Founders brick nft

IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Founder Bricks, an NFT collection living on the Ethereum blockchain, today announced its first-ever collection of 8,888 unique 1/1 NFTs is estimated to drop as early as March 2022, after an exclusive whitelist pre-sale to their Discord community.

Founder Bricks Drops Sneak Peek of Upcoming NFT Collection

Each “Founder Brick” is a unique piece of digital art and designed with the utmost attention to detail with incredible 4K, 3D quality. Everything is hand drawn and creatively generated by the Founder Bricks team alongside a 3D artist. The Founder Brick signature logo artwork resembles a cracked bear-shaped head with an “X” patch over one of the eyes.

Founders brick nft

Do you want to be able to buy an NFT with NO CRYPTO?

Do you want your NFTs to allow you access to real-world benefits?

Are you tired of basic art with nothing attached?

DAREDVL Athletics is a clothing company which strives to support the athletes who are truly “Beyond Ordinary” and bring the most to the competition.

In addition, we’re one of the first NFTs which YOU CAN BUY WITH USD!

The clothing brand will be having a sale of 200 NFTS which will have a very unique idea attached to them; holders of the NFTs will be able to participate in the design of an upcoming collection from start to finish, and benefit from the clothing they get to help design.

After buying the 1/200 “Founder’s Token” the holder will be placed into a group that will allow them to meet other athletes or investors behind the brand, lead by the CEO Caleb Schuelke.

Founder bricks nft review

Meaning that when an owner buys an NFT and takes it off of our platform and resells it somewhere else, we ensure that that recurring royalty goes back to the original IP holder forever.

What do you think the metaverse means for licensing?

George: The metaverse is an entirely different channel. For the past 50 years, licensing has looked at channels like brick and mortar and e-commerce.
In contracts moving forward, metaverse will be the newest and most exciting channel, where it’s a massively new revenue stream for these global IPs.

How does a brand create an experience or revenue inside the metaverse?

George: The first thing a brand should do is recognize that it took them many years to become a brand and they shouldn’t go to market and do a quick cash grab. They need to do it authentically.

Founder Bricks NFT Roadmap

LAUNCH THE MINT 01 Launch the minting of our incredible 4k quality, 1/1 Founder Bricks 3D art collection. Expected very early 2022. Join our discord to get whitelisted.

STAKING 02 If you’re among the lucky VIPs who add their very own Founder Brick to their collection, your unique art piece will be eligible for staking.

In exchange for “locking up” your collection and sitting back as you let them appreciate in value, you will be handsomely rewarded.

In exchange for their trust, holders gain access to the even more highly desirable “Founder” Tokens. The lucky Founder Token holders will enjoy multiple utilities.

Bruch and George sat down with Jessica Abo to discuss their company, their 50-million-dollar Series A and their advice for anyone looking to get into the NFT space.

Jessica Abo: What inspired the two of you to join forces after college?

Trevor George: Well, we both went to U of M and when we graduated, we took our own paths. Zach went into crypto. I went into licensing and direct-to-consumer.

When we regrouped on the topic of NFTs, we realized that the careers we had built to date were really the perfect blend to help bring global IP into the NFT space. We formed RECUR earlier this year to do just that.

You talk a lot about the metaverse.
What is the metaverse, and where do NFTs live inside the metaverse?

George: The metaverse is a hot topic right now. It’s not any one thing but a combination of many things.

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Priced at $499 each.

  • Silver VIP passes unlock access next. Priced at $299 each.
  • Jade VIP passes unlock access afterwards.
    Priced at $179 each.

    A series of collectible, animated postcards featuring stunning vistas from four different locations in Big Time:

    • Time’s End — the last planet at the end of the universe
    • The Syphon — where ancient technology draws power from a collapsing star
    • The Paradox Forge — where alien craftsmen harness cosmic power for their own dark purpose
    • The Infinity Vault — what terrible secrets are held within its walls?

    Each mystery box contains one card, priced at $9.99 and limited to 6000 copies per series. The random nature of the boxes offer collectors a chance at owning Rare and Super Rare cards.

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    They will be able to name their art piece and purchase exclusive status symbols of a new era.

    To ensure you’re getting the VIP treatment you deserve as a Founder Brick holder, you will also be amongst the first few granted access to our upcoming “Dead” Founder Bricks Collection .

    AIRDROP: “DEAD” COLLECTION 03 To reward our early holders, investors, and collectors – Each Holder of a Founder Brick will get airdropped one free “Dead” Founder Brick – which is a 4k detailed skeleton version of the original Founder Brick. Each one is created by eroding away the original exterior of a Founder Brick exposing the inside.

    As you look at this NFT ecosystem, I’d say it’s gone hockey sticks in growth, but really it’s more like a giant vertical line. We need to keep up with that growth, so we’re looking to hire the best-in-class talent, across so many sectors, to scale, welcome new IP into the space and tackle our vision of bringing a billion people into the metaverse.

    All of this is coming on the heels of another big announcement for the two of you.

    What can you share about NFTU?

    Bruch: NFTU is going to house the official collegiate NFT experience. We are proud to have partnered with Veritone and the Collegiate Licensing Company to make that a possibility, where fans, athletes, students, alumni, whoever, will be able to go and purchase digital assets from their favorite sports, memories, traditions, mascots, you name it.

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