Earn passive income with your nft

Consider this, the bored ape NFT was launched at $200, and currently, it is selling at $142,000 on OpenSea. The NFTs are now a status symbol, with several celebrities like Eminem, Timbaland, and Neyman Jr owning them and displaying them as their Twitter DP.

Naturally, the interest in NFTs has increased. Like the original 10,000 Bored Apes, the scope of earning passive income through staking has grown immensely. Since the price is ever-increasing, selling them is instantly profitable, especially if you bought them early. Also, the NFT royalties through bored apes are immense.

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6) Mobox: Top Play-To-Earn Passive Income NFT Project 2022

Mobox is a play-to-earn NFT platform that allows several NFT games on the platform.

Earn passive income with your nft

Choose one of the popular or rising NFT projects and buy its token on a crypto exchange. Wait until the price of the token get higher and sell with profits.

What are the best NFT coins in 2022

  • Axie Infinity – AXS and SLP
  • Wolf Game – $WOOL
  • Decentraland – MANA
  • The Sandbox – SAND
  • Enjin – ENJ
  • Gala Games – GALA

NFT coins gained huge profits in 2021, especially those connected with metaverse.
The year 2022 might be the year of GameFi and Play-to-Earn crypto games so you’d better be prepared with owning real NFTs or NFT coins.

Buy NFT coins via Binance exchange. Register on Binance and get a 10% discount on trading fees.


Staking NFTs

One of the many ways to earn more profit with your NFT is staking.

Not to mention that different yield farming techniques are interconnected and can be done with one single NFT.

So lets describe some of the different ways to yield farm involving NFTs.

Passive Income through Renting/Lending NFTs

This is probably the simplest one to understand. You rent out your NFT for someone to use for a given amount of time and you make money from the rental fee that they pay you.

While it may be incredibly simple, there are limited use cases for this in the early days of NFTs.

Sure, if you have a high value NFT then you may be able to rent it to an art gallery, for example. But this might not be the best option for the average NFT owner, at least right now.

Making Money Through NFT Staking

Earlier we mentioned staking NFTs to make passive income through project tokens.

Staking a token basically means that you lock up that token, taking it out of circulation. This token can be a cryptocurrency, or an NFT.

Passive income by this method comes through “staking rewards”.

When you stake crypto, this is usually a fraction of the token that you stake. When you stake NFTs, the rewards come via some other token.

The downside of staking a token is that you cannot use it for a period of time.
The upside is that the APRs are generally way higher than what you would get from any bank savings account. So even though you can’t sell your NFT until that staking period is over, you’re getting a relatively high return on it in the meanwhile.

As mentioned above, some projects actually allow owners to stake their NFTs with the project itself in return for project tokens.

Nevertheless, passive income can be an excellent way to make a lot of money with little effort.

2. Just how much money do you need to invest before creating passive income?

It relies on the sort of financial investment you make.
Some types of financial investments, like property, call for a great deal of money upfront. Other financial investments, like supplies as well as bonds, can be begun with a smaller quantity of cash.
It’s important to do your research as well as identify just how much money you require to invest to get going.

3. What is the very best age to have passive income?

There is no one “best” age to have passive income.
It depends upon your specific circumstances and also just how much cash you’re able to invest.

Another project under development,Hoard Exchange, is about to launch an NFT marketplace for gamers and game developers that also allows people to use their NFTs as a collateral to obtain loans. It also facilitates buying, selling, and trading of NFTs.

You can trade in-game items, domain names, digital art, and other assets on Hoard Exchange.

Rent out your NFT for a fee

If you have non-fungible tokens that you don’t intend to sell, you can make some money by renting it out. Someone who wants access to your NFTs can borrow them for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them.

Hoard Exchange is set to launch the ‘Rent’ feature on its marketplace towards the end of July 2021.

That’s just a couple of months away. Many other platforms such asYiedlandFloware also developing their own NFT rental marketplaces.

