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Dopewars nft

the dope heads are 10,000 nfts with multiple utilities and features. our first utility is our social cause where we are helping free nonviolent drug offenders through our strategic partnerships with multiple nonprofits. another one of our amazing utilities, each holder will receive an executive producers credit for the animated series for the meta-verse. the dope heads nft are uniquely different in many ways. one way we are uniquely different, holders will get to choose when they would like to reveal their dope head nfts within a 12 month period. the longer the holder waits to reveal the more rare there dope head nft will be. another way the dope heads nft stand out. holders will not only get to name their dope head nft but also write their characters backstory for the animated series.

Dopewars nft

Smol Brain at 4,198 magic tokens on Tuesday.

The token, which was trading at $2.95 on Tuesday afternoon, has surged by 207.5% in the past month but declined by 12.5% over the past week, according to CoinGecko data.

On the same day, the duo bought 20 wizards from the Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult, a collection of 10,000 unique wizard NFTs. By owning one, users become members of a “mysterious-but-friendly cult” where they can play games, make friends, and enjoy special features of their NFTs, with the potential to get new NFT airdrops.

The entire wizard purchase cost the fund about 24.5 ether, for an average cost of a wizard of 1.28 ether, or $4,860, according to the transaction details on Etherscan.

As of Monday, the floor price of a wizard had risen to 2.6 ether, or $8,300, representing a 70% increase in two weeks, according to OpenSea data.

Dope wars nft game

Por cierto, se me olvidaba, también hay que tener en cuenta a los DOPEZ estos son los personajes que, tendrán características dependiendo del tipo de personaje sus funciones, no sólo están los Dealer, también están los saqueadores, los guardaespaldas, los cocineros de droga, los especialistas, los facilitadores…

Y, también, será posible crear clanes y asociaciones delictivas entre jugadores.

¿Cómo se ganará dinero jugando a DopeWarz?

Lo primero es decirte que su token DRUGZ recién salió a la venta pública, lógicamente a un precio bajo, pero sin saber hasta dónde puede llegar a alcanzar. Tiene un supply muy elevado, acorde con las ambiciones del juego.

Dope wars nft rarity

select screenwriters for dope heads animated series and begin working on a treatment & story board for the rick and morty / south park style series (executive producers will make 25%-50% of the net proceeds from the animated series & dope heads nft holders will receive 1 production credit per dope head nft they hold).

giveaway contest: $100,000 to be given away with 5 rare dope head nfts limited edition pieces will be airdropped to randomly selected holders for their valued support in the dope heads community.

50% sold out

begin strategic planning and research with national institute of justice. focusing on their strategic challenges and research agenda

(info on site https://nij.ojp.gov/about-nij) #-nationalinstituteofjustice

begin flushing out play to earn style pokémon / dope wars style game.

Al turrón.

¿Qué es DopeWarz?

Si alguno es como yo un fan de los juegos viejunos y los emuladores, puede que se haya encontrado en su carrera de jugón con DopeWars (1998) & Drug Lord (1991). Eran dos juegos de simulación de venta de drogas, pero, más allá eran dos fantásticos juegos de estrategia orientados a levantar auténticos imperios basados en el comercio de sustancias.

Pues DopeWarz se declara heredero directo de aquellas dos joyas y, lo traslada al siglo XXI para proponernos un juego nft en el que no sólo vamos a poder levantar nuestro narco imperio, también tenemos la posibilidad de ganar dinerito real, y todo ello en un contexto mmo en el que será posible el PVP.

Dope wars nft

today is $0.006628807532 with a 24-hour trading volume of $46,849.79. PAPER price is down -12.0% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 910 Million PAPER coins and a total supply of 911 Million. If you are looking to buy or sell Dope Wars Paper, Uniswap (v3) is currently the most active exchange.

What was the highest price for Dope Wars Paper?

Dope Wars Paper hit an all time high of $0.057268013259 on Nov 29, 2021 (6 months).

What was the lowest price for Dope Wars Paper?

Dope Wars Paper had an all time low of $0.000000000000 on Mar 11, 2022 (2 months).

What was the 24 hour trading volume of Dope Wars Paper?

