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friends nft

And as much as that is, this is actually a bit of a decrease for the project which saw secondary prices skyrocket as high as 12 ETH pre-reveal, and then fluctuate around the 5-7ETH range after that.

Despite being half the size of many of its peer generative NFT project peers, Invisible Friends has amassed about 41K ETH in secondary trade volume on OpenSea. That’s good enough to rank in the top 50 all-time collections by that metric.

Invisible Friends #1125 holds the title for the most expensive NFT out of the collection, selling for an amazing 200 ETH on March 3rd. As shown above, this is one of the absolute rarest NFTs in the whole collection.

Friends nft

Invisible Friends NFT Collection Review

In the burgeoning realm of new NFT initiatives, Invisible Friends NFTs have attracted a lot of interest from potential buyers, but when will they be available? As new producers as well as digital artists continue to make fascinating art and translate it into NFTs enabling people to accept the burgeoning crypto technology, the universe of NFTs continues to expand.

Random Character Collective’s Invisible Friends collection, which will be released this month in collaboration with famed digital artist Markus Magnusson, is among their greatest anticipated NFT projects. Here’s a quick overview of the project.

Introduction to Invisible Friends NFT Collection

Invisible Friends is made by Markus Magnusson and is indeed an based on Ethereum, animated NFT initiative that really is section of the RCC (Random Character Collective).

Nft friends with benefits

Twitter profile.

On OpenSea, how can you purchase Invisible Friends?

Again when the minting phase is completed Invisible Friends might be owned on OpenSea, removing the volatility of the process of minting, however the set’s floor price nearly likely would be significantly more than just the 0.150 Ether minted value.

Is it Worth Minting an Invisible Friend NFT?

Given the actual plan as well as reputation of the project, and also current demand in the NFT market, minting an Invisible Friend has a relatively small drawback (provided that obtaining onto the whitelist is viewed as a given). Judging by the current prices of all the other RCC projects as well as the excitement in the communities surrounding fan art as well as the mint whitelist, the upside is also rather large.

Invisible friends nft

Other notable projects they’ve worked on include NFTBoxes and Joyworld.

Also important to the project was the already existing VeeFriends discord community, which currently boasts over 100,000 members. The community also boasts musician and producer, Richie Souf, amongst its members – who created the music used for the NFT project’s promotion.

The VeeFriends Roadmap

Massive call just now for @veefriends project ..
can’t wait to share in the fall … the work of building these characters over the next 40 years will be my great pleasure … I’m so hyped !!!

— Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) July 15, 2021

Gary touts the VeeFriends NFT project as a 40-year project which he plans to oversee for the rest of his life. This means continued utility for the foreseeable future.

Vee friends nft

The community viewed it as an opportunity to show their support for Gary, while yearning to benefit from the access the project grants them.

There were the usual rumblings about the value of NFTs and the price of the tokens. However, the collection’s acceptance and prices have been driven by its inherent utility.

At the time of writing, there are over 5,200 VeeFriends token holders.
The project has also enjoyed a cumulative trading volume of 41,500 ETH ($108 million+ at today’s prices). Of these, the highest-selling token was the “Empathy Elephant” token which sold for an eye-watering 130 ETH in January 2022.

Website | Twitter | Discord | OpenSea

VeeFriends FAQs

How many VeeFriends are there?

There are 268 unique VeeFriends characters and a total of 10,255 individual tokens.

Invisible friends nft opensea

Indeed, each NFT is essentially a loop of an Invisible Friends character in a walking motion.

One of the interesting things about Invisible Friends from the beginning was its connection to other NFT projects. Namely, the Slim Hoods and Mood Rollers collection. To clarify, Invisible Friends is part of The Random Character Collective.

This group of projects centers around three different animators (Magnusson, Slim Hoods’ James Curran, and Mood Rollers’ Lucas Zanotto) and their projects.

How much is an Invisible Friends NFT?

While the excitement for the Invisible Friends release dominated the NFT space early this year, the drop wasn’t without hiccups.

For example, one of the first times that Invisible Friends faced some criticisms was when it announced its 0.25 ETH (around $700 at that time) mint price.

V friends nft

The discord server is a fantastic community with anything from funny memes to incredible artwork.

How can I get on the Invisible Friends NFT Collection Whitelist?

Purchasing any other Random Character Collective tokens, winning Twitter competitions for people who are creating Invisible Friends fan art, purchasing a few of the limited Invisible Friends merch, or having won free stuff on Invisible Friends’ Twitter are all the ways to get on to the public whitelist. This is aimed to increase public outreach just as many other NFT projects.

How Do You Mint Invisible Friends?

The best value proposition for now is simply being able to join the public mint’s whitelist and obtaining a mint place because the public minting stage of the Invisible Friends project hasn’t started yet.

Clay friends nft

And I was hooked upon seeing the art for Invisible Friends pop-up on Twitter! The animated artwork for the future NFTs can be seen in the gif. The animation artwork is really crisp, as you can see.
The artwork for the project views to be joyful and straightforward.

Distinctive art is invigorating, particularly in NFTs, since it indicates that the space’s boundaries are now being stretched, hence why people like how this project is shaping up thus far.

Community of Invisible Friends NFT Collection

The RCC Discord channel, which seems to have over 297,021 individuals, is an excellent location to join.

Alien friends nft

However, exactly how this will play out will only be unveiled over time.

What’s clear right now is that the project will continue to provide access to Gary via the VeeCon, Virtual Conferences, and one-on-one annual meetings for the next three years (2022, 2023, and 2024) – depending on the token you own.

In August 2021, Gary announced a Pre-Launch Program (PLP) for NFT holders. This program enables new projects reach the VeeFriends NFT holders and Gary’s social media followers.

To enjoy this access, new projects will be required to donate 555 of their project tokens to VeeFriends.

These tokens will then be randomly distributed to existing NFT holders.

Garbage friends nft

NFT on something like a website is 0.15 ETH plus gas costs, which can only be payed via an extended crypto wallets like MetaMask.

How to Purchase Invisible Friends?

Invisible Friends is temporarily unavailable for purchase. At this time, all we hear would be that the collection will be released in February 2022. We don’t even know how much it will cost.

There would be a whitelist, with “more concrete information to come in the weeks that followed,” according to the Invisible Friends announcement channel. People could get on the whitelist “by being a useful member of a community or by holding SlimHoods as well as MoodRollers.”We already know that having at least four (total) SlimHoods as well as MoodRollers would secure a whitelist slot, and having three or even two could also gain you a spot.Invisible Friends also hosts “bing bong” (i.e.

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