How can i sell my nft art

What Can I Put NFTs on?

You may be wondering what you can put NFTs on if you print them. If you have all of the correct permissions, the sky is the limit to putting NFTs on objects. Here are some of the things you may like to print NFTs on.

  • Canvas
  • Paper
  • T-shirts
  • Mugs and other accessories

No matter what you choose to put the NFT on, it is a great way to display your artwork for others to see.

Most Popular NFTs

There are millions of NFTs available, so what is the most popular? Currently, the most popular NFTs are avatars. A quick search for NFT avatars will lead you to many different collections.

Avatar NFTs are so popular because they have almost cult-like followings.

How can i sell my nft art

The last thing you want is to get sued and owe a ton of money to the creator and the attorneys involved. Read this for examples. Is NFT Art Protected by Copyright Law? (How To Get Sued).

Not All Artists Want Prints Made

Standard artwork purchased has the single purpose of being displayed for others to view or stored in a safe location.

Digital art is also created to be considered, but some artists only want it to be available on the digital platform. Because of this, they refuse to release printing rights to anyone that purchases the NFT.

If you have an NFT that you have not been permitted to print or copy, you must not make prints. Choosing to make prints without permission can lead to significant fines for breaking copyright laws.

Where can i sell my artwork nft

The interface for creating an NFT is in the “create” section. It is accessible only to users who have already registered on the platform through a cryptocurrency wallet, for example – MetaMask.

The system offers it by default. If necessary, you can choose another one.

Step 3 – Creating Your Token

2. After authorization through the cryptocurrency wallet, you can go to the “create” section in the upper right corner of OpenSea.

Here you should select the section “submit NFT”.

3. Next, you will see the “My Collections” section with the “Create new collection” section, where you should click on the “create” button.
Thus, your author’s token collection will be created on the platform.

4. The system will open the “Create your collection” card.

How do i sell my nft art

NFT. Freelancing websites hire these artists to enter the digital collectibles industry and offer their services to those looking to create their own NFTs.

You can select the freelancer according to your requirements and budget. Make sure you get full commercial rights over the piece of work created by that artist and choose a trustworthy platform, like Fiverr, Upwork,, for selecting the right NFT designer for your project.

Create NFTs using AI (artificial intelligence)

Are you interested in learning how to make NFT art, but got no idea regarding where to begin? This is a lot simpler than you think! You can create your NFTs with the help of artificial intelligence even when you don’t have any knowledge about art or coding.

As per the experts, the Ai-Generated NFTs will flourish in the market in the times to come.

Where can i sell my nft digital art

If this is the intent you have, you will need to be very clear with the owner of the NFT before they give you rights. Neglecting to be honest with the creator could lead to issues in the future in the form of lawsuits.

Think about it? Do you think it would be fair to make prints of an NFT you own and sell them for a profit at an art fair or Comic-Con?

Seek advice: If you are ever uncertain about the rights you have to an NFT that you did not create, you must ask for help. Although a creator may initially agree to hand over copyright to you, you could end up paying the individual a portion or all your profits if not done correctly.

(Source: Brankov Law)

Why Would People Want to Print NFTs?

The main reason people purchase a piece of art is to show it off to their friends.

How to sell my nft art

Are your art collectibles worthy enough to be sold? What pricing you have thought about for your artwork and which audience do you want to target?

For example, if you want to target people who are into anime then your NFT collectibles must be anime-related as well.

Be Patient with Pricing

Before deciding the price of your product, look over the lifetime price of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Then price your NFT accordingly.

The price of bitcoin has fluctuated over time.
Sometimes it goes over the top and sometimes it hits rock bottom. People would show their profound interest in NFT items when Ethereum prices would be high but as soon as the prices go under the bar, they stop taking an interest.

Another issue is that people don’t wait.

How to sell my nft artwork

If it’s a 1/1, you don’t necessarily need to put it in a collection, although doing so lets you better organize your NFTs, in my opinion.

Properties – These are textual traits that show up as rectangles.

Levels – You can add numerical traits that are shown as a progress bar.

Stats – These are numerical traits that show up as numbers.

Unlockable Content – If you’d like, you can add unlockable content that can only be viewed by the owner of the item. This could include a wide variety of perks available to the buyer of your NFT.

Explicit & Sensitive Content – If your NFT contains explicit or NSFW content, you should make sure to enable this.

Supply – Here, you’ll want to choose whether the NFT will be a 1/1 or an open edition.

Where can i sell my nft art for free

Image source: Getty Images

If you had a million dollars, would you spend it on digital art?

NFTs have been in the headlines recently after a piece of digital art sold for over $69 million, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold an NFT of the first-ever tweet for $2.9 million.

NFTs have excited the art world and crypto enthusiasts alike. They offer a new solution to an old problem: How do you prove ownership and provenance of a piece of art that’s easy to copy and replicate?

A big issue for many artists in the digital age is that they don’t make money from their creations, even ones that are extremely popular and get shared many times.

How much should i sell my nft art for

  • NBA Top Shot: This platform sells NBA memorable moments on virtual cards.
  • Valuables: This platform supports the tokenization of tweets.
  • Foundation: This is a popular platform for both Defi fans and art creators.
  • SuperRare: SuperRare works with a select few artists.
  • Nifty Gateway: This is among the largest NFT marketplaces, especially in virtual arts.
  • Rarible: This platform focuses on NFT art in addition to other NFT items.
  • OpenSea: This is a well-established global NFT marketplace that accommodates domain names, virtual worlds, and collectibles (sports/arts).
  • NFT investment: Should you invest in NFTs?

    NFT art is a worthy investment because of how fast its value appreciates with time.

    Where to sell my nft art for free

    You can search “How to Sell NFT Art” on Google and find people using many variances of NFT marketplaces and digital wallets. In the end, you need a marketplace and a digital wallet that works with it.


    You are ahead of the game if you already have a following as an artist.

    Selling art in NFT format can be VERY lucrative and add a stream of revenue to your business, thanks to royalties. It may seem challenging to get into, but it is pretty simple.

    It is just a little different from how web2 works, and that’s okay in my book.


    Earlier, I mentioned selling NFT art on Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. For now, minting NFTs on Ethereum is costly, so people are turning to less expensive solutions such as Polygon.
    Using Polygon allows you to create and freeze NFTs for free on OpenSea.

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