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Hier zijn de 5 duurste NFT’s tot nu toe:

  1. The Merge door Pak: dit werk werd verkocht voor een bedrag van 91,8 miljoen dollar in december 2021 op Nifty. Deze NFT werd niet door één enkele koper gekocht, maar door 28 984 mensen die individueel 266 445 eenheden van dit werk kochten. Het is de samensmelting van deze NFT’s die het uiteindelijke werk mogelijk maakt.
  2. Everydays : The First 5 000 Days door Beeple: dit werk werd in maart 2021 verkocht door Christie’s voor een bedrag van 69,3 miljoen dollar na een bod van slechts 100 dollar. Deze collage van 5.000 digitale vectorwerken heeft jaren werk van de maker gevergd en werd begonnen in 2007.
  3. Human One: dit is een 3D-sculptuur die een astronaut voorstelt, ook gemaakt door Beeple.

Gunna is the latest rapper to tap into NFTs with his recent Bored Ape Yacht Club purchase.

The Atlanta native revealed on Instagram that he purchased the NFT through the MoonPay cryptocurrency platform for $300K.

“I Bought A @boredapeyachtclub NFT worth 300K No Cap!” Gunna wrote on IG. “His Name is BUTTA Thanks @moonpay!”

Named Butta, Gunna’s Bored Ape is outfitted in turquoise sunglasses and an ammo belt, with a green kazoo in his mouth. At the end of the video, Gunna celebrates by getting his new NFT tattooed on his calf. Elsewhere, we see the rapper performing right before receiving his NFT and getting inked.

Plenty of celebrities and well-known entities are stepping into the NFT space, including Adidas, which unveiled its own Bored Ape avatar earlier this month.

Gunna nft apenft

Om dit te doen, uploadt u het digitale bestand naar het platform en selecteert u hoe het zal worden verkocht.


De in deze studie verstrekte gegevens zijn geldig op de dag van haar publicatie en kunnen worden gewijzigd. Al onze studies zijn gebaseerd op betrouwbare informatie die is verkregen van openbare en particuliere organisaties.

Over HelloSafe

HelloSafe is een verzekeringsmakelaar die een revolutie op de markt wil ontketenen door het publiek in de kortst mogelijke tijd toegang te geven tot de beste deals. De groep HelloSafe wordt gefinancierd door Blue, een risicokapitaal bedrijf voor verzekerings technologie.
Blue ondersteunt reeds Coover en “Réassurez-moi”, twee Franse leiders op het gebied van verzekering vergelijking. In feite helpen deze twee platforms elk jaar meer dan 10 miljoen Fransen bij het kiezen van een verzekeringspolis.

Gunna nft apec

Akademiks revealed the sequel only ended up selling 79,000 units its first week, which Polo blamed on a leak that happened earlier in December. While the leak was a bummer, Polo said he was unphased because of crazy new music he has in the works with 808Mafia’s Southside.

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February 2, 2022

“& they had leaked my whole shit a month befo it Dropped Which I still can’t seem to figure how that happened….but this light shit doeIm on To Dis Southside Project me & bro @sizzle808MAFIA finna fuck the streets up dats a guarantee,” Polo G tweeted.

Southside supported Polo’s belief that the collab was crazy, and even said he might drop a snippet.

Gunna nft apedra

He purchased a unique Bored Ape NFT which reportedly to be around $300,000. The rapper posted a video on his Instagram showing that his purchase of the digital collectible which can be found on the Ethereum blockchain. He purchased the NFT through MoonPay cryptocurrency.
After he purchased the said NFT, he decided to get his Ape named Butta with an outfit of futuristic sunglasses, green kazoo tattooed on its calf and an ammo belt.

7 Earns: Music Career

Gunna has an estimated net worth of $4 million as of 2022 thanks to his music career. He has earned his fame and wealth through releasing some of his hit mix tapes. He is considered to be among the highest paid rising rappers in the music industry today.
Although he has been in the music industry since 2013, he only rises to fame after he signed with Young Thug’s YSL imprint.

