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LFG!!!’ he tweeted.

Are NFTs over? Bored Ape owners hope not

NFTs – Non-fungible Tokens – are digital downloads which are traded; often art, but they can be works of music or any unique creation.

Most NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, like bitcoin or dogecoin, but its blockchain also supports these NFTs, which store extra information that makes them work.

Buyers usually get limited rights to display the digital artwork they represent, but many see the purchase as a bragging right and an asset to be traded.

In February 2021, Christie’s sold an NFT by Beeple, announcing the sale as the first purely digital work of art ever offered by a major auction house.

Right-wing watchdogs question whether the phenomenon was due to the firm releasing them from digital house arrest.

“[The Takeover] It’ll change everything,” fawned Rogan, who wondered “how quickly it is before Donald Trump’s back.” However, the outspoken former US president insisted he won’t return to Twitter even if the ban on him is lifted, pledging instead to stick to his own “much better” Truth Social app, which launched in February, and was recently beating out both Twitter and TikTok in the Apple store.

The buyout perhaps hits particularly close to home for Rogan, who has been the target of an ongoing cancellation campaign that started over a New Year’s Eve “JRE” episode featuring alleged anti-vaxxer Dr. Robert Malone.

Above, Musk appears at the Met Gala red carpet Monday

Musk, who calls himself a free speech absolutist, has criticized Twitter’s moderation policies.

‘You know, what’s his goal?’ Gates asked. ‘When he talks about the openness, how does he feel about something such as “vaccines kill people” or that “Bill Gates is tracking people” is that one of the things he feels should be spread? so It’s not totally clear what he is going to do.’

‘Are his goals for what it ends up being, does it match this idea of less extreme falsehoods spreading so quickly, weird conspiracy theories, does he share that goal or not?’ Gates pondered.

They can’t be exchanged for the same value and broken down into smaller ones like conventional currencies.

There are no two NFTs alike. They’re one-of-a-kind and genuine, making them somewhat of a coveted collectable.

Even Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, has jumped on board the NFT bandwagon recently. They include Nike and Louis Vuitton, two of the world’s most recognizable brands.

As per a 2020 report by digital tracking company L’Atelier BNP Paribas, the NFT industry is forecasted to be valued at $250 million.
And the creators of NFTs are making a fortune. For $5.8 million in less than 20 minutes, Grimes, a singer by the name of Musk, sold her digital compilation WarNymph.

Joe Rogan was given an Elon Musk NFT by Beeple, a legendary artist.

With the combination of that moment, the internet’s love for celebrating 4/20, and the current state of NFTs—we thought he would be a perfect fit for our latest community project.”

The collective previously released an NFT portrait collection of digital artist Beeple, whose own NFT, “EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS,” sold for $69 million at auction.

NFTs are digital tokens, often packaged as digital collectibles or artwork, that can be bought and traded via blockchain-based marketplaces. It’s become a lucrative business for projects such as NBA Top Shot, which recorded more than $200 million in sales last month, and Foundation, where an Edward Snowden portrait sold for $5.4 million last week.

Musk is himself big business.

The pieces sold this weekend for around $25,000 in Rally tokens on NFT marketplace OpenSea.

Each piece was priced at 420.69 RLY (≈$357.58), in reference to the unofficial cannabis holiday, which has been co-opted by Dogecoin users as Doge Day; holders are trying to get the token to $1.00, but they’d be pretty happy if the joke coin hit an all-time “high” of $0.69.

Though The Most Famous Artist doesn’t have any household names, most people are familiar with its work: The Santa Fe-based collective has said it created the 10-foot monoliths that appeared in Utah and California last year and briefly took the globe’s attention off of COVID.

The group isn’t just interested in creating a spectacle but chronicling them.

“Elon smoking a blunt on Joe Rogan became a meme seen around the world,” TMFA leader Matty Monahan told Decrypt via email.

Beeple Item from Legendary Artist Joe Rogan and NFT from Elon Musk

Joe Rogan sat down for over three hours with the successful NFT musician Beeple to discuss bitcoin and current events.

NFT art of “jacked Elon Musk with his undies” strolling a DogeCoin canine in a futuristic park was given to Rogan by Beeple during the episode.

People sent Rogan a pair of bright underwear labelled “Medium Grownup Anus” at the start of the giving process. In the artist’s instructions, underwear should be put on before opening a box containing an artwork item.

Elon will see this and go the gym, Rogan said in response to the hulking photograph of Elon Musk.

100 of Elon Musk’s NFTs are available for purchase The 61st one was purchased by Joe Rogan.

Elon Musk has created on the blockchain, or plans to create.

It’s not clear if the NFT is already up and running or if it will be launched at a future stage by Musk, who did not provide a link towards the NFT. It’s also not clear how the NFT will be sold by Musk.

Even if the music is unnamed, we have some hints as to its origin. It’s a looping video of Musk singing along to “Vanity Trophy” while a golden orb hovers over a trophy that says “HODL,” an acronym for the phrase “hang on for dear life.” Musk shared the video on Twitter on Monday.

For those who don’t want to sell their bitcoins, the phrase “HODL” has become a sort of rallying cry again for the bitcoin community, even though it’s believed to have originated as just a drunken misspelling for “hold.” It’s important to remember that Elon Musk is a big proponent of the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

The rest of the video sees Beeple explain to Rogan how to set it up (almost similar to how you’d explain how to use an iPhone to your grandparents), before Joe mispronounces “Dogecoin” and a million other crypto terms.

Needless to say, now that Joe Rogan himself owns an NFT, the digital artworks are clearly here to stay. Check out Beeple and Joe setting the metaverse alight below.


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There is “Every day” in this piece of art.

The Concept For This Design Came From Beeple’s New Spring Collection.

The thirteenth owner of Beeple’s Elon Musk NFT is such a well American DJ Steve Aoki.

Famous digital artist Beeple is quickly making his way into the NFT industry. People paid a stunning $69 million for his Everyday: A NFT First 5000 Days in November 2021, and a few weeks later he sold an existing NFT sculpture for $29 million.

Web 3.0, NFT, and blockchain technology are Elon Musk NFT least favourite concepts.

Web 3.0 seems to be a decentralized internet that will be widely adopted by a big number of internet users shortly. Today, Web 3.0 is only accessible to a small number of individuals due to a lack of understanding.

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