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Dollars nft project shared scam lost

Not only this but always double-check the URL before connecting your wallet, as popups can easily deceive you while using a legit platform. If in doubt, don’t connect your wallet and visit the verified website for the service.

When it comes to sharing your seed phrase securely… Just don’t. No legit platform will ever ask you for your seed phrase unless you are trying to restore your wallet. Your seed phrase is the key to your crypto, never give it away. Any operation that requires your seed phrase should allow you to do it by yourself!

Pump and Dump Schemes

Pump and dumps are one of the most common types of scams in the crypto world and they are now making their way to the NFT space. This scam consists of a group of scammers creating hype around an NFT or collection using social media and/or influencers in the space.

This has created a lot of controversy around the NFT craze, which has resulted in many people not joining the space.

Networks like Ethereum, which hosts some of the biggest NFT marketplaces, have a big carbon footprint. This means that by using them, you could potentially be contributing to the deterioration of the environment… Which might be against your beliefs.
That being said, several networks use more energy-efficient algorithms, at least according to their development teams.

The fact is that most experts agree that concerns around the environmental impact of the blockchain (including NFTs) were blown out of proportion. Not only does most of the energy used by blockchain come from renewable sources but it often avoids energy from being wasted.
Sure, blockchain (as any technology) has an environmental impact but blockchain is not a major driver of carbon emissions.

NFTs), though it’s unclear yet what the material of this reward will be.

While Fox ostensibly appears to be apologetic, it’s clear the 3,000 Fox holders are still quite upset by the lack of explanation around the project’s demise—and more importantly—where their crypto has gone.

“Never sold a fox, cause I trusted the team 🤦🏽‍♂️” tweeted one Fox holder.

“Same man 014 ETH @swipathefox give us our money back” replied another.

While a followup to Fox’s tweet says that the “project will be updated at the conclusion of the season”, an announcement by the Discord admin AlbanianMarauder confirms that “this project is pretty much done now.” All social media accounts for the project have been deleted, and the swipathefox.io domain no longer active.

The floor price of Swipa the Fox NFTs sits at .003 ETH, or roughly $7.86 as of publication date.

Dollars nft project shared scam lost3

Eventually, they took a range of NFTs, including several Azuki NFTs, from arthur’s wallet.

As a matter of fact, Kaspersky researchers have identified an APT (advanced persistent threat ) group—which they call BlueNoroff. BlueNoroff is a large group of Lazarus attackers involved in malware implants, exploits, and more on the banking sector.
Reportedly, the group is now targeting cryptocurrency businesses.

Essentially, the group develops fake cryptocurrency software development companies to lure individuals into installing seemingly authentic applications, which can eventually compromise the users’ accounts. The group goes even a step further.

Dollars nft project shared scam lostfilm

Other steps NFT owners were taking include keeping their recovery phrase in a secure place (55.3%), NFT backup (47.1%), and secure internet connection (38.8%).

Can you Recoup Loses?

According to this report close to half or 48.9% of the respondents said they were able to recoup all their NFT losses. These recoveries are probably from legitimate NFT creators that had some sort of technical glitch and made sure their customers got their money or NFT back.

On the other hand, another 43% said they recovered some of their loss while 8.1% said they didn’t recover any of their losses.

There are some very popular NFT collections that are worth tens of millions of dollars.
And if you got in early, and you bought one of these NFTs, you are probably a millionaire. The key to ensuring the purchase of an NFT is to follow strict safety protocols.

Dollars nft project shared scam lostboy

One tweet from CryptoBatz, posted on December 31st, 2021, received more than 4,000 retweets and hundreds of replies. The tweet was only removed on January 21st after CryptoBatz was contacted by The Verge.

On clicking the scam link, the invite panel for the fake Discord showed the total number of members as 1,330, an indication of the number of people who could potentially have been fooled by the scam.

Inside the server, a bot spoofing community management service Collab Land asked users to verify their crypto assets to participate in the server — but directed users to a phishing site where they were prompted to connect their cryptocurrency wallets.

A representative of Collab Land declined to comment.

Tim Silman, a nonprofit employee, is one person who lost money through the scam.

The Pixelmon NFT project recently revealed art work of the NFTs it has been working on, and now the community is an in uproar with some individuals claiming the creators are scammers.

The Pixelmon NFT project was a highly anticipated project within the emerging space as the creators claimed they are building a game where players can train, trade, fight and evolve their Pixelmon NFT. The Pixelmon Twitter account has amassed more than 211,000 followers and many of the community members were very excited to see the reveal of the first generation of Pixelmon NFTs called “Pixelmon – Generation 1“.

NeoNexus was a metaverse NFT project that raised about 25,000 SOL (worth around $2.2 million today; previously worth $3.5 to $4.5 million). The project had sold various “property NFTs”, and had plans to create other NFTs representing things like characters and vehicles.

On March 21, the project’s founder Jack Shi wrote on Twitter, “It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that we can no longer continue healthy development of the NEONEXUS project.
We would like to hand over the project to our community, or a community-selected party for takeover if that’s feasible / possible.” Going into more detail on Discord, he said the project had run out of money, which he blamed on waning interest in Solana NFTs.

The reaction to the announcement was overwhelmingly negative, particularly given the project’s founder’s apparent habit of bragging about his luxury cars.

Sure, you might not be able to buy an original Picasso but you surely can afford other paintings you will like.NFTs Don’t Mean You Own Rights Over the Asset

This is a misconception that absolutely everyone should take out of their mind. Many people believe that if they acquire the NFT of an asset like Nyan Cat, they are buying the rights over the piece.

If this was the case, they would be able to profit from the use of the image or transfer the copyright to another person… This is not the case.

Buying an NFT won’t give you ownership over intellectual property rights by itself unless specifically specified.

When a pop-cultural icon like Ozzy Osbourne announces an NFT collection, you can count on the project getting publicity. The launch of the “CryptoBatz” collection, a series of 9,666 digital bats, received coverage in outlets like Billboard, Rolling Stone, NME, Hypebeast, and Business Insider, among others.

But just two days after the tokens were minted, supporters are being targeted by a phishing scam that drains cryptocurrency from their wallets, playing off a bad link shared by the project’s official Twitter account.

Like the majority of NFT projects, CryptoBatz uses Discord as a place to organize its community.

The official CryptoBatz Discord is now accessed through the short link discord.gg/cryptobatz.

A classics “rug pull” scam.

Mike_Cryptobull, one of Evolved Apes investors with around $10,000 invested in 20 NFTs, told Motherboard that several warning signs appeared in the days leading up to Evil Ape’s disappearance, including a lack of payment to artists and a social media competition where the winners didn’t receive their promised NFTs.

“What has happened is that Evil Ape has washed his hands of the project taking away the wallet with all the ETH from minting that was to be used for everything, from paying the artist, paying out cash giveaways, paying for marketing, paying for rarity tools, developing the game and everything else in between,” Mike said.

Despite the setback, the Evolved Apes community intends to continue with the project. Evolved Apes are still being traded on OpenSea, an NFT trading site, even after the scam has been made public.

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