’s Smartthings app allows you to select phones and then save them on the Frame. (This is the same for others like Netgear’s Meural, though the company has announced support for the crypto wallet MetaMask.)

Samsung offers a collage option that can accommodate three photos.

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