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dona nft

new song living in NFT space. coming soon…— The Weeknd (@theweeknd) March 26, 2021

Record labels are already getting into NFTs, too. Death Row Records just announced the availability of three 30th anniversary medallion necklaces, priced at $30,030, each with a 3D file of the medallion and exclusive audio of the Nate Dogg song, “Nobody Does It Better.”

How musicians, artists and labels use NFTs will evolve, says Shelly Palmer, CEO of The Palmer Group, a consulting practice that helps Fortune 500 companies with technology, media and marketing.

“But for now, this is a way to grab a piece of a celebrity and a unique way for artists to collect money directly from fans,” said Palmer, who is working on NFT plans for several clients.

Because “smart contracts” can be built into NFTs, artists can “continue to collect money on a royalty basis going forward,” he said.

Donna senft

People seem to like it, as the New York Times reports that the auction was bought for about $170,000, or about 1800 SOL.

Blockchain data shows that $473,000 in USDC was delivered to a different address, which then converted some of the funds into 1816 Solana units. It was also given to a different account that won the auction afterward.

The former First Lady’s representatives declined to say who bought the aforementioned NFT in a statement. However, they asserted that the nature of the Blockchain protocol is “visible.”

SOL total market cap at $30.85 billion in the daily chart | Source:

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Melania’s first foray into cryptocurrency wasn’t this NFT transaction.

Doja cat nft

El BAYC fue una de las primeras colecciones de NFT que alcanzó un precio mínimo de más de 50 ETH por NFT.

Estrellas como Eminem, Steph Curry, Jimmy Fallon y otros han “arrancado” la colección BAYC en los años siguientes.

Según OpenSea, el BAYC ha crecido hasta convertirse en la segunda mayor colección de NFT de la historia, con más de 417.000 ETH (1.000 millones de dólares) en operaciones secundarias hasta el momento.

It’s been inspiring seeing our community come together in support of Ukraine – almost $1m in ETH has been donated to @Ukraine by wallets containing a BAYC ecosystem NFT. Today we’re matching that with a $1m ETH donation of our own.


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It will be recorded on a more rare than standard vinyl disc called a “dubplate,” a tradition in Caribbean music in which a DJ commissions an artist to dub the DJ’s name into a remake of the song.

That winning bidder and the next two highest bidders will get signed cover art with their likenesses inserted, as well as exclusive unreleased merchandise. Bidders who land spots 4-11 will get signed copies of the single and online access to unreleased music (something the top bidders also get).

With interest in NFTs at a frenzy, Shontelle hopes to draw bidders from beyond her fans. Her status as one of, if not the first, Black woman musician to issue her own NFT offerings could attract bidders.

In this case, the artist will get the benefit of her brand for her name, which they have never owned.”

Mavris connected with Shontelle through Dae, the founder of Barbados-based creative development firm House of Dae, who has teamed with Shontelle on her resurgence. Shontelle had not released a third album, but she was a co-writer on the single “Man Down,” on Rihanna’s 2011 album “Loud,” which earned a top album Grammy nomination in 2012.

Since then, the singer has been focusing on the Caribbean music industry, including writing a trio of songs for Machel Montano, the “King of Soca,” a music genre known as “the soul of the calypso.” She has also performed in Dubai and Southeast Asia.

Mavris and Blokument “got it and they got the significance of the message we were trying to get across,” Dae said.

And while our new Design Series did that by bringing those cooks an iconic appliance with a modern aesthetic, this NFT did it by storing the classic Crockpot on blockchain rather than in the cupboard.”

Jenkins the Valet

A metaverse milestone in 2021 was certainly this: an NFT signed with the Hollywood talent agency CAA. That would be Jenkins the Valet, a digital character plucked from Bored Ape Yacht Club—the blockchain-based social club where users adopt avatars of quirky-looking monkeys—but which then evolved into its own headline-grabbing intellectual property, and, yes, agency representation. Created by Tally Labs, Jenkins is a surly-looking ape with a heavy underbite and bad teeth.

