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Gigachad nft collection

The origin of the term Chad, as it refers to macho dudes who pump iron and walk around with their asses on their fronts, predates its usage online by nearly a decade. In the late 1990s, the term had already been synonymous with ‘bro culture’ in subgroups outside the Chicago area, and in 2006 received its first entry on Urban Dictionary, used to describe men who, “go (sic) to the bar to pick up chicks.”

However, it wasn’t until 2013, when the term Chad Thundercock was coined by an Urban Dictionary user, who posted an entry describing Chads as college-aged men who identify as “alpha males.”

How did the Chad Meme spread and evolve?

The rise of the Chad meme coincided with the rise of the incel community.

Gigachad nft collection

They are also extremely agile, can do acrobatics, and even flips, somersaults, and rolls. Gigachads are able to jump from incredible heights, such as from a skyscraper to a mountain top.
Gigachads have the ability to scare tungsten and other metals into sublimation. Gigachads also have the superhuman power of staring down beta males, normies and other virgins into a pile of dust due to their raw 100% pure masculinity.

Apex fallacy[edit|edit source]

The exaltations of real-life gigachads sometimes give off the impression that a bulk of gigachads incline towards the apex fallacy.
For example one well known gigachad is called Steven Schapiro. he has collected the phone numbers of gigastacies and stacylites at a quantity that would easily hit six digits. Yet he seems surprised at the notion that other guys can’t get a single such number, let alone figures that are similar to his.

Ernest Khalimov a model, fitness trainer& social media influencer. He is from Moscow, Russia. He is fond of traveling. His nationality is Russian.

He is also known as Gigachad. He got famed when he got trolled for his photos. Today in this article we are bringing all the information about Ernest Khalimov bio, career, age, height, weight, physical appearance, net worth and more.

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Ernest Khalimov Biography

Ernest Khalimov was born on March 1, 1969, in Moscow, Russia, to a Russian family. His nickname is Gigachad, and he has no recognized zodiac sign.

He finished his elementary schooling at a private school in her hometown. However He hasn’t revealed anything about his post-secondary courses.

His ancestry is multi-ethnic.

Schapiro appears to be oblivious to the fact that he’s a gigachad.

Halo effect[edit|edit source]

In peculiar situations, it is still possible for gigachads to experience inceldom, such as gigachads in prison, or some other sex-segregated environment such as partaking in a boy-scouting organization or working in an all-male oil rig environment. However, Jeremy Meeks has shown that even morally questionable convicts still benefit from the halo effect, thus by extension, inheriting a societal position whereby he has been assured an easy pathway towards a romantic life.

In a nutshell, the gigachad is in a win-win situation; due to his looks he can’t lose in the dating scene, even if a calamity befalls him.

Since there is nothing to ridicule on the body or the personality traits of a gigachad, he has typically never been bullied, whether in the workplace or back at school.

Gigachad nft collections

He first gained notoriety after being trolled on all of the major social media platforms for his photos. People wondered if he was a genuine person or a digital production after seeing a picture of him with two other identical people go viral on the internet.

He is, nonetheless, a human creature.

Regardless of the trolls and memes, he continued to move forward, seemingly uninterested in them. He is currently one of the most popular male models in the planet.

He also has over 541k Instagram followers under the handle berlin.1969. In September of this year, he and Krista Sudmalis introduced the Gigachad NFT line.
With a total of 146 items manufactured, the NFT was only accessible on Opensea and Rarible. The art project was a huge success, with a large number of people purchasing and selling the collection.

Gigachad nft collection2011

This is called the apex fallacy, the idea that the most elite members of a specific demographic have similar trajectories as those at the bottom. The clearest example of this is on a video that Schapiro uploaded onto the vlogging channel The Daily Dropout on 5 December 2019, called “Have You Seen One of These Before?”.

In his video, Schapiro suggests to one of the girls (whose number he just received without asking) that 99% of guys are scared of approaching top-of-the-range pretty girls. This is true. Most guys are afraid of doing that. Yet, Schapiro appears to ridicule these men by gaslighting them into thinking that they have a chance – that the average guys cautiousness or pessimism is irrational.

Gigachad nft collectionneurs

Other memes that came out around the same time as Yes Chad are, Trad Girl and soyjaks.

The Evolution of Virgin vs. Chad

Like most memes, the Chad meme and specifically the Virgin Vs Chad meme has evolved to mean a multitude of things.

For example, instead of Virgins and Chads, the characters can be remade to signify any two opposing ideas. Like people who like fall vs people who don’t, or crypto enthusiasts versus Chad currency bros. The situations and attitudes that can be assigned to Chad are endless. This is why the Chad meme has stood the test of time, and why it has been remade so many times throughout the years.

This is an extremely lucrative investment for anyone looking to enter the crypto markets.

GigaChad NFT is a cryptocurrency with a value. The value of each Gigachad is calculated by dividing the total number of by the number of shares in each coin.

The Gigachad NFT is a great way to invest in crypto. A GigaChad NFT can fetch you up to $73,577 at the time of writing.

Digital File

GigaChad NFTs are a popular cryptocurrency that is sold with a digital file.

In addition, the digitized NFTs are often linked to a verified URL for the digital file. The digitized files are referred to as “GigaChad”. Cryptocurrencies are usually listed on exchanges and are distributed across the internet.

Final Words:

Beeple tokens have a high value.

These were sold for USD 1 each, but resale prices far exceed this value.

It’s no secret that billionaire Elon Musk loves memes. He frequently reposts them on Twitter, where he has 61 million followers.

Though some dislike his reposting, as he often neglects to give the original meme creators credit, others have profited from Musk’s practice, including self-proclaimed “hobby artist” Eva Beylin.

Beylin was thrilled when Musk reposted her meme on Wednesday.

“The ultimate prize of memeology is for the ultimate meme lord to use your meme,” Beylin, 28, tells CNBC Make It.

Even though Musk didn’t give her any attribution, “I am over the moon,” she says, adding that she’s a big fan of Musk.

Beylin’s meme, which she named “Love in The Time of Web3,” depicts a cartoon couple admiring the prices of bitcoin and ether, which are $69,000 and $4,200, respectively, in the meme.

The collection has multiple iterations of GigaChad, including a FemChad, but also photos of other models, Sudmalis herself and several pixel art versions of GigaChad’s iconic face from the meme format.

The full text of the collection’s description reads:

GigaChad NFT Collection includes photos taken by Russian art photographer Krista Sudmalis for her project Sleek’N’Tears. It consists of 122 photos including Ernest Khalimov famous as GigaChad.

GigaChad NFT Collection is not just a meme collection; it is an artwork by itself translating art photographer’s ideas, expressed in her own unique style.

World-renowned meme GigaChad has made the move that many recent memes have done: becoming an NFT. On Tuesday, it was announced on Ernest Khalimov’s official Instagram account, the alleged man depicted in the GigaChad meme, that they were launching an NFT Collection, with today set as the official start date.

In the post, Khalimov said about the collection, “My little artist @kristasudmalis and I have created the official GigaChad NFT сollection.

Do you wanna get The Most Chad NFTs? Now everyone has the chance to get the original GigaChad.”

GigaChad is only one part of this extensive collection by Krista Sudmalis from her project called “Sleek’N’Tears,” though it is easily the most desired piece by far.

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