Crypto zombiez nft

crypto zombiez nft

It was sold for 4,200 ETH or $7.51 million in March 2021.

Out of the 10,000 Cryptopunks out there, there are 9 alien aliens, that make them enviable amongst the NFT enthusiasts.

3. CryptoPunk #7804 – $7.56 Million

At $7.56 million, CryptoPunk #7804 is one of the 9 aliens, similar to the one mentioned above. The person behind the sale of this NFT was Dylan Field, the CEO of design software Figma.

Sold in March 2021, the #7804 sports three accessories- a forward cap, shades, and a pipe. The pipe adds to the rarity of this NFT.

2. CryptoPunk #7523 – $11.8 Million

The #7523 is undoubtedly the most expensive CryptoPunk on this list.

It sports a face mask that provides it a sense of relevance during COVID-19. Moreover, it comes from the group of 9 Alien CryptoPunks.

Crypto zombiez nft

World Wide Web Source Code – $5.4 Million

Sir Tim Berners Lee, the founder of the World Wide Web decided to explore the NFT ecosystem when he decided to sell an NFT that consisted of the original source code for the web. It’s an artistic representation of the web source code, bundled together as an NFT.

The artwork which was titled “This Changes Everything” went on sale at Sotheby’s with critics complaining about the same. Many said that this went against the web’s decentralized nature.

However, the sale went on ahead and garnered $5.4 million.
Interestingly, days after the artwork was sold, someone pointed out a coding error in the artwork sold.

7. CryptoPunk #5217 – $5.59 Million

The CryptoPunk #5217 is one of the 24 ape punks wearing a knitted hat and a gold chain.

Crypto zombies nft

The last year saw a phenomenal awareness around them, giving rise to some of the most valuable NFTs.

While we look at some of the most popular and expensive ones, let’s understand the factors behind any NFTs value out there. The primary reasons that determine the price for any of these are a rarity, tangibility, and the utility of any art that’s sold as an NFT. Say, something like the first Tweet ever is rare and can amass a high value out there.

Let’s look at some of the most expensive and popular forms of art and collectibles ever sold as an NFT.

CryptoPunk #2338 – $4.4 Million

The first NFT on our list is from CryptoPunk, known as CryptoPunk #2338. In order to give you a context, the first CryptoPunk was made in the year 2017 by the Larva Labs Studio.

Cryptopunks are based on the culture and scenes around the London punk culture.

Crypto zombies nft twitter

Toro is a preferred place for many NFT enthusiasts, due to its customized risk management, $100,000 in a virtual platform so that you can try out all the features of the platform in a risk-free manner, and lots more.

eToro is recommended because of its FCA, ASIC, CySEC and FSCS certifications that make it a secure and regulated exchange to get ETH for your NFTs.

In case you’re looking to buy an NFT or store it for the long run, you may also require an NFT digital wallet in place to help you.

Buying NFTs

In order tobuy NFTs, you need to have an NFT wallet in place, where you can store and transact your NFTs. Moreover, you can buy your NFTs on marketplaces like Foundation, Nifty Gateway, OpenSea, or Rarible.

Most marketplaces operate in an auction format. In order to buy an NFT, you first have to submit a bid for the same.

Xrp zombie nft

Vignesh “MetaKovan Sundaresan.

Interestingly, the second-highest bidder for Everydays was Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, who was snipped at $60.2 million by Sundaresan.

What Are The Highest Priced NFTs Right Now?

The craze around NFTs doesn’t seem to die off anytime soon. With the entry of celebrities, actors, famous personalities alike, NFT arts are matching and surpassing real-world artworks as well.

Moreover, with the bids touching all-time highs consistently and the popularity of cryptocurrencies complimenting the overall ecosystem, there is a new player in the most expensive NFTs list every day.

So, what are the current highest-priced NFTs? Let’s find out from this list of the latest listings on Nifty Gateway.

Iris/{ – $69 Billion

The Iris/{ is a part of the LOYAL/{ Pack by Fvckrender x Victor Mosquera collection. App. It is not intended to offer access to any of such products and services. You may obtain access to such products and services on the App.

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The brands and the logos appearing on this website are registered trademarks by their respective brand owners.

