Fart in jar nft

fart in jar nft

Non-fungible tokens are most often associated with jpeg images, but they’re essentially a decentralized receipt on the blockchain that can be any kind of hyperlink.

Matto has launched a website selling 5,000 fart jar NFTs for .05 ether, which at the current exchange rate works out to about $191, not including ethereum’s notoriously high gas fees. In this case, ether’s gas fees, which are just transaction fees for the blockchain, are rather appropriately named.

“Everyone is a feminist until a woman starts farting in jars and selling it.”

Matto’s new website claims that 100 of the virtual fart jars will be redeemable for real-world fart jars, so it doesn’t seem like Matto is completely giving up the fart game just yet.

Fart in jar nft

But as you point out, oftentimes, the exploitation is the point. The men are paying to feel like they’re being exploited.

Yes, exactly.
And a lot of them are. And I don’t think it’s exploitative at all. I think like it’s it’s a super, super honest transaction.

People know what they’re paying for it. They’re willingly inputting their credit card information, knowing what they are getting. There is also the potential that I could have just sprayed fart spray into that jar, or I could just be sending an empty jar.

But I’m not. And they’re putting their faith in that.

Is there such a thing as fart spray?

Yes, there actually is, and I purchased a fart spray just as a point of reference because I I wanted to know what it smelled like and if it really smelled like farts. So I sprayed a little bit in my kitchen. Just one little spray.

Fart jars nft

A reality TV star who sells her farts in jars has decided to stop selling them, despite making $1,000 per jar. But fans of her work shouldn’t worry too much. She’s still going to sell her farts as non-fungible tokens, more commonly known as NFTs.

Stephanie Matto, who appeared on the reality TV show “90-Day Fiance” and gained a huge following on TikTok, says she had to go to the hospital recently with gastric complications because she was eating so many high-fiber foods to produce more and more farts.

“I thought I was having a stroke and that these were my final moments,” Matto told the UK’s Jam Press about her unexpected trip to the hospital near her home in Connecticut.

Fart jar nft opensea

There was a sharp, shooting pain in her chest and heart and she decided to go to the Emergency Room.

Matto was diagnosed with severe gas pain and doctors told her that the attempt to keep up with the fart jars demand was harming her body.

“I had to rethink my business model because I knew that selling my farts in this way was just not something that was physically sustainable for me,” she said.

Then came an opportunity to re-vamp her business without putting her body in danger when a digital artist reached out to Matto.

Fart jar nft price

And I swear the smell lingered for like the whole entire day. I had to open all the windows. It has a very, very ugly artificial sulfuric scent, and that’s not something I would ever even attempt to sell or pass off as a real fart.
You can just tell there’s a difference, it’s kind of like the difference between like fake maple sirup and real maple syrup.

Have you always been a particularly gassy person? Did you feel like you could produce enough to meet the demand?

Oh, I didn’t. I’m a very fart shy person. I’ve had a few boyfriends throughout my life and I’ve literally never farted in front of any of my boyfriends.
Even a guy that I dated for four years, he never heard me fart.

Fart jar nft meaning

One thing that I was hoping wouldn’t happen [that did] is, my family in the Czech Republic is pretty religious and traditional, and one day I got a phone call one day from my cousin, like, what is this about you sending farts in jars?

You documented your diet on TikTok, which is kind of where you grew a big following. What is the best thing to eat for farts and what is the worst thing to eat for farts?

I mean, if you’re really looking to just fart as quickly and as pungently as possible, the number one go-to is cabbage soup.

I make a really good cabbage soup. If you go to a Polish deli and you get their sauerkraut or cabbage soup, that is the best. There is also one brand of protein muffins, the Kodiak Cakes protein muffins.
And they actually have a nickname in the fitness community as being fart muffins because they make you fart so bad.

Fart jar nft reddit

I wanted a shot at not being the Fart Jar Girl for the rest of my life.

So how did you decide to pivot to NFT fart jars? Was that before you went to the ER?

I was working with a graphic designer on developing a collection of digital fart jars. We had actually launched that already on FartJarsNFT.com.

It’s also available to mint on OpenSea. And it’s basically a collection of 5,000 unique, digitally drawn fart jars, and they all have a different theme. And some of them actually come with unlockable, redeemable attributes. So 100 of the 5,000 fart jar NFTs actually do unlock the ability for you to redeem it for an actual physical fart jar. It’s a very, very, very limited quality, simply for the release of this NFT.

How many have you minted so far?

The last time I checked, it was over 100.

But the market for queef jars, you’re like, “Oh, you know, that’s a joke, that doesn’t really exist.”

Maybe one day in the future, I will try to sell queef jars and I’ll see how that goes, and then I’ll get back to you.

A lot of people have been questioning the value of NFTs or calling them a scam. I’m wondering, is this project intended to be a commentary on the actual value of NFTs is or the NFT marketplace in general? Or are you like a true NFT believer?

Oh, my gosh.

That’s a loaded question. I do believe in the value of NFTs. I think they’re a way for people to recognize digital artists.

Are there NFTs out there that could be scammy? I’m sure, just like with crypto, there’s coins in the past that have been scams, essentially.

That’s right. Fart jar NFTs.

Collectible works of fart — It feels like just about everything has been turned into an NFT at this point. But Matto is, as far as we know, the first person to ever sell fart jars as NFTs.

The venture is history-making, in a way.

The fart jars are in limited supply — just 5,000 will be minted on the blockchain. Minting a fart jar NFT costs 0.05 ETH, which, at the time of this writing, comes in at around $190 before blockchain gas fees.

That’s about what a physical fart jar was going for before Matto’s retirement.

Matto is also offering some perks for NFT buyers. Everyone who mints one will gain access to an exclusive Discord community (should be interesting).

The holder of the most NFTs by the end of the project’s first week will win a 30-minute Zoom sesh with Matto.

But there’s a whole community that supports it, and I’m enthusiastic about it.

You refer to yourself as a fartrepreneur. What do you think are the qualities of a successful fartrepreneur? Like, could I do this tomorrow if I wanted to sell my farts in a jar?

Hell yeah. I think that being a successful fartrepreneur means being unafraid to take risks and not caring about what people think, because ultimately those are two really big qualities you need in order to be successful. If you care what people think, you’re never going to survive as a fartrepreneur?

What’s the starting tool kit for an aspiring entrepreneur? Is there anything you need?

A butthole.

Matto doesn’t show the process of getting the farts in the jar because it would probably get her banned from TikTok, but I assume it involves some straining. She also sticks flower petals in the jar, saying they “hold the smell” longer.

And she writes a personalized note for her customer!

According to Matto’s post, she is having a fire sale, where her jars are half off.

They’re now only $1,000.

People are a bit skeptical of whether or not this post is real and if so, how on earth she is sustaining this level of production.

rich people that don’t even know how to spend their money anymore, they could pay that money to a SW to fart directly on their faces, but they wouldn’t get the weird pleasure of owning a 1k fart

— Pombo (@PomboPalomaRat) November 23, 2021

So, because I was fascinated, I did some research.

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