Dogs nft

The roadmap was full of developments that were hard to reach within a short time. But the team delivered. Within a short lifespan, the team accomplished the following:

  • Launch Play-to-Earn game
  • Release $SNAX utility token with staking abilities
  • Airdropped (free-to-mint) Top Cat NFT companies
  • Merch shop

Not bad for 3 months right? I’m looking forward to their roadmap 2.0 and if they are as prompt as they have been the past few months. The first time we mentioned them, was in our popular blog on hot PFP projects for the NFT community.

  • Current Volume: 1.7K ETH
  • Number of Holders: 2.8 K
  • Floor Price: 0.168 ETH
  • Highest Sale: 1.49 ETH (#4625)

6] JunkYard Dogs

Lat one of the dog PFP series likes to live in the rubbish.

Dogs nft

Minting at 0.05ETH, these canines are being released on the 24th August 2021 at 2PM EDT.The Canine Cartel does away with cutesy fluff, leave your Stoner Cats, Pudgy Penguins, and Punkbabies at home – this is an NFT project for the big dogs.

The Canine Cartel was born in a fierce fight between the cats and the dogs of Sinaloa, Mexico. The cats were known for ruling everything with an iron paw.
A hound couldn’t sell a spliff to a rat without being scratched and slashed by a crazy feline. Everything changed when a mean motherfucker by the name El Doge came along.
El Doge was the leader the band of mutts needed to take back control of the streets. Pack by pack, he rallied the Dobermans, the Huskies, the Pitbulls and the rest of ‘em.

Now, there are 10,000 unique canines ready to live and die for the cartel.

Dogs nft collection

Users can expect a ton of community-engaging content such as leaderboards for the fastest track times, side quests and of course other players. Access to the DoRac metaverse will be open to visitors and those who have a Doracian ID.

However, visitors will not have complete access to the metaverse, but can still participate in races.

DoRac is innovating the use of NFTs in gameplay by incorporating ‘Smart NFTs,’ which will allow each dog’s attributes to be altered based on training and racing without having to be re-minted. This will help players save on gas fees, simplify ownership, breeding and training of each dog.

Dog Races

Dog races will involve 8-12 dogs racing each other in bid for the win.

Every virtual Smart NFT dog will have its own unique attributes, and each race will be won or lost based on three factors.

Dirty dogs nft

Not your standard 10,000 degen project, the Cartel offers a unique service where to prove your loyalty, your canine can visit the official tattoo parlour. This will burn the NFT and a new Canine with a Cartel tattoo will be returned to you.

Why not get a matching one?

Looking at their roadmap, you can see that they’re one of only a few communities that have charitable donations guaranteed from the offset and clearly visible for the community to see. At just 10% of the sale, the cartel will donate 10ETH to dog shelters in a cartel decided-upon location.
Beyond that, a cartel wallet will be set up where members can vote on what to do with the funds.

The Cartel is rumbling with activity and is planning a fiesta for its members, when it’s safe to do so, everyone in the cartel will be welcome to a wild rager to celebrate victory against the cat cartel.

Cool dogs nft

DoRac, one of the first metaverse space play-to-earn crypto games, offers engaging gameplay based on dog breeding, training and racing. Players use their pack to beat their opponents in competitions and races, making the game much more enjoyable than simple point and click racing games, which are all too prominent in the crypto gaming market.Gameplay & DoRac Metaverse

Built by Unity game engine, players compete with their own NFT verified dogs in daily races, tournaments and even championships scattered across the DoRac metaverse.

The metaverse plays a central role in the DoRac ecosystem, providing a virtual world for users to breed, train and race their dogs.

It will also have its own roam element, giving a MMORPG-type feel to the game with interactive quests and adventures.

Junkyard dogs nft

Let’s get started. Ready? Sit first, give us a little paw or high five. Good boy. And here we go.

1] Bored Ape Kennel Club

Bored Ape? I thought this was about dog PFP NFTs?

Yes, it is.

The Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) are dog companions that were airdropped last summer to BAYC holders. It pays to be an early adopter of such a large project, as they always airdropped the serums for the Mutant Apes.

Both of the collectible series are ranked top 20 of all-time volume on Opensea. Not bad, for an airdropped NFT right?

