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Last but certainly not least, I give you my 3rd and final pick, BoneWorld. BoneWorld is a collection of 10,000 generative 3D bone avatars called Skellies. Finally, I picked a PFP project!

What BoneWorld wants to do, is different than what most metaverse/NFT projects out there are trying to do. Instead of creating their own metaverse from scratch and having only their NFTs exist in there, BoneWorld is integrating its NFTs into many other metaverses. Their goal is to have one avatar to build, destroy, and explore all other metaverses.

In addition to their 10K OG Skellies, they also have a pet companion NFT called Spiders.

Enviro nft solana

That’s largely because this collection is more than your average PFP project. If you’re a holder, you can stake your NFT for 10 $DUST per day – a utility token that will soon be integrated with Magic Eden, Solanart, metaverse projects, and play-to-earn games. The maximum supply of $DUST is 33,300,000, and the only way to mine $DUST is by staking your DeGod or your DeadGod, the aesthetic upgrade that only DeGod holders can get by layering these 1/1 pieces over their original NFT (without changing their metadata or the original rarity attributes).
Plus, if you have a DeadGod, you can earn three times the amount of $DUST as a DeGod.

Cets on Creck

Cets on Creck is a testament to the power of art and community. In an oversaturated market of animal PFP projects, this project had a breakout month this past March, with floor price all-time-high reaching almost 30 SOL.

Con Geographically Accurate Sun Positioner, los usuarios de la plataforma ahora tienen un control granular sobre el posicionamiento preciso del sol en función de su ubicación geográfica deseada.


La presencia de un panel de control conveniente brinda a los usuarios una función especial para descargar ilustraciones locales usando formatos de imagen, video y gif animados, así como cruzar varios NFT de otras plataformas. El panel de ajuste permite a los usuarios manipular la escala, la rotación y la posición de la imagen para un control total.

Biblioteca de recursos incorporada

Cada parte única de Enviro consta de varios activos 3D predeterminados que se pueden usar para desarrollar combinaciones únicas para personalizar la galería en consecuencia.

Enviro nft solanaceae

These are full body Skellies which you can load into various games and use them as your avatars there.

Art BoneWorld NFTs are a refreshing sight after scrolling through Magic Eden, Solanart, and Solsea and seeing the same bullshit copypasta/fiverr collections. They literally pop at your eyes and make you wanna stop and take a look. These NFTs are super polished, they don’t look like something a 5 year-old could’ve made in MS Paint.

Not to mention, they look like they were created with so much care and such attention to detail since it’s a renderable 3D avatar. I’m no Picasso but I’m impressed. The design style is also something that the NFT space hasn’t seen much lately. With all the vibrant graphics, pixels, or comical visuals we keep seeing, it can get kinda tiring to the eye. BoneWorld is clean, smooth, and modern.

Enviro nft solanacearum

Los NFT han sido la palabra de moda en la comunidad criptográfica. Si fuera un seguidor activo de la comunidad criptográfica el próximo año, estaría al tanto del auge de las NFT y su concepto general en todo el mundo.

¿Qué es Enviro?

Las galerías de arte son bastante comunes y ampliamente utilizadas por artistas principiantes y profesionales de todo el mundo. Imagina que estás visitando una galería de arte virtual que te permitirá explorar varias obras de arte.
¿No sería adecuado tanto para los amantes del arte como para los artistas?

Ingrese a Enviro Gallery, un museo de arte fotorrealista de próxima generación que ofrece una plataforma premium para exhibir sus NFT favoritos.

Meanwhile, any further bullish movements above the 21-day moving average may hit the next resistance levels at $80, $85, and $90.

SOL/BTC Market: Bulls Are Getting Ready

Compared with Bitcoin, the SOL price is likely to cross above the 9-day moving average, currently trading at 1762 SAT. However, looking at the daily chart, if SOL/BTC makes a clear cross towards the 21-day moving average, traders can now say the bulls have come back fully into the market.

Meanwhile, if the market drops below the lower boundary of the channel, the next key supports could be at 1200 SAT and below. On the bullish side, any additional bullish trend could push the market price to the resistance level of 2200 SAT and above.

