Digital art nft ideas

Seven years later, all of today’s popular NFT platforms still use the same shortcut. This means that when someone buys an NFT, they’re not buying the actual digital artwork; they’re buying a link to it. And worse, they’re buying a link that, in many cases, lives on the website of a new start-up that’s likely to fail within a few years. Decades from now, how will anyone verify whether the linked artwork is the original?

All common NFT platforms today share some of these weaknesses. They still depend on one company staying in business to verify your art. They still depend on the old-fashioned pre-blockchain internet, where an artwork would suddenly vanish if someone forgot to renew a domain name.

Digital art nft ideas

No evidence suggests that cryptotraders will make more money by embracing green NFTs.

Since the day he and I first teamed up to work on the technology, Kevin McCoy has been the authority on NFTs for me. He is more responsible for the concept than any other person, and he told me recently that he believes green NFTs will succeed.
I want to believe him.

But I also look at the history of other gold rushes. People usually choose short-term profit over long-term responsibility.
Although I absolutely see lots of artists who care deeply about the impact of their work, I don’t see broad support from the cryptorich for abandoning the devastatingly destructive tech that brought them this far.

NFT art has a huge impact on digital marketplaces such as and

NFTs are a new revenue stream for artists in such a way that if their artwork accrues more value, so does the artist. I have seen NFT artists enjoy massive success with open-source tools and as an NFT artist, I am also a beneficiary.

I started by tokenizing some of my art and offering it up as an NFT to different platforms to generate income.
But first, you have to be creative with your art and let your audience know what type of artwork you create. Seek inspiration from well-known artists like Blake Kathryn, and Giant Swan.

Buying and Selling NFTs

Platforms like NiftyGateway, OpenSea, and Rarible are huge marketplaces to buy and sell NFTs.

A Winklevoss spending 700 grand on a Beeple or whatever is very much marketing spend for an idea that they are heavily invested in,” the technologist and artist Mat Dryhurst says, referring to Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, two well-known cryptocurrency bulls who bought Nifty Gateway in late 2019 for an undisclosed amount.

One of those whales is Daniel Maegaard, an Australian crypto trader who made much of what he claims is a $15 million-plus fortune when Bitcoin exploded in value in 2017. Maegaard has bought and sold millions of dollars worth of digital art and other NFT-based goods, like a $1.5 million parcel of land in Axie Infinity, a virtual universe. While Maegaard initially saw NFTs as a means of adding to his wealth, he’s become a true fan of the work, proudly displaying his collection online and excitedly sharing news of new purchases and sales with his followers.

Additional Resource:

Another great project is OpenFrame, the only open-source art-sharing platform that brings curators, artists, and enthusiasts together without charging a cent.

6. Invest In A Digital Picture Frame

A digital art frame is definitely the best way to display your digital artwork, but not necessarily the most affordable.

Electric Objects and Framed are leading the way in the industry, allowing you to display your digital art on some stunning products such as the Mono X7 (“the canvas re-imagined”) and P24K Cinemax laser projectors that are utterly mindblowing (and bank-breaking at $899 and $3,299 respectively)

Netgear has also produced their Meural Canvas which retails for $250-500.
This digital art display is controlled remotely by the meural app.

On Android, apps like Lock Screen Auto Changer can cycle through digital art or photos from your phone’s storage. It can update the image displayed on both your lock and home screens.

Apple’s iOS is a little less customizable.

The fantastic site HowToGeek has instructions on using AutoWall to change wallpapers.

Your partner may not be impressed that they’ve been displaced from prominence on your lock screen. But, your digital art will be there to inspire and move you every time you unlock your phone.


Build Your Own E-Ink Photo Frame

Yes! You DIYers out there can actually learn to build a digital photo frame.

A Raspberry Pi is a low-powered, ultra-cheap computer.

Check out this article from David Eisinger at He walks you through building your own e-ink digital art frame.

This system requires a lot of energy to operate, so environmental issues need to be addressed, but blockchain technology is spreading fast. Just as it can help protect against forgeries in the art world, blockchain databases can also securely store contracts, health histories, property records and supply chains. Walmart, Pfizer and Unilever are among the companies that already incorporated some blockchain technology. Nike even filed apatentin 2019 for an NFT system to verify the authenticity of sneakers (or CryptoKicks). Future applications will likely extend to everything from scalper-proofing concert tickets to improvingvote-by-mailsecurity.

So these arrived today….

Hi, Are you looking for stunning Digital Art, detailed illustrations, characters, and Crypto Art / NFT that you want to sell? You are at the right place! My services:

-Original Character art -Digital art -Crypto punks -Pixelated art -2D Vector Art -High-quality files -Fast delivery

Starter Pack -Base Character

Standard Pack -Base Character with up to 70 Traits and thousands of Collection using Algorithm

Advanced Pack -Base Character with up to 100 Traits and thousands of Collection using Algorithm

If you don’t have inspiration, you can leave the art job entirely to me, choose the style or send me a reference photo.

One where people interact, socialize and trade independently without the need for intermediaries taking their share of the profit.

Eric Anziani, COO of, told the Financial Times: “The NFT will enable people to demonstrate and have an identity across platforms that they can clearly own and use on different ecosystems.” The transformative power of the NFT from a closed-loop environment (such as a social media platform or video game) to an open one, he adds, “is very powerful. And we’re just touching the surface today on the capabilities that can be built on top of that.

Today it’s trading assets such as gaming items; one day, it will give us free movement in the metaverse”.

NFTs ensure a fair and transparent environment for both creators and consumers.

Each NFT collectible cat is one-of-a-kind, unique and 100% owned by the user. The cat cannot be replicated, removed, or destroyed.


One of the first non-fungible tokens used on the Ethereum blockchain, CryptoPunks are 100% unique, collectible characters.

All proof of their ownership is stored on the blockchain. There are 10,000 punks in total, and while originally free on release for those with an Ethereum wallet, they were quickly taken up by their owners.

Anyone seeking to own a CryptoPunk must buy or bid on one from their owner.

NBA Top Shot

The National Basketball Association of North America, the NBA, has officially licensed a trading card game through the blockchain. These non-fungible cards are collectibles and official items from the sport.

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