He wears valet garb (vest, cap) and has over 25,000 followers on Twitter, where he began posting his origin story in May.

La colección NFT igualó el compromiso de 1 millón de dólares realizado por los titulares de BAYC con una cantidad igual de su parte.

El martes se anunció que la colección NFT del Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) había hecho una donación de 1 millón de dólares a la dirección de la cartera oficial de Ethereum de Ucrania.

La colección NFT anunció en Twitter que ha donado 388.999 ETH (algo más de 1 millón de dólares) tras inspirarse en las donaciones de los miembros de la comunidad.

En una blockchain como la de Ethereum, los Node-Follow Tokens (NFT) son tokens únicos que sólo existen en esa blockchain concreta.

Crockpot NFT

Because who doesn’t need a retro-tastic, animated GIF of an evolving slow-cooker over the ages? In honor of the Crockpot’s 50th anniversary, Sunbeam ventured into web3 and auctioned off just such an NFT on the NFT marketplace OpenSea, with bids beginning at 0.03 Ethereum (about $100). The video features the original 1971 model (remember when all appliances were beige?) in blocky, 2D animation, bubbling over with some kind of ragout. The dinner-prep marvel then morphs into sleeker models from the newly-launched Design Series warming up a pot of ramen.
Sunbeam leaned in hard on the metaphor. “We began as a simple bean cooker that minimized kitchen-time for busy homemakers,” read the press release. “But we know we need to evolve by appealing to the next generation of creative, at-home cooks. The solution was synthesis: blending past, present, and future.

Azerion, ha anunciado hoy que está regalando 1000 Avatares de Habbo a toda la comunidad de Habbo para compartir el éxito del proyecto con la base de fans que hacen del juego lo que es.

Estos avatares generados aleatoriamente forman parte de una colección de más de 10.000 NFT que Sulake lanzó en septiembre y que se agotó en 26 horas, permitiendo a los fans y coleccionistas digitales adquirirlos y poseerlos íntegramente como parte de sus carteras. Además de agradecer a la antigua comunidad de Habbo, este sorteo también tiene como objetivo hacer que la colección de Habbo Avatars sea más inclusiva, ampliando la base de propietarios.

Con muchos de los artículos más raros de esta colección incluidos como parte del sorteo, la comunidad podría terminar poseyendo una pieza de arte verdaderamente única.

A digital watercolor picture of her own eyes was one of the NFTs she introduced as part of the Bitcoin Genesis Block anniversary.

Her current endeavors are not supported by Donald, who has been a vocal critic of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry in general.

NFT And ‘Wash Trading’

In the crypto space, Melania’s activities are often referred to as “wash trading.”

When a trader intentionally buys and sells an NFT or say, a security for the purpose of feeding the market false information, it is known as wash trading.

In some cases, traders and brokers conspire to execute wash trades, while in other situations investors act as both the buyer and the seller of an NFT in a wash trade.

Taxpayers cannot deduct losses from wash trades from their taxable income because wash trading is illegal under U.S.

Proprio di recente si è conclusa la prima edizione virtuale del mondo del fashion, la Metaverse Fashion Week 2022, che ha realizzato la sua prima edizione sulla piattaforma Decentraland. Qualche anno fa in piena pandemia avevamo parlato di phygital in ambito fashion week, intendendo sfilate trasmesse online ma pur sempre registrate dal vivo. Nel caso invece della MVFW 2022 si è andati oltre: più che di digitale parliamo di virtuale, in un mondo a cui accediamo online e partecipiamo in sembianze di avatar e dove per muoversi e vivere eventi ed esperienze, è indispensabile conoscere cosa siano gli NFT.

NFT: cosa significa, cosa sono e come funzionano nel metaverso

NFT è un acronimo, che significa Non Fungible Token, ovvero gettone non fungibile, unico e raro, esattamente come un’opera d’arte che non può essere copiata.

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