Famous foxes nft

With AXS carrying a decent value of its own, getting on the leaderboard through passively playing the game is potentially an extremely lucrative way to pass the time.

For truly passive income, AXS can also now be staked (https://axie.substack.com/p/stake) in order to earn valuable AXS rewards.

Additionally, Axie Infinity also rewards player activity with another token, Smooth Love Potion (SLP). This coin is an in-game currency but is now fetching value outside of the Axie ecosystem.

4. Wolf Game

Website: https://wolf.game

Similar to Axie Infinity, Wolf Game is a play-to-earn NFT game with deceptively simple mechanics that open up to deeper strategy and gameplay.

The project is based on game theory, a social science topic regarding the interaction of competitive, but rational agents.

Famous foxes nft

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Famous fox dens nft

FOXY on markets created by the community as they have no affiliation with the team.

So, what is the point of staking FFF/TFF to earn FOXY?

The team decided to rely on FOXY for all future mints, features, and utilities. Investors can no longer mint NFTs from the FFF ecosystem with SOL. The only way to mint incoming NFTs, such as Dens, is by spending FOXY tokens.

What this essentially means is that FOXY is the only currency in the Famous Fox Federation.
Investors cannot obtain any future mints without FOXY, and the only way to obtain these tokens is by staking their FFFs or TFFs.

Two consequences arise from this unique staking model:

  • New source of buying pressure
  • Lower number of listed NFTs

Staking creates a new source of buying pressure by offering a clear incentive for owning Famous Foxes.

Investors can use these tokens to redeem future mints such as the upcoming Dens collection.

How Does The Famous Fox Federation Stand Out?

Since launching FFF, the anonymous four-man developer team has focused on three main aspects:

  • Legality
  • Brand
  • Community

To help you understand these points and their role in FFF, we will explain each one individually.

Legality is an issue that surfaced in the midst of Solana’s staking drama. When various NFT teams sought to reward their community by distributing royalties, they faced the risk of having their collections categorized as securities by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

FFF’s team decided to move forward with staking but create it in a way that is compliant with U.S. security laws.

Instead of immediately launching the feature, the team hired a legal team to investigate what kind of reward models FFF could offer legally. They ultimately decided to launch a token that investors can directly redeem for all future mints and features inside the Fox universe.

Brand is another important aspect carefully considered by the Fox community, which ties in with their NFT design and a special focus on making foxes perfect for profile pictures. The team’s plan is to raise awareness of FFF NFTs and turn them into a brand that is recognizable and highly-coveted on social media and potentially, in real-life.

We have already seen this strategy at work at Ethereum.
Investors consider expensive collections such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club to be ‘Supreme’ NFTs.

Moreover, they do not appear in the user’s wallet, they are locked away in FFF’s staking smart contract. However, each wallet address retains full ownership over the NFT and does not lose access to the DAO or eligibility for future airdrops.

As a reward for staking, users earn FOXY tokens on a daily basis. FFF holders receive 100 FOXY tokens per day, while TFF holders receive 25.
FOXY tokens can be claimed at any time, and there is no limit as to how long a user wishes to stake their NFTs.

Due to legal limitations, FOXY tokens will never have an official market, nor will they be exchangeable for cryptocurrencies such as SOL or USDT.

And, with the implementation of EIP-2981 (https://eips.ethereum.org/EIPS/eip-2981), such royalties will be baked into the token itself, regardless of platform.

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Top 10 best NFT projects for staking and earning passive income

1. BAND Royalty

Website: https://www.bandroyalty.com

BAND Royalty is one of the most exciting uses of NFT technology so far. It enables music lovers and fans to own tokenized versions of the royalties to their favorite songs.
Owners of tokens then get to share in future proceeds and the royalties received.

The project launched with 3000 BAND NFTs with a long-term goal of 12,000. This keeps the community and earning potential tight for owners.

They usually depict important crypto pioneers or characters from the project’s lore.

Fox Dens

Fox Dens represent the third and latest NFT collection from the FFF ecosystem set to launch in the near future. They follow the style of ‘virtual real estate’ themed collectibles that are prominent in the NFT space.

Minting a Den will only be possible using FOXY tokens. However, Den owners can still sell their tokens for SOL on secondary marketplaces.

At a supply of 3,000 Dens, the collection is smaller compared to Famous Foxes and Transdimensional Foxes. Considering that staking is the only way to obtain a Den, it becomes obvious that holders will have to ‘fight over’ the minting process and that whales have an advantage over others.

In order to ensure a fair NFT distribution and give every community member an equal chance at obtaining a Den, the team has decided to implement a time-limited reverse bonding curve option.

This essentially means that the minting process will consist of multiple tiers at which users can mint Dens at specific price ranges (denominated in FOXY). For example, the first wave of 600 Dens will go for 15,000 FOXY in the first tier that lasts 20 minutes. Upon expiry, the next tier unlocks, and all Dens that have not been minted will be included along with the next wave of Dens at a lower price level (12,000 FOXY.)

The system has been designed so that all community members have the chance to mint a Den at the highest tier if they have 1 FFF or 4 TFFs staked on the day of the announcement.

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