  • Look out for ‘Available Items’. Because it’s harder to move the floor price if items are over 10k.
  • Go for limited supply projects, that’s where the floor price moves faster over time automatically; higher the floor price higher possibilities of making money


  • If demand is high, floor price will be higher; becausewhy should a creator set the lowest floor price if demand is high.
  • Higher floor price denotes higher profit
  • To sum up, find balance between floor price, volume, and number of items

Now, you can buy the NFT that you have filtered through the above-mentioned analysis and wait for it to become more popular and sell it when you think you have earned enough money.

Hope you have found unique insights and strategies to mint and flip NFTs.

Two or three years back, if I said to you that you could make money in thousands/ millions with a jpeg file, you wouldn’t have believed it. In fact, nobody would. But now jpeg’s minted on the blockchain (NFTs) has attracted celebrities to top companies.

NFTs are indirectly promoting block chain, cryptocurrencies, and decentralizationamong individuals.

And not only that, it also gives the opportunity to make passive income for everyone irrespective of whether you are a creator or an ordinary person.

When you understand NFTs, you can make a lot of money. In this article, we have simplified the mechanisms of making money with NFTs. Ensure to read the full article for a better understanding.

And, with the implementation of EIP-2981 (https://eips.ethereum.org/EIPS/eip-2981), such royalties will be baked into the token itself, regardless of platform.

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Top 10 best NFT projects for staking and earning passive income

1. BAND Royalty

Website: https://www.bandroyalty.com

BAND Royalty is one of the most exciting uses of NFT technology so far.

It enables music lovers and fans to own tokenized versions of the royalties to their favorite songs. Owners of tokens then get to share in future proceeds and the royalties received.

The project launched with 3000 BAND NFTs with a long-term goal of 12,000.

This keeps the community and earning potential tight for owners.

The best NFT marketplaces include:

  • Mintable
  • SuperRare
  • Rarible
  • Cryptopunks
  • Axie Marketplace
  • OpenSea

Rent Out

While you can’t replicate NFTs, renting is another way to make money from them. Renting the NFT involves giving it to someone else for a defined period, and you’ll get payment in return.


Your digital asset can earn you royalties for a lifetime, even when you’ve already sold it.

You need to create terms so that when someone purchases the NFT, you still earn royalties from it.

NFT Sports

NFTs offer incredible opportunities in various fields such as sports. People who love sports love sports collectibles like T-shirts and badges. Therefore, sports-related NFTs offer you the chance to make money.

NFTs in sports aren’t only about badges and T-shirts.

At first glance, there don’t seem to be any drawbacks of purchasing non-fungible tokens, but quite a few problems actually exist with this tokenization technology.

The high gas fee is among the problems both sellers and buyers face in trading and minting NFTs. Whenever gas fees are high, sellers earn less since NFT prices can be reduced to accommodate gas prices.

Hence, the perceived value of the non-fungible token diminishes. In addition, since gas prices vary from the actual variation of the digital assets, the cost may be higher than the actual cost of the asset sellers are trying to put into a sale.

Buyers also experience issues concerning gas price since nearly all undertakings incur gas fees, from placing to canceling an order, gas fees are required.

Such high fees hinder passive income NFTs from rolling as the next big financial opportunity.

There’s another type of smart contract that tokenizes NFTs, which is the ERC-1155. It is supposedly more efficient than the ERC-721 but completely disregards the exclusive element of a rare item.

If you’re wholesaling your NFTs like Costco and need to move them as fast as possible then ERC-1155 might be perfect for you. In any other case, stick with the 721.

There’s a couple of ways you can stake an NFT, but the most common practice is to earn yields.

If you do it this way, the NFTs you can stake are usually the ones exclusive to their own blockchain. This means you will earn the tokens generated by that blockchain.

For example, you’re playing CryptoBlades, a P2E game, and pick up a grade-A item.

If you decide to stake it, the CryptoBlades blockchain will lock up that item and pay you SKILL tokens, which is a native currency of the game.

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