The 24 hour trading volume of Dope Wars Paper is $46,849.79.

Where can Dope Wars Paper be traded?

You can trade Dope Wars Paper on Uniswap (v3), Uniswap (v2), and PancakeSwap (v2).

A DAO for the streets.

The floor price had fallen slightly, to 2.5 ether, as of Tuesday.)

Caldwell and Borsai said that “if you take into account the attributes of each wizard obtained, and the rarity of these NFTs, the average price for our collection would be 4.2 ETH or $13,700 per wizard for a 280% performance.”

Another under-the-radar collection

Outside of buying NFTs for investments, Borsai likes to simply buy what he likes — which is how the Dope Wars NFT collection ended up on his radar.

Like the Loot for Adventurers NFT collection, Dope Wars is a text-based NFT project of 8,000 items with randomized attributes and rarity scores. Each NFT enables the owner to build a character to be used in the play-to-earn game that the Dope DAO is building on the ethereum and starkware blockchains.

DAO may remove the ability to increase the supply of $PAPER from the contract entirely.

👉 What WOLF CRYPTO has to say about DOPE WARS + $PAPER 👈

For more

Including how to purchase your first DOPE NFT, how to get involved with the project, or what “the game” will be like

👉 Please see our Wiki and Players Guide

About this site

Our first project is to provide a portal for the DOPE WARS ecosystem right here. Additional experiences like the game will be hosted here.

You can connect an Ethereum Wallet to see all of the DOPE NFT’s that you have purchased.

Claim Gear, create a Hustler, and trade individual Gear with other players to equip your Hustler in our SWAP MEET.


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  • GM or GFM? An insider look into an organic beast: DOPE WARS DAO.

El dinero se gana, como has podido entender, a través de las actividades delictivas que realices. Ya puede ser vendiendo droga o saqueando a otros compañeros, o vendiendo componentes para la fabricación de las drogas, etc.

El juego tiene un interesante modelo de economía interna en el cual existirá el dinero sucio DDZ (Dirty DollarZ). DDZ será el activo para todas las operaciones de drogas o ilegales (dudo que hagas nada legal en el gameplay de este juego) y como buen dinero sucio, si quieres blanquearlo convirtiéndolo en DRUG tendrás que pagar una tasa de blanqueo.

While high-profile projects such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club have gained traction, others like Pudgy Penguins have remained somewhat stagnant. Pudgy Penguins, which shot to fame in July with its collection of 8,888 unique penguins, has been embroiled in drama that resulted in the ousting of its founders, CoinDesk reported last week.

As more NFTs get minted daily, it behooves investors to do their own research on the projects, the artists, and the communities before investing in any digital collectibles, said Les Borsai, the chief strategy officer of Wave Financial and an early investor in BAYC and CryptoPunks.

Wave Financial.

The $1.5 billion digital asset manager launched the world’s first registered and regulated NFT fund last year.

Venga ya!

¿Cómo se jugará a DopeWarz?

La premisa del juego nos sitúa en un metaverso con una economía interna rica y compleja en las cuales se puede negociar para fabricar, comprar y vender drogas que, a su vez, servirán para obtener recompensas e ingresos.

El funcionamiento se inicia con las ciudades (Cityz) que se realizan sobre los planos de grandes ciudades del mundo, y los bloques (Blockz) que son como sectores en los que cada jugador desarrolla su base de juego. Cada bloque genera la posibilidad de fabricar, vender en función de la demanda, etc.

  • Les Borsai is the chief strategy officer of Wave Financial, which launched an NFT fund last year.
  • The fund made two recent NFT investments that have soared by 450% and 70% in just two weeks.
  • Borsai identified another under-the-radar NFT project that he likes for its nostalgic value.
  • Bucking the downtrend in cryptocurrencies, nonfungible tokens have started the new year with a bang.

    Trading volumes on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace — newly valued at $13.3 billion — surpassed $1.36 billion in the first 10 days of 2022, according to The Block.

    Meanwhile, interest in NFTs continues to surge, data from Google Trends suggests. The search term “NFT” achieved a score of 100 from January 2 to 8, meaning it reached peak popularity.

    But not all NFTs are created equal.

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