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All popular NFT marketplaces follow the conventional auction model. Their revenue model is also adopted from traditional marketplaces. These platforms charge predefined fees from each sale served via the NFT shop. For example, Rarible, a virtual NFT gallery, charges 2.5% fees in Ethereum or local RARI coins from each lot on auctions.

Like every other marketplace, your platform should have storefronts of goods and a convenient search system. Besides, it’s important to take care of thorough moderation of digital assets uploaded to platforms and provide a clear and concise interface for sellers.

Cool nft projects

The founder has decided to focus all his energy on building rather than any kind of promotion, so you won’t find constant notifications of useless giveaways, collaborations, and other low-value events in the Discord chats.

Also, rather than the typical whitelist that many projects use during launch, which favors a few at the expense of the public, PunkScapes used a fairer launch mechanic whereby you could buy a OneDayPunk token that would later give you early access to the PunkScapes mint.

An interesting feature of these tokens is that they have a date field in the metadata. People have been using this date as a marker to find tokens that are relevant to them, for example, their birthdays.

Founder Jalil is a real star, always ready to help and respond to people in the Discord group, as well as being constantly building new things for the project.

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If anything, these are the doodles that keep things liquid, as people are typically not diamond-handing them but use them to get in and out of exposure to Doodles.

Following the Doodles launch, holders have enjoyed the Space Doodles experience, which in my view is a showcase of the capabilities of the Doodles team. It is also meant to be part of the longer-term vision of Doodles, so I’m excited to how that plays out.

The second big thing was the Dooplicator launch.
There is sparse information about what the utility of Dooplicators will be, but there are rumors that it will bring Doodles to the masses and also help holders profit off their Doodles.

Cool nft projects 2022

If you have purchased cards from the original contracts themselves before March 2021 you can wrap them in wrap curio cards, just look it up in the browser.

100. PX Quest

This project holds 5000 unique adventures and every character, land, and piece of loot are tradeable as ERC-721 tokens.
With them take back a time-fractured world, one dungeon raid at a time. Not just characters and lands, this project also features pets, staking, loot boxes, and many more.
They have launched the Genesis collection, the $CHRONOS Utility token along with the PX arena and kingdoms and dungeons.

These all NFT projects had taken the year 2021 by storm. Some have already been released and some have kept the enthusiasts in patience.
Judging from these projects NFTs don’t seem to be stopping from developing.

Coolest nft projects

Not just this there is a lot more that this project has in store for its holders.

7. VeeFriends

This NFT project has been created by Gary Vaynerchuk.

The project revolves around meaningful intellectual property and has formed an extraordinary community.

There will be updates of VeeFriends Series 1 experiences, BOOK GAMES, and much more exciting news. There is also a lunch of VeeCon Tickets which are 3 individual collectible NFTs that can be sold, traded, and bought on the way.


The Sandbox

This project is a very distinct and community-driven project. With the Sandbox, creators are able to monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain. This project hosts lands as NFTs and there are 166,464 lands.

Upon purchasing the land the owners have a myriad of things that they can do.

Interesting nft projects

Basically what it is is, it” s sort of like a 2D pixel project, and also they” re not really making guarantees on like what they” re gon na supply right? So they” re not stating. they ‘ re gon na make a game.They ‘ re not saying they” re. gon na do this and also that. They might do it in the future, however they” re kind of like no promises.

Every little thing” s supersecret and it” ll come out when it comes out. Why I really feel like this may. have capacity for the future, and again, it could go down, right? Is since their niche that. they” re trying to go after is that they are trying to integrate with other photo account jobs.

If you take place their site,. several of their partners include CyberKongz Supducks,. KaijuKingz and also Cool Cats. What are the important things that.

these tasks have in common is that they all currently.

Awesome nft projects

They are giving it all to make the upcoming Sandbox game a perfect one. The faster you get yourself a 2D alpaca the more assurance you will get to experience the Metaverse.



The PUNKS comic has taken a new and innovative step by collaborating with Bored Apes to launch Collector’s Editions of Issue #2.

This is the earliest IP licensing in the NFT space. The team of the project worked with every single owner of the Bored Apes to generate 8 alternate-cover PUNKS Comic Issue #2 collections.

This is a breakthrough in uniting the NFT communities through the medium of collaborative storytelling and IP development. The holders can also get the physical copies in the upcoming days.


Caked Apes Official

The Caked Apes are a collection of 8888 NFTs that are randomly generated.

Cool upcoming nft projects

At the very least, one can imagination a cartoon series of some sort. Here’s a clip showing the story of Spesh, the main character, that can be a taste of things to come.

There are IRL events being organised, although right now it’s very focused on the US, as most projects are.

I’m also pretty sure merch will be an integral part of this project, and what there is available right now is already looking good.

Again, this is the kind of project where I don’t need to hang around in Discord every day to check whether the founders/developers are still active and creating things and to judge whether I should continue holding it.

Interesting nft projects 2022

The NFTs have the appearance of codes right now and the real designs will appear when they are released.

The project is here for the long term and promises to not let down its enthusiasts. A game will also be launched where the NFTs will be the characters.

The project has become a sensation as the prices have skyrocketed. Judging from the looks of it this NFT project will be a very interesting one.


VOX Collectibles

VOX Collectibles is the NFT collection released by Gala. The first edition comprised 8,888 VOX avatars and was released on 10th August 2021.

They live on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

They have been generated from a wide range of traits and properties. Some avatars have rare traits hence making them valuable. The owners can also stack their VOX avatars to gain VOXcoin.

Cool new nft projects

The owners will also receive a fair share of royalties that are generated through a transaction fee in a public sale.

Being an owner of Space Bull, the owners will be able to join the community and become a part of the ever-evolving NFT project. The holders will also be able to vote on which direction the project shall focus on and so on.

This project quickly became popular and sold put in a matter of minutes.

89. Alpha Girl Club

This project is a collection of NFTs that are hand-drawn and formed from various vibrant colors, traits, and themes.

Upon owning an Alpha Girl there are a lot of utilities that the owner will get access to. The owners become a part of the Alpha community, access to the Alpha tools and Future Alpha drops.

They will also be able to experience virtual events and IRL events as well.

Cool cheap nft projects

Check the roadmap for the latest information. There definitely seems to be a long-term plan to continue adding value to this project.

If you’re thinking of buying a Cool Cat, you should take a look at this Twitter thread that can help you find the right cat for you.

Website | Discord | Twitter | OS | Dune


During a period of time where the NFT space was seemingly filled with cheap copies of successful copies, Doodles and Cool Cats in particular, this project caught my attention by providing some incredibly colorful and unique art as well as a fun and engaging story to go along with it.

Here is the 🧵about me and 3land

I’m Pom an artist who likes to draw for fun, when I was a kid.

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