How can i turn my art into nft

how can i turn my art into nft

The ‘non-fungible’ part means it cannot be exchanged for something of equal value (unlike cash which is fungible, i.e. I can give you two $5 bills for one $10 bill). An NFT can be readily verified as authentic, and this is what makes an NFT a potentially desirable collectable asset: there is clear provenance and indisputable ownership.

Weimer: When someone buys an NFT, what are they legally buying/owning?

Sharma: Most NFT sales merely convey a license to use the digital copy of the creative work and the copyright holder retains their copyright ownership. This means that ownership of the virtual art piece is not guaranteed when one buys an NFT. The digital governing contract covering the sale of NFT’s must expressly provide for an assignment of copyright in a signed writing for the buyer to actually own the copyright in the art.

How can i turn my art into nft

I’m going to export two versions of defined render in the next step…a big one that I’m going to save as a tiff file without any layers… I’ve already done this…. and then a slightly smaller version. For this reason I reduced the size by 50, and then I saved this one as a jpeg file.

In the next step, I go to Rareable which is the first community owned NFT marketplace.

Before I click on create, I connect my Metamask wallet with the decentralized application. So I click on connect here. Select meta, mask, confirm this and connect to wearable.

In case you don’t know what Metamask is, Metamask is a software wallet that’s available as an extension or as an add-on for the chrome and the Firefox browser you can charge it with ether.

How to turn my art into nft

Also the hash changes. So it’s not like having a classic url that points to a place where an image is stored. So in case you change the image or you delete the image.

The url always remains the same, and it is the exact opposite with the IPFS network.

I already have an account on Pinata, so I go to Pinata upload. I browse for the tiff file. It is this one here and I do not upload it, because I’ve already done this before so I go to the pin explorer here this leaving arcadia, and this is the unique IPFS hash that was created in the network.
So this one always points to the leaving acadia tiff file, no matter what and when I click on it and click on the name.

It downloads the image and I can show it in the folder.

How to turn your art into nft

Sold for a massive figure of $7.51 million, this NFT features one of the rarest CryptoPunks that wears a headband. Apart from these NFTs, the year 2021 has also seen many NFTs based on some social message.

For instance, Save Thousands of Lives, an NFT artwork, was bought by a programmer Paul Graham for a huge amount of $5.1 million or 1,337 ETH.
The objective of this sale was to raise funds for Noora Health’s work of teaching new mothers how to care for their children after they leave hospitals.

Another interesting NFT that was sold for a big figure includes the World Wide Web Source Code, which was bought for an amount of $5.4 Million. Overall, NFTs have changed our way of looking at art.
The day is not far when an NFT could be sold for a billion dollars.


NFTs have provided immense benefits to the creative community.

How to make my art into nft

To start off, you’ll need some Ether coins, and a reliable crypto wallet to store them in.

Did you know?

Step 1: Buying Ether, Setting Up a Crypto Wallet

Ether is the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain. This blockchain is home to most NFTs and NFT marketplaces that exist – naturally, if you’re going to learn how to create NFT art, you’ll be dealing with Ethereum a lot.

The very first step that you need to take in order to start creating digital art NFTs is buy some Ether coins on an exchange, and transfer them to a designated crypto wallet.

As far as exchanges are concerned, I would highly recommend you’d pick Coinbase.

How to make your art into nft

According to most OpenSea creators, making a collection is the most profitable approach. Setup the page for your collection and upload the items with apt depiction through their product images.
Make sure that you choose Polygon blockchain as your default blockchain to ensure you can mint NFTs for free.


Raible is the second-most widely used NFT marketplace that allows you to mint NFTs for free. You only need to go to and connect your wallet.
The easy-to-handle user interface of the website will help you create the NFT page as usual.

How do i turn my paintings into nfts

After setting up the page, all you need to do is find the “free minting” option, choose the option to create your item which will take you to a page where you can sign free authorizations with your wallet, and voila!

The transformation of your jpeg to NFT or when you upload art to NFT marketplaces that already has a physical existence, you have a clear purpose of generating more value out of the product and are unhappy with the value being provided from the physical art piece. This is why the conversion of a painting into an NFT, or selling jpeg as NFTs provides you with a unique sense of relief.

How do i turn my digital art into nft

With the rapid rise in the number of institutional investors bringing their money in the NFTs, issues that may have been overlooked in a niche industry become critical in a multibillion-dollar industry. Many NFTs lovers have ignored the issue of copyright infringement in this digital art industry.

It’s important to understand the legal implications of copyright violations associated with NFTs, or may end up paying large sums as damage even when you are an innocent purchaser of an NFT.

Federal law provides strong protection to the original work of authorship. To ensure that your legal rights associated with your artwork are protected, you need to get your piece registered with the U.S.

How to turn my paintings into nft

When buying an NFT, pay close attention to: (i) the selling platform’s material terms of NFTs; these vary from platform to platform and even NFT to NFT. For example, buying an NFT doesn’t automatically give you the right to reproduce it, resell it or use it for commercial purposes and/or (ii) the digital contract that governs the sale of the NFT in order to understand exactly what is being purchased at the close of an NFT sale, since the contract determines what rights a buyer has with respect to the digital copy of the creative work that they receive.

Weimer: When did you first have a client who wanted to discuss NFTs? What was learning about them like? What resources did you use to learn about NFTs?

Sharma: I started learning about NFTs before we had clients approach us.

How to turn your art into nft step by step

Here, you have to make the decision regarding the price of your art, mode of auction, sale duration, and what kind of purchaser you would like to prefer. OpenSea gives its users to sell their NFTs through two types of auction: ‘Fixed Price’ and ‘Timed Auction’. In the ‘Fixed Price’ format, you can sell your NFT at a fixed price right away. Here, buyers can buy your NFTs right away, without bidding or waiting. You can sell your artwork at a fixed price without having to wait for a listing to expire.

However, in the ‘Timed Auction’ format, you don’t have an auctioneer who calls the bids; instead, there is a bidding window during which the highest bidder wins. Each lot is available for bidding for a set period.

Can i turn my paintings into nfts

As an artist, you’re probably looking for ways to turn your passion into a career. Fortunately, the digital art industry offers many ways to do just that.

From working as a video game designer to movie animator, there are many paths to success as a full-time digital artist.

Even if you’re new to the digital art scene, you can start making money right away by selling your art online. One route to making money is by selling your art as an NFT.

But what isNFT art, and how do you go about selling it? We’re here to answer all of your questions with our guide toNFT digital art.

What Is an NFT?

Let’s start with the basics. What is an NFT? This acronym stands for “non-fungible token,” meaning it is a unique digital item that cannot be traded in for the same thing. NFTs can be anything digital, including music, drawings, AI technology, and more.

The maddening popularity of NFTs has put abundant options in terms of NFTs marketplace in front of you, for instance, you could choose platforms like OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, CryptoPunks, for creating your NFTs.

Since different NFT marketplace is famous for different sort of works, we would suggest you to do some research before deciding upon your marketplace.

If you are still undecided, you can start with OpenSea as it is a renowned platform for creating and selling NFTs.

Once you have chosen your NFT marketplace, you must link it to your digital wallet. This will enable you to pay the fees required to mint your NFT and keep any sales proceeds.

Step 5: Upload your digital asset

Now, your digital asset is ready to get minted.

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