The Kennel dogs were included in the Bored Ape sales on Sotheby’s of a few months ago.

  • Current Volume: 37.9K ETH
  • Number of Holders: 5.0 K
  • Floor Price: 2.89 ETH
  • Highest Sale: 18.8 ETH (#630)

2] The Doge Pound

The second-highest trading volume amongst dog PFP NFTs is with The Doge Pound.

Soul dogs nft

It reads: “There are a few people trying to lower our floor by listing far below mint, and then delisting it to try and cause fud. The floor price is determined by the lowest listed pieces, and it is only a few people doing this.”

Eventually, the team decided to temporarily disable purchasing a voucher due to an “exploit within the smart contract.” However, those who were able to purchase already don’t need to worry because they can still claim their Dirty Dog NFTs.

You can follow the project’s development through the official website and Twitter!

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Doodle dogs nft

Dirty Dogs’ Whitelist and public sale started strong, with 70% of the NFTs sold in less than 15 minutes! Despite malicious attempts by fraudsters, the team was able to combat it and power through. With this, 7,777 unique dogs let out by a rogue Cool Cat captured the heart of NFT collectors and enthusiasts.

Dirty Dogs NFT Collection

The overall aesthetics of the NFT Collection screams Cool Cats: from the website down to the actual artwork. In fact, the Collection’s narrative is that Cool Cat BUCKET released the Dirty Dogs NFTs because he was “wronged by others.” So he stayed behind closed doors until he was able to grow an army sizable enough to take on the Cool Cats.

The 7,777 Dirty Dogs were programmatically generated from over 225 traits. Meanwhile, the minting price was set at 0.065 ETH with a maximum of 7 NFTs per wallet.

Party dogs nft

The PFP game is gaining explosive traction with celebrities like Post Malon, Jimmy Fallon, and Prince Royce jumping on the NFT hype. The trend of setting an animal PFP as your avatar on social media is starting to become the standard on crypto Twitter. Of course, the people’s all-time favorite pet is not forgotten. Getting a dog PFP NFT is trending and we’re here to show you the most popular ones.

Following our last week’s cat PFP NFTs series, this felt like the logical next content piece in our series of profile picture NFT lists we’ve been providing.

6 Most Popular Dog PFP NFTs on The Market

We based this list of dog PFP’s on trading volume op Opensea and social media activity.
Most of them are on Ethereum, usually, we try to include at least one Solana NFT for the Sol community. Sadly, in this case, we couldn’t find a proper dog PFP on Solana.

Crypto dogs nft

full Smart NFT integration, viewable races, competitive racing championships, and more. The launch of their IDO is set to take place in Q3 of 2022, with a small market cap at launch.

The native tokens, $DORC and $DRT, are built on the Binance Smart Chain, and will be used to train and feed players’ dogs, compete in races, cover dog breeding fees, and participate in the DoRac metaverse.

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Panzer dogs nft

Riding the train of the DogeCoin Hype, a team created a meme like NFT with The Doge Pound.

However, after the initial hype phase, the team developed more utilities, airdropped Doge Puppies to holders, and is creating Doges 3D versions for the Metaverse.

  • Current Volume: 23.7K ETH
  • Number of Holders: 5.5 K
  • Floor Price: 2.36 ETH
  • Highest Sale: 16 ETH (#3417)

3] Cool Dogs PFP

Freshly minted series of Cool Dogs PFP NFTs, is a collection of 5000 programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They resemble the popular Cool Cat NFTs, but with their opposite animal animation.

With the support of NFT influencers like ArtChick, the project quickly sold out at mint last week.

The JunkYard Dogs NFT are 8008 unique collectibles, each with its own traits.

When you purchase a JunkYard Dog you join the pack and become a member of the club. JYD members get exclusive access to future perks including Airdrops, Sandbox access, exclusive member-only merch drops, and more.

Another cool thing, your dog is yours and you have 100% commercial rights to your dog as long as it’s in your wallet. For the entrepreneurs amongst our readers, this is a great earn spot.

  • Current Volume: 2.1K ETH
  • Number of Holders: 3.3 K
  • Floor Price: 0.05 ETH

What’s Your Favourite Dog PFP?

There you have it, our list of dog PFP NFTs.

What do you think?

From low entry barrier to 50 ETH sales. This list has it all.

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