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dfinity nft

We interviewed DFINITY Bulls, a dynamic enterprise that has teamed up with Toniq Labs to work towards a P2E game that could have enormous potential. With a focus on art and utility, you won’t want to miss out on this fantastic project!

1. How would you describe your artistic style?

We incorporated details that are unique to Crypto NFT into our art. We also produced excellent quality art with great flair. We have put in a lot of effort creating the art!

2. What drew you to NFT creation rather than traditional canvas-based art?

The world is moving towards global digitalization.

Dfinity nft

When the NFT marketplace launched, I figured that I could contribute to the Internet Computer ecosystem.

Our team wants to create and add value to the Internet Computer NFT ecosystem! The Current number of Internet Computer NFT projects compared to ETH NFT projects’ differences are huge!

We want to spread awareness and awesomeness of the Internet Computer via our NFT! The Internet Computer is now just on another level! With no gas fees incurred for users at all and assets all stored on-chain!

Furthermore, Twitter will add NFTs for profile pictures, and it is good to use the platform to spread awareness! We want our excellent Bulls NFT shown to the Crypto Twitter community and have people asking, “Where can I buy this?”, “Where is this from?”, “What is the utility?”


Dfinity nft marketplace

Note that they didn’t call it Bulls Arena because future collections and collaborations with other NFT projects that could potentially join the arena game are also in their consideration!


The game will be a 1v1 battle where you can practice, level up, and match with other players in a live scenario. The Bulls NFT and wearables will have power stats added to it.
The higher the power stats, the better chance to win, but there will still be strategy and some luck involved overall to win the battle!

The Bulls have levels! The power stats will increase by maxing the Bull’s levels, thus making the Bulls even stronger. A stronger Bull will have more chances to win 1v1 live battles!

Each player will have a short profile of their wins and losses.

Dfinity nft studio

Wat is die internetrekenaar (ICP)?

Die Internetrekenaar, ontwikkel deur die DFINITY Foundation, is ‘n kriptografiese platform en ‘n protokol wat daarop gemik is om ‘n openbare gedesentraliseerde wolkrekenaarhulpbron te skep om die volgende stap in die evolusie van die internet te word. Dit wil die oorheersing van gesentraliseerde wolkdiensverskaffers vernietig en die internet herontwerp om verspreid en veilig te word, terwyl dit terselfdertyd IT-instandhouding en -ontplooiingskoste tienvoudig verminder.
Die protokol beweer dat dit geoptimaliseer is vir skaal, die bereiking van bloktye van ‘n paar sekondes en transaksiefinaliteit na slegs twee bevestigings.

Die projek is sedert 2015 in ontwikkeling, wat ‘n noemenswaardige belangstelling van die kripto-gemeenskap gelok het.

Dfinity nft drop

ICP is currently trading for around $13, which is a steep decline in the asset’s value, sellingas high as $700as of May last year.

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Dfinity nft airdrop

Operationally, creators will not have to worry about continuing with maintenance costs of keeping files stored off-chain, thereby ensuring the NFT files sold will always exist. Lastly, the ability to claim that an NFT and all its content is truly contained on the DFINITY Internet Computer blockchain is a strong marketing angle — especially in a world where most files are stored off-chain.

With DFINITY, users never have to worry about their files being lost or “shut-down” and holders will know that DFINITY provides a level of security on their assets that other solutions simply aren’t able to in the current market.

DFINITY’s NFT Offerings Continue To Build Momentum

As NFTs continue to remain hot entering into 2022, DFINITY and the Internet Computer blockchain will soon be expanding their footprint in this increasingly important space.

Dfinity bulls nft

Den Internet Computer Protokoll Konsens besteet aus véier Schichten:

  1. Identitéitsschicht, déi e Registry vun alle Clienten ubitt. Am Géigesaz zu typesche Beweis-vun-Aarbechtsprotokoller benotzt se permanent Identitéiten, also am Fall vu Mëssbrauch riskéiert e béiswëllegen Client net nëmmen eng Spärbelounung ze verléieren, mee säi ganzen Depot. \
  2. Zoufälleg Beacon Schicht, déi d’Quell vun Zoufall iwwer eng eenzegaarteg verifizéierbar zoufälleg Funktioun (VRF) fir all méi héich Schichten inklusiv Uwendungen (Smart Kontrakter) ubitt. Et ass den Ecksteen vun der Internet Computer Sécherheet.


  3. Blockchain Layer: baut e Blockchain aus validéierten Transaktiounen iwwer de Probabilistic Slot Protocol (PSP) gedriwwe vun der zoufälleger Beacon.

Dfinity free nft

The network is still in the beta phase, and therefore it is hoped that the IC team will improve the network infrastructure soon.

Disclosure: The author owns less than $50 worth of ICP tokens.

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Dfinity internet computer nft

In praesenti, maior pars signa clausa est in manibus fundationis DFINITY, non quaestus institutio in Zurich, Helvetia fundata. In retis deducunt distributio haec talis est:

52.93% — fundamentum dotationis, turmae et societatis signa, 9.5% — signa collatoria mane, et 24.72% signa in manibus seminis fundraise contributorum, 6.85% — opportuna fundraise collatores cum tempore trium annorum vestimentorum, 4.75% — fundraise contributorum praesalium. et 1.25% — airdrop pro 50 000 membrorum communitatis.

ICP indicium (fka DFN) nondum in aperta circulatione sicut in Martio 2021. Aestimatio de CMC nunc IOU formam accipit.

Quomodo est Internet Computer Network SIGNATUS?

Data promissione ingentis scalabilitatis et celeritatis, crypto fanaticus maxime sollicitus est de securitate in retis Interreti Computer.
In summa, variatio est a .

— All untraded Bull NFTs owners will either get future airdrops for free or exclusively (no one else will have it except you diamond hand owners)! It will be limited, rare, and exclusive.

— It does not end with this one airdrop! If you don’t trade your Bulls and keep holding! You will always be eligible for future wearables airdrops!

This is to reward Dfinity Bull’s diamond hands supporters that trust them! Hold tight and wait for the launch of the Alpha game!


Dfinity Bulls want to share the ideas they have in mind for their game! They would also love to get some feedback!

They will focus all their energy on making their P2E game! They want their game to be different and entertaining.

Dfinity Bulls will create a DFINITY Battle Arena Game.

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