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Not only are you holding a beautiful piece of art, but your investment will make a contribution to the real Wild Goat Gang.[6]

  • Sandbox Integration. Upon 50% of mint, the WGG team will purchase land in the Metaverse to allow goats to gather and interact with one another. You will have the ability to gather with other goats and will have the right to purchase cosmetic upgrades for your Goat.[7]
  • Cyber Goat Gang. Holders of a Wild Goat will be airdropped a circuit board that will allow you to create a rare Wilder Cyber Goat.[8]
  • Creation of the Hayy token that is supported by liquid, will allow holders of this NFT the opportunity to earn income.
  • Goat gang nft

    The proceeds of the project will go to the sanctuary’s operations.

    In an effort to play its part, the Wild Goat Gang NFT will partner with the lack Goat Farm and Sanctuary in Ontario by pledging a portion of its proceeds to the non-profit. “Not only are you holding a beautiful piece of art. Your investment will make a contribution to the real Wild Goat Gang,” shares a company representative.

    The Wild Goat Gang NFT is a unique set of mints made for people who want to be a part of what they call the “GOATverse,” a whole ecosystem that joins NFT, Web3, and other exciting projects that can help people grow their wealth and invest in projects that resonate with them.

    9,999 of these digital artworks will be made available to aspiring and existing NFT investors worldwide.

    Goat gang nft solana

    The story unfolds with what’s left of these few thousand goats, who some say have ganged up and made cryptonic advances in their way of living in, coming from being one of the more savage and devilish of races in Goetia. You my friend must now continue the story of your goat.

    To be continued…

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    Wild goat gang nft

    Non-fungible token for good is a whole category of NFTs that are making significant and positive impact in communities, cultures, and the planet. These projects have become some of the most reliable sources of non-profit funding as some of the biggest NFTs pledge millions of dollars from successful blockchain-based project launches.

    Accordingly, one NFT collection looks to further popularize NFTs for good as it launches a mint with a mission.

    The NFT project has created a partnership with the Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary in Ontario, Canada, a project that aims to develop a vast shelter for farm animals in need to call their home. The charity currently operates on a ten-acre farm located between Hamilton, Smithville, and Grimsby.
    As part of their efforts, they have started a large vegetable garden that grows natural and pesticide-free produce for sale.

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    Wild Goat Gang is a new startup that looks to be the next great project to enrich people while also positively impacting the planet we live in.

    By partnering with wildlife preservation and rehabilitation organizations such as Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary, the Wild Goat Gang NFT founders hope to push the social good NFTs category further. On top of that strong differentiating value proposition, the NFT mint also plans to dive into Web3 and metaverse implications by investing in $SAND real estate as soon as 50% of the mints are bought by investors, holders, and collectors.

    Mints of the Wild Goat Gang NFT collection will soon be available on their website and later on OpenSea.io as a secondary market.

    Wild goat gang nft rarity

    Approaching the goat from a symbolic point of view entails the discovering of an animal that presents maybe the most impressive number of interpretations. Those are reflections of art forms from antiquity. For example, Capricorn, the 10th sign of the western zodiac, has dual nature, expressed allegorically in the form of a goat whose body terminates in a fish’s tail.
    This refers to the dual tendencies of life towards the abyss (or water) on the one hand, and the heights (or mountains) on the other.

    TL;DR In our interpretation in each person there is a pair of goats: one angelic and one demonic.

    Wild goat gang nft reddit

    NFTs with 176 elements, each piece is unique, totally hand-drawn, and has its own color palette.[1] This NFT was created with the aim to build a unified community sponsoring Black Goat Farm Sanctuary in Ontario Canada and supporting metaverse growth.[2]

    The cost of mining a Wild Goat is 0.08 Ethereum plus gas. Minting of the NFT will be possible immediately from their website by connecting a MetaMask wallet.[3]


    The Wild Goat Gang project launched on 14th January, 2022 on the Ethereum network and aims to connect artists seeking quality NFT’s, crypto enthusiasts and social media users looking to improve their online presence and animal lovers supporting various charitable organizations.[4][5]


    The Wild Goat Gang NFT’s roadmap is made up of four stages:

    • We have teamed up with the Black Goat Farm Sanctuary in Ontario Canada.

    Wild goat gang nft price prediction

    Goats Gang

    Deep inside the Solana-tary universe, exists a planet whom very little is known. The Cryptonic world of Goetia, where mighty and magical races of animalistic creatures reside.

    This Chapter of the story my friends is specifically about one type of resident on this planet… The Goats. But not just any goats you see, These goats for many years have fought to take over the world of Goetia.
    However, vanished and secluded to different corners of the land for the use of some of their most evil sorcery, they have now dispersed into different tribes. In an effort to redeem themselves these exiled goats of various races need now to rebuild and catch up to the modern times.

    Wild Goats NFTs + $2,000 are given away randomly ‍ At 20,000 Discord members : 5 Wild Goats NFTs + $5,000 are given away randomly ‍ At 40,000 Discord members : 20 Wild Goats NFTs + 100 pre-sales are given away randomly

    .04 Expanding The Gang Presale for our whitelist members is officially open!

    Holders will receive royalties and they will be redistributed in a specific community wallet.

    .05 Wild Goat Revolution The Gang Spoils are redistributed : win up to $100,000! ‍ Keep your Wild GOAT until the winner is revealed: have a chance to be promoted and win $100,000 worth of cash prize! ‍ To enter the giveaway, you will have to own one of our 9,999 Wild Goats.

    Yes, that’s the only rule! ‍ The draw will take place a few days after Sold Out.

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    NFT Drop Details: Mint Date: 30-Dec-2021 Blockchain: ETH 0xd151BbC88DB8A7803a2ca7a9722037aBdAca9B8ehttps://twitter.com/wildgoatgangnfthttps://instagram.com/wildgoatganghttps://discord.gg/wildgoatgang


    The Wild Goat Gang is a collection of 9,999 NFT’s with several hundred elements made for fans who appreciate those who’ve achieved GOAT-status. Created by a strong team of digital artists, the collection is original and completely hand drawn with its own color palette.

    The artists that created the collection have a strong commitment to the project, aiming to create a unified and supportive community around their product. The team of artists is committed to the project and wants to create a community around the product.

    Non-fungible tokens became popular in 2021.

    They are blockchain-based contracts with artworks attached to them. Often, these artworks are built on the Ethereum, Solana, or Cardano cryptocurrency networks.

    Many new startups in the crypto industry have made early investors, artists, and entrepreneurs millionaires through strategic projects that create strong demand and hype through various strategies and developing an artwork collection that will move people towards them. These projects have developed strong decentralized communities that have been a force for collaboration and social good.

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