Free nft qr code

free nft qr code


Say you have created a QR Code for one of your NFTs. After some time, you want to change the encoded link to one of your other NFTs. A Dynamic QR Code can help you do it in no time. It allows you to edit the QR Code. That means you can edit the content stored in the same QR Code without having to create one from scratch. Isn’t that amazing?

2. Trackable

A dynamic QR Code can also help track your QR Code’s scanning activity. For example, how many people have scanned the QR Code, from where they’ve done it, and when they’ve done it.

This is especially helpful if you’re planning a promotional campaign for your NFTs. The data on scan tracking will give you valuable insights into your audience to plan your future promotions accordingly.


Free nft qr code

The focus for the site is on the following blockchains:

  • Ethereum
  • Solana
  • Polygon
  • Cardano
  • Binance
  • FLOW
  • Theta
  • Avax Network
  • Tezos

You can see nft projects for:

  • Today
  • Upcoming
  • Ongoing
  • Newest

Additionally, they ‘verify’ the submitted NFT projects. Finally, it explains a small blurb of what to expect from the NFT collection and which marketplace they are made available.

You can also search using their search bar to identify previous NFT projects.


Discord channels are a great way to find free NFT drops because you hear about the latest drops when connecting with other NFT collectors. Some discord communities have a dedicated channel to notify you about upcoming NFT drops.

Free nft qr code 2022

You can also meet fellow NFT collectors, who can give you a heads up on future NFTs.

  • Wax BlockChain Discord: WAX has a discord channel per each NFT project on their platform. Keep an eye on when new channels are added to their discord because they’ll usually include an announcement of promo nft drops ahead of time within that new channel.

    It was the case for HotWheels, StreetFighter, & Robotech and would expect to be the same for future projects.

  • 3. Wall Street Bets on Reddit

    Reddit is a popular place for hearing about when upcoming nft drops are happening, and Wall Street Bets is a must-have on the list.

    Wall Street Bets mainly caters to the financial sector and conversations around blockchain, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

    Free enjin nft qr code

    These types are also censorship-resistant.

    Click Here to Explore OpenSea’s Marketplace < <

    What are the selling options?

    Selling on OpenSea is easy. All you have to do is post your products on the marketplace.

    All you need to do is to ensure your account is linked. Once you’ve added your price and auction type and you’re ready to go.

    For the first time sellers who are first-time sellers, you will be subject to a one-time gas fee.

    You can currently select from 5 selling options.

    These are:

    Fixed Price

    The seller is the one to pay the cost that is the NFT. Just as the name suggests the price never changes.

    Dutch Auction

    In an auction like the Dutch Auction, the seller decides on a price which will fall over the course of.
    Sellers usually set very expensive prices.

    Free enjin nft qr code 2022

    All of these are merely an iceberg of what you can expect from the AOZ NFTs.

    How to make a reservation?

    The reservation service comes as a teaser campaign of the AOZ Public Sale, which is slated for an official launch this year. To help facilitate a smoother user experience, the AOZ team has made the reservation process pretty simple. First of all, go to the AOZ website and open the reservation page (or just tap this link: Click “Reserve” and you’ll be asked to connect to your wallet.
    Your NFT airdrop opportunity will be reserved upon successful wallet connection.

    What happens on a successful reservation?

    Among all reservations, we will select 10 randomly for the free AOZ NFT airdrop.

    Enjin wallet free nft qr code

    The physical one is in the form of the Lamborghini Space Key.

    The interesting thing about the ‘physical space keys’ is—they’re made from material that has been to actual space. They are made from samples of carbon fiber that Lamborghini had sent to the ISS.

    These space keys have a QR Code on their backside.

    When scanned, the end-user can access a digital twin piece of art as an NFT.

    3. Burger King

    Burger King, a huge burger chain, has also stepped into the NFT world along with QR Codes.

    In September 2021, they launched an NFT campaign called “Keep It Real Meals”.

    This campaign was in collaboration with the NFT marketplace—Sweet. Here, QR Codes were tethered to close to 6 million meal boxes. When customers scan them, they unlock a digital collectible. And customers can collect them to unlock bonus NFTs.


    Free ntfs qr code

    We’re in the very early days of NFTs and new ones are appearing all over the place. This list is a collection of methods I have been using to collect free NFTs. Since I am still discovering new ways to earn free NFTs every day I will be adding to this list. The best thing is, there are many new NFTs that are currently worth very little and even being given away for free! My plan has been to collect everything I possibly can while they’re still cheap.

    Each one with a limited supply is a lottery ticket, perhaps it will never be worth anything but it’s a numbers game.


    Free enjin nft qr code october 2021

    Key NFTs for my participation in the discord. It’s a brilliant community and they reward honest users who want to meaningfully participate. I even got the chance to do a live Kahoot! with them which was really enjoyable. If a moderator approves your message or contribution, then the discord bot will send you a link to claim it.

    From Twitter Giveaways

    Many NFTs are given out on Twitter. I’ve seen bananodev give out some NFTs. Also, Vulpes is running a giveaway throughout February.

    BONUS NFT METHOD – Scan FOR new Blockchain Transactions

    By heading to you can see the live transaction feed of the WAX blockchain. You will see hundreds of transactions but we’re interested in seeing the ones which are offering NFTs.

    Free nft scan qr code

    Where could you find free nft drops? We break down all the best places to find free nft drops before they happen so you can get them first. A free nft, also known as a promo nft, could go from $0 to $50 and beyond, depending on many factors. We will explain these factors and get to nft drops earlier than everyone else.

    We will share what makes a promo nft popular and quickly increase the price of these free nfts from companies. Also, what to avoid when spending your time attending these free nft drops.

    What are free nft drops?

    Nft drops, also known as promo nfts, are small ‘stress’ tests with a limited amount of nfts available focused on finding out how much demand there will be for a nft and if they can handle it.

    Binance free nft qr code

    You could give yourself an infinite amount if you wanted to. However, they wouldn’t be worth anything. So make some cool designs of something you’re interested in.

    Make it something other people would like and share some around. Perhaps they’ll start getting some sales!

    Click on NFT Creator which is at the top of the AtomicHub dashboard.

    As you can see below, they offer both written and video guides to help you make your own NFT collection.

    FREE NFT METHOD #4 – Community Giveaways

    Many of the discord communities in the NFT space offer free NFTs to their users for interaction and participation.

    The price is determined by the market, therefore they fluctuate every now and then.

    What do I need to know so I can use OpenSea?

    OpenSea is a mobile as well as desktop browser you can use. When you’re using the browser with your phone on the go, your browsers must be compatible with Etherium.

    You also need to have an account with a wallet or extension. Also, it needs to be topped up for you to start.

    Does OpenSea have a support staff?

    Yes they do have a support staff that you can reach via their contact form.

    Go to their official website and look at “Submit a request.”

    Can you mint at OpenSea?

    You can make a mint using OpenSea. All you have make is to create an NFT and add it to the collection. If you’re ready for selling them, list them for sale.

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