Gunna nft aper

The rapper’s penchant for flashy items is evident with giant P diamonds which he added in his collection. He also implanted P shaped blue diamond in his tooth which costs the Atlanta rapper a whopping $100,000 to get it done. The stone was bought from the Angel City Jewelers’ Isaac Bokhoor and was installed by the dentist named Thomas Connelly. This is not the only jewelry pieces he owns, in fact, he has a pretty impressive jewelry collection from his three drip or drown bracelets which costs $15,000 each to his $125,000 Richard Mille watch.

3 Earns: Business Ventures

Gunna has a passion for fashion so it is not surprising that he has clothing line as well. The Drip Too Hard singer has his own merchandise line which makes a fortune. It features items such as Gemini hoodies, t-shirts and some posters.

Gunna fez uma nova tatuagem do NFT que comprou esta semana

Faz apenas alguns meses que realmente começamos a ouvir sobre os NFTs e como eles podem ajudá-lo a ficar rico rapidamente, e parece que vieram para ficar. Enquanto alguns acham difícil entender exatamente o que é um NFT, outros fizeram suas pesquisas e tiraram proveito da nova tecnologia, ganhando dinheiro fácil com eles. O rapper Gunna de Atlanta se tornou a última celebridade a se envolver no mundo dos NFTs, trabalhando com a MoonPay para comprar um ‘Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT’ no valor de mais de US$ 300.000 (R$1.7 mi) esta semana.

O rapper comprou com sucesso seu Bored Ape, que ele batizou de Butta, esta semana.

A compra foi realizada sem contratempos e, para comemorar sua aquisição, Gunna tatuou o macaco na perna.

No price can be put on the health of Earth’s ecosystem.

Countless big-name celebrities and influencers beyond the ones mentioned above have bought and promoted NFTs. Their presentation of the NFT market as a lucrative opportunity is dangerous to their followers, as it is not accessible to the average person by any means. Many are able to make a profit by reselling highly sought-after sneakers on sites like StockX, but the price of NFTs is ridiculously inflated in comparison, which makes the resale field carry a great risk.

The average person cannot responsibly spend thousands of dollars on an NFT in the hopes of a positive return on their investment. The vast majority of people have nothing to gain from this market, so its existence is frankly unnecessary.

Vijf NFT-spellen zijn momenteel bijzonder populair:

Silks Dit is één van de meest verwachte, komende NFT-spellen op de markt. Een mix van metavers, NFT en paardenrennen, het laat spelers avatars kopen die eruit zien als jockeys. Spelers kunnen ook eigenaar worden van paarden, land of stallen. Het spel houdt ook rekening met de resultaten van echte paardenraces. Elk NFT-paard is dus gekoppeld aan een echt paard met een 1:1 correlatie. Spelers ontvangen beloningen en winsten in de vorm van STT-tokens, het eigen token van het platform.

Decentraland Dit platform is ongetwijfeld één van de bekendste voor zijn metaversum en is in feite het grootste in termen van token kapitalisatie, die meer dan 3 miljard dollar bedraagt. De MANA is inderdaad één van de 40 grootste cryptocurrencies in de wereld.

If disclosed you’ll be hacked.

Whitepaper / Litepaper / Street Map – written rationalization of a undertaking.

Whitelist – legendary invitation to be the first to mint a brand new undertaking and never need to take part in a fuel conflict with the plebes.

WAGMI – when am I gunna make it? When is this undertaking that I simply invested in going to make me plenty of eth?

Web3 – a brand new model of the World Broad Net based mostly on blockchain and incorporating decentralisation and token-based economics (tokenomics).


The content material of this text is meant to supply a common information to the subject material.

It was in late 2016 when he started getting attention after releasing chart topping mix tape titled Drip Season. He followed it up with Drip Season 2 in 2017 and then released Drip or Drown in 2019.

6 Spends: An Expensive Wardrobe

Ever since the Atlanta rapper got famous, he never neglected his fashion style. The rapper hardly neglected his passion for fashion even during the hectic schedules and even during the pandemic. He makes sure that he never go out of style so even if he just stayed home on lockdown. He just sits at home wearing a Versace robe paired with his Versace Boxers and slippers. He believes that it is necessary to keep yourself together. He also confessed that he’s got so many new clothes despite not going to the mall.

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