While we endeavor to publish and maintain accurate information on external listings, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information on this site, nor do we adopt nor endorse, nor are we responsible for, the accuracy or reliability of any information submitted by other parties.

Save Thousands of Lives – $5.23 Million

Save Thousands of Lives is an NFT artwork launched by a non-profit called Noora Health that was sold on May 8.2021.

This artwork was sold to programmer Paul Graham at a charity auction. This artwork aims to help fund Noora Health’s efforts with new mothers in South Asia by teaching them how to take care of their babies once they get home from hospitals.

Noora Health has been working with more than 165 hospitals in the region and works with the families of the new mothers, by educating them on how to keep the mother and the baby healthy and safe.

This artwork was sold for $5.1 million or 1,337 ETH, saving lives at a cost of $1,235 for every life saved.


There are 10,000 unique CryptoPunks (6,039 male and 3,840 female) with all of them being rare in their own sense, which makes them some of the NFTs with the highest price.

It was sold in August 2021 by its owner for $4.4 million with a return on investment of an astonishing 1,000,000%.

10. Stay Free – $5.27 Million

Stay Free can be titled as one of the rarest and real-world NFTs ever sold.

The Stay Free NFT came into existence when NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, entered the NFT bandwagon in April 2021. The Stay Free NFT covers the entirety of the 2015 Second Circuit Court of Appeals decision in ACLU v.


Crypto Zombie Society (THE NEXT BIG THING) 🧟

🎁 Total 35+ ETH giveaway back to community.

■ 2.5 ETH giveaway to winners of discord invite competition. ■ 2 ETH giveaway to 5 winners from twitter pinned status. ■ 50 Crypto Zombies to most active members and holders. ■ Giveaway for some Crypto Zombies owners – 2x 1 ETH and 2x 0.5 ETH ■ 10 ETH goes back to community wallet. ■ $500 Every week to lucky winners from holders for 1 year and much more. ■ Own metaverse and $CZSM token. ■ Society Bank with liquidity 5 ETH. ■ Giveaway for 1x Tesla Model S, 3x GeForce RTX 3090 and 3x PS5.

With the numbers suggesting exorbitantly high digits of growth, it only seems wise to invest in these assets right away.

While we just saw a list of the most expensive NFTs, it’s always better to test the waters before going all in. With the market currently at a very nascent stage, the numbers might not be the only thing one should look at. Things like fundamentals, history, and utility are something that collectors and creators should look into, irrespective of the purpose they are in it for.

If you’re a creator, it might require you to invest a nominal amount and you can assess if the NFT marketplaces are something made for you or not.

Similarly, for collectors, it’s always recommended to test, observe and learn.

In the near future, the versatility of non-fungible tokens cannot be denied.

Here’s a step-by-step process of buying an NFT.

Step 1: Select the NFT you want to invest in. This can be any piece of art, including music, an image, GIF, or a video.

Step 2: NFTs usually have a targeted cryptocurrency attached to them. Find out which cryptocurrency is attached to the NFT you want to go for.
Every NFT marketplace has a crypto wallet requirement that you need to fulfill.

Step 3: Fund your crypto wallet with the required cryptocurrency on the marketplace. This will allow you to send, receive and store your artworks and other assets.

Step 4: There are two ways to buy an NFT. One is through a virtual auction or at a fixed price.
In an auction, you can place a competitive bid with respect to the asking price and wait to see if you have won the NFT or not.

It can be used either as a collectible or a tool for transactions.

We recommend regulated cryptocurrency exchange eToro as a secure way to buy Ethereum to purchase NFTs with.


Is it profitable to sell NFTs?

NFTs work like any other speculative asset you invest in, such as stocks. You can buy an NFT at a lower price, hold it for a few months or years and then put it up for sale, hoping its price changes.

How big is the NFT market?

According to a number by JPMorgan, the NFT market has recently been valued at $7.2 billion.

What are some popular types of NFTs?

Any art form can be classifed as an NFT. It can vary from something like an image to a GIF or even a music track.

Which NFT should I buy?

If you are starting out as a beginner, it’s always better to go for the most popular NFTs out there.

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