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Doodles nft floor price

Doodles’ NFT collection. Indeed, the attractive Doodles brand was on full display at the festival in Austin, Texas.

SXSW, an annual conference and festival for creators, was dominated by Web3 and NFTs this year. Doodles showcased the immersive potential of NFT art during their interactive exhibit. Furthermore, a burgeoning community of passionate Doodles holders was out in full force as the co-founders of the project revealed their intentions.

At this NFT party, the Doodles team showed why they’re one of the most exciting prospects in the NFT space.

So, as the stars align for the Doodles team, let’s take a closer look at this promising project.

What are Doodles NFTs?

Doodles NFT is a collection of 10,000 NFTs, with hundreds of visual traits, designed by Canadian artist ‘Burnt Toast’, whose real name is Scott Martin.

Doodles nft floor price

Also, dependent on theofficial website, Doodles will reveal the traits and rarities on June 23 with no time delivered.

To begin with, the Doodles Dooplicator is a assortment of totally free-to-claim NFTs for Doodles holders. Holders have by now claimed 47% of the supply at the time of producing, leaving about 5,300 Dooplicators unclaimed.

As of now, the Dooplicators have traded a lot more than 940 ETH in the secondary quantity.
In the meantime, the no cost-to-claim Doodles Dooplicator NFT assortment at present sits at a floor price tag of 3.25 ETH.

Considering the fact that the get started of the assert, Doodles’ floor selling price has fallen, and it currently sits at 13.45 ETH. Having said that, Doodles is just one of the number of blue-chip NFT collections that has typically weathered the present NFT downturn.

Doodles nft floor price history

When Ape owners exposed their Ape to the serum (an on-chain transaction), a mutant version of their Ape was created. After the initial airdrop of 10,000 mutants, an additional 10,000 were released to the public via Dutch auction as a way to onboard new entrants into the BAYC ecosystem at a lower price.

Riding the coattails of the Yuga Labs and BAYC ascension, MAYC has become a separate blue-chip NFT.
Steadily climbing to a floor price of nearly 20 ETH (over $40,000 USD at the time of writing), MAYC is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.


In March 2022, Yuga Labs announced the introduction of ApeCoin and the Otherside, the first expansion in Yuga Labs’ broader metaverse plans. Otherdeeds is a collection of 100,000 plots of Otherside Metaverse land.

The project has now hired a top recruiting agency to find a world-class replacement to lead the project into its next stage of growth.


Moonbirds is a collection of 10,000 utility-enabled pixelated owl NFTs. They serve as the official NFT of PROOF Collective, a small, but influential community of wealthy NFT collectors and artists.
When Moonbirds launched on April 16, 2022, each PROOF member received two Moonbirds. Soon after, the collection took off.

With over 66,000 ETH ($191 million) in secondary trading volume in less than 48 hours post-launch, Moonbirds skyrocketed to an immediate floor price of 38.5 ETH.
Since then, it’s settled down slightly, now sitting at nearly 22 ETH (over $44,000 USD). In addition to the artwork, Moonbirds announced the utility of “nesting,” a way for holders to stake their Moonbirds to receive additional yield.

Doodles nft floor price-asc

He argues that this is ultimately what makes BAYC so compelling, “All humans seek status and NFTs are one the best ways to flex status online. Status is often awarded to projects through adoption by influential investors, just like a celebrity can raise the status of a clothing brand.”

Longevity is also about utility — something that BAYC has a lot of.

Herbst continues, “Projects can provide a set of experiences and rewards that holders will promote to elevate the project’s image. Holders also become attached to their PFP which reinforces their brand advocacy.

Projects must have an original narrative, desirable brand, and grow their network of promoters to build staying power.”

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

Mutant Ape Yacht Club first started as a member-exclusive airdrop, providing Bored Ape holders with a digital mutant serum.

Doodles nft floor prices

Doodles lastly dropped the much-anticipated Doodles Dooplicator NFTs yesterday, and the ground worth is already above 3 ETH.

Doodles Dooplicator’s Rising Flooring Worth

On Might 6, Doodles revealed itsDooplicator NFT challenge, calling it “a practical piece of doodle equipment with extraordinary powers.” Nonetheless, whereas Dooplicator NFTs are an thrilling addition, holders concern they could dilute the unique assortment.

Earlier than the launch, speculations swirled across the Doodles Dooplicator NFTs and Doodles’ current strikes. Furthermore, particulars are nonetheless sparse about what the Dooplicator will do.

Moreover, Doodles holders can declare the Dooplicators till June 21, 2022. In response to the preliminary announcement, we will study extra in regards to the Dooplicator challenge on June 22 on the NFT NYC.

Doodles nft floor priced

Decisions are taken by a community vote, with holders receiving 1 vote for every Doodle NFT they hold.

What is the Doodles NFT Collection?

Martin was already a successful artist before he teamed up with Doodles co-founders, Jordan Castro and Evan Keast to launch Doodles. The trio developed a community-driven concept with a playful image, which is reflected in the humans, aliens, skeletons, animals, and more that make up the Doodles collection.

After building some hype, the Discord group was closed when it had 1,000 members, each of whom was allowed to mint up to five NFTs with a minting price of 0.123 ETH, potentially taking half the supply off the table at the earliest stage.

The founders attracted accusations of gatekeeping, but those original buyers won’t mind – they are sitting on at least a 186x return at current prices.

Also, based on the official website, Doodles will reveal the traits and rarities on June 23 with no time provided.

Firstly, the Doodles Dooplicator is a collection of free-to-claim NFTs for Doodles holders. Holders have already claimed 47% of the supply at the time of writing, leaving about 5,300 Dooplicators unclaimed.

As of now, the Dooplicators have traded more than 940 ETH in the secondary volume.

Meanwhile, the free-to-claim Doodles Dooplicator NFT collection currently sits at a floor price of 3.25 ETH.

Since the start of the claim, Doodles’ floor price has fallen, and it currently sits at 13.45 ETH. However, Doodles is one of the few blue-chip NFT collections that has mostly weathered the current NFT downturn.

The one-o-a-kind Doodles NFT project has constantly pushed the boundaries of innovation.

The dream is for Azuki to have such a big IP (intellectual property) that there’s an animated series, maybe even games and all kinds of merch,’’ Tsang said in an interview withForbes. Tsang added that he chose to make his identity public ‘as a pledge of trust.’ “This is who I am, this is what I’ve done. Put your trust in me that I’m not going to run away after making money and just go off to a deserted island,” he said.

Since February, Azukis have continued their meteoric rise, hitting a floor of over 30 ETH in both March and April before dropping heavily due to unforeseen circumstances.

Outside of Tsang, the other Chiru Labs founders have been kept anonymous.

In fact, they already have, with two collections having been born out of a community vote on their ‘Doodlebank-blessed Derivatives’ initiative.

Moreover, their most recent Space Doodles NFT collection showcases their thirst for innovation and NFT utility. They offered all Doodle holders the opportunity to ‘wrap’ their current NFT for a Space Doodle from the new collection.

Essentially, you swap your Doodles NFT for a Space Doodles NFT made from a collection of over 30 different designs by Burnt Toast. This is just one of many community initiatives we can expect from the Doodles NFT project creators.

Celebrity endorsement

A good indicator of potential is when celebrities start endorsing an NFT project.

Indeed, Doodles has already garnered the attention of some massive names.

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