Last week, OpenSea – the largest NFT marketplace in the game – announced that it will start integrating Solana NFTs onto its platform in April.

For anyone new to the Solana universe, it’s important to note that this blockchain works differently from Ethereum. For one thing, Solana is fast – really fast. To date, it’s able to process 50,000 transactions per second (TPS) at just a fraction of a penny apiece. This makes it the perfect chain for DeFi projects that aim to compete with our current financial infrastructure (the TradFi stock market, for example, can currently process sub-40 μSec, or roughly 400,000 TPS).
In contrast, Ethereum 1.0 only processes between 15 and 45 transactions per second, and high gas fees can deter newcomers or those who are more risk-averse from participating in the ecosystem.

The 10,000 NFTs were all quickly minted this morning at 0.02 ETH (about $41) each aside from the first 1,000 of them, which were free to mint.

The as-yet-unrevealed creatorsdonated about 20%of the Not Okay Bears mint funds (35.8 ETH, or $73,000) to the Mental Health Impact Index Fund via The Giving Block, according to a tweet from the crypto charity platform.

Now they’re selling on secondary marketplaces likeOpenSea, where they’re trading in droves as the floor price—or price of the cheapest available NFT—is rising quickly. As of this writing, the Not Okay Bears start at nearly 0.1 ETH (about $200), or five times the original mint cost.

Do a good action

2 Possibility to earn a one week journey in France to discover how we clean the oceans

3 Participate in all our future decisions in our enterprise

4 Obtain new NFT each month in your wallet

5 An unlimited free access to our application

6 Royalties on all our next benefits



Launching SadSea collections Creating the community Whitelist 300 persons who promote the project


Donation to our partner We will start to work with this association We’ll go ourselves remove plastics on the beaches and we will go on a boat that will clean up the sea

Private Club

Each owner of a SadSea NFT will have a role to play in the decisions that will be taken in the rest of the project (private club…).

Puisque la beauté réside dans les yeux du spectateur, les yeux du spectateur doivent être dans la position parfaite avant d’avoir leur premier regard sur les œuvres d’art uniques. C’est pourquoi Enviro permet aux utilisateurs d’enregistrer et de charger les angles de caméra souhaités dans la galerie.

Outils photographiques professionnels Des outils

de caméra professionnels intégrés (y compris des fonctionnalités telles que l’ouverture, les paramètres f.stop, ISO, etc.) sont présents sur la plate-forme pour vous aider à créer des captures d’écran cinématographiques pour la commercialisation de vos illustrations NFT respectives.

Variant Manager

Enviro Metaverse Gallery Space comprend un panneau d’interface utilisateur spécialisé qui vous propose plusieurs variantes de votre collection d’actifs dans Enviro.

The Solana price prediction clears above the resistance level of $50, but the recovery may not reach the 21-day MA.

Solana Prediction Statistics Data:

  • Solana price now – $50.8
  • Solana market cap – $17.14 billion
  • Solana circulating supply – 337.4 million
  • Solana total supply – 511.6 million
  • Solana Coinmarketcap ranking – #9

SOL/USD Market

Key Levels:

Resistance levels: $80, $85, $90

Support levels: $15, $10, $5

SOL/USD is currently hovering near the 9-day moving average at the time of writing. The technical indicator Relative Strength Index (14) is currently moving below 40-level, preparing for a bullish trend. The buyers seem to be gaining traction due to enough trading volume that is needed to sustain gains to $51.

Étant donné que le métaverse fleurit en tant que concept à la fois dans les jeux et dans d’autres activités utilitaires, le développement d’une galerie d’art semble un complément parfait à plusieurs métaverses. C’est pourquoi le développement et l’existence d’Enviro Metaverse Gallery Space revêtent une importance capitale.

Livre blanc : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yugbzQrANyTdOh8CJ2UV8WeNhnox7xEm/view

Liens du projet : https://linktr.ee/envirogallery

Twitter : https://twitter.com/enviroGallery


Enviro est une galerie d’art personnalisable qui peut afficher une large gamme de supports numériques, construit sur Unreal Engine 5, avec un espace de galerie 3D photoréaliste haute résolution explorable.

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