Create nft character

We did some of the work for you in the create-metadata.js script. Just runtruffle exec scripts/create-metadata.js –network rinkeby

And your metadata will show up in the metadata folder. It just needs the image URL now! The metadata is the random numbers and stats we created from using the Chainlink VRF. Now we get the CID of the pinned image we created and add it to our metadata JSON file, and then add that file to IPFS as well, and pin it there! It’ll look something like this:


If our IPFS node goes down, or we turn off our computer, we won’t be able to pull our metadata, so we need a way to keep them pinned and have other nodes host the data. This is where Pinata comes in. Don’t worry, it’s free! This will just help keep the data up even when our IPFS node is down.

Create nft character

Next, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet to mint NFTs, pay fees, and receive cryptocurrency as payment if you sell your NFTs.

Luckily, you can make and sell NFTs through many online platforms. OpenSea is a popular platform for NFT auctions.

Step 1. Create an image or a series of images

The first thing to do before learning how to make an NFT is to identify the unique digital asset that you wish to tokenize. You can use it as a meme, GIF, painting, or any of the digital assets described above.

Keep in mind that an NFT is an exclusive digital item that can only have a single owner at any given point in time.
Remember that most NFT collections posted on NFT tools, such as Rarity, are ranked by their rarity, and that contributes to their value.

Create your own nft character

With the right market, you will not only be able to narrow down your audience (there are niche-specific NFT marketplaces out there), but also make sure that the NFT creation process is as simple and smooth as possible.

How should you go about picking the best market for yourself, though? Truth be told, no matter if you’re just learning how to create NFT artwork, or are already a proficient seller, there is one platform that stands out among them all – OpenSea.

There are multiple reasons for why that’s the case, as well. OpenSea has the largest selection of NFTs on the market, aggregating almost 20 million tokens as of writing this article.

Because of the frequency of similar launches and the money being thrown around, these NFT avatar launches feel similar to the ICO boom in early 2018, where buyers aped in hoping to see massive upswings in price. Avatars with rare traits from popular projects tend to explode in secondary market value on OpenSea, with some selling for many times over their initial mint price. Some buyers mint multiple of these NFTs at launch, hoping to quickly flip for a profit, while others hold long-term in the hopes that the project grows in popularity.

The market for NFT avatars is still relatively niche, which is why many of these projects have edition sizes of 10K, but only between 2K and 4K unique owners.

Create nft characterised

However, I like to think that all the best projects code their own smart contracts and mint from their own platform.

That being said, once you have the smart contract coded, you need a website with a mint button. Basically your website, which is considered Web 2, needs a button that can interact with your contract and the customers wallet.

I’m not sure if that’s possible with something like wordpress or squarespace. It probably is. But the industry standard tends to be websites designed with ReactJS on the front end.

You can find templates for React sites on EnvatoMarketplace, and if you need it – designers / developers on Fiverr or Upwork.

Hire Us To Make Your NFT Collection

Are you interested in creating your own NFT collection on ETH or Polygon? We offer consulting services or full on white label creation.

Create nft characterizes

We copy our CID of our Image and JSON metadata file, and add it to our Pinata account. It takes a few seconds to sign up.

This metadata json file is going to be our tokenURI, so we will modify our set-token-uri.js with the tokenId of the NFT we are giving a picture to, and adding the ipfs tokenURI.

Then we run it with:

truffle exec scripts/set-token-uri.js –network rinkeby

Now, we can get the address of our NFT and head on over to the OpenSea testnet marketplace to see if we did it correctly. If done correctly, it’ll look something like this. We will have to make an account with OpenSea first.

Here is the link for adding your testnet NFT contract to be viewed on opensea.

Create nft characters

The project roadmap includes plans to purchase land plots in metaverse games like Decentraland and Cryptovoxels to turn into graveyards. DeadHead NFT holders will also receive 3D model files of their avatars to use in those games. But even beyond that, DeadHeads ultimate goal is to fund an animated series.

The Vogu Collective

  • Highest Sale Price (pictured): 26.4 ETH
  • Floor Price: 0.4 ETH
  • Official Site:
  • Discord:
  • Edition Size: 7,777
  • Owners: 1.9K
  • Total Volume Traded: 2.8K ETH

The Vogu Collective has an especially distinct art style, combining streetwear fashion with robot characters.
Vogu just dropped on July 26, 2021 but it’s quickly gaining traction as one of the hottest projects in the NFT space.

Moreover, the BAYC team fostered a dedicated community around the project with an extremely active Discord and special benefits for holders. Each BAYC NFT grants entry to a special “Bathroom” section on the official BAYC website where users can write digital graffiti on a communal wall.

Bored Ape Kennel Club

  • Highest Sale Price (pictured): 45 ETH
  • Floor Price: 1.3 ETH
  • Official Site:
  • Discord: Same as BAYC
  • Edition Size: 9.6K
  • Owners: 4.3K
  • Total Volume Traded: 13K ETH

BAYC launched a spin-off project in June 2021 called Bored Ape Kennel Club, wherein every Ape holder could adopt a pet dog NFT for free.

If required is set to False, then the number of weights should be equal to the number of traits plus one.

In our case, if wristbands were required, we would define nine weights in the list and if it wasn’t required, we would define ten weights. In the latter case, the first weight would be the weight associated with not having the wristband at all.

Let’s take a look at the rarity_weights we defined for Wristbands.

[100, 5, 5, 15, 5, 5, 15, 15, 5, 1]

Since wristbands aren’t required, we have set ten weights (nine plus one). The first weight is the weight associated with not having a wristband at all.

The second weight is associated with the Cheetah band, the third weight is associated with the Giraffe band, and so on. Note the alphabetical order here.

The higher the weight, the more common a particular trait is.

We will be providing you with certain test images to play around with.The Scrappy Squirrels Collection

As part of this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of creating the Scrappy Squirrels NFTs, a real project that we have launched. This tutorial (and every subsequent one) has been created as part of our roadmap goals to make NFTs and blockchains more accessible to people. Do check out our Discord for more details. (Go on, we will wait :))

The squirrels have been generated using over 85 traits.

Here are a few samples.

The Generation Process

The squirrels that you see above were generated by stacking PNG images on top of one another. Although no blue-chip NFT projects describe how they generate their art, we are certain that this is what they do too.

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