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Gary Vaynerchuk. It usually provides 10,225 tokens, including admissions tokens, gift goats, and access tokens. The owner has customized these tokens with some doodles and drawings to make them appealing and attractive. Some unique technology of NFT can back these tokens. Thus, play the role of a rescuer.

This NFT aims to offer the user an opportunity to develop meaningful and intellectual property. It is an ambitious project that reveals what NFTs can do. Through this approach, Gary Vee makes us realize the vitality of NFTs and the sparkle of blockchain.

Average price: 20.83 ETH, an average of 7 days

Owners: 4920 Owners

7 Day Volume: 2,624.55 ETH

Total Volume: 25,550.34 ETH.

Twitter Account: @veefriends



Cool nft gifs

Learn what NFTs are and how to buy NFTs with BuyNFT!

Whether you want to buy NFTs, invest in NFTs, create NFTs or just want to learn about how NFTs work, we’ve got your back. is made up of industry veterans that have been working in the blockchain and crypto world for a significant period of time.

We’ve seen everything from the birth of Bitcoin to the boom of NFTs.

So, let’s all gather around the campfire and explore the fabulous world of NFTs, including how you can buy your very own NFT and make your own NFT collection!

It’s going to be an emotional roller-coaster, so strap in!

An introduction to investing in NFTs

The cryptocurrency world is coming out with new trends all the time, but the latest trend to take the world by storm is NFTs.

Cool nft gifts

There’s no guarantee that your NFT collection will be worth the same or more money when you come to sell it.

So if you’re going to invest in NFTs, remember that it’s highly volatile and incredibly risky.

It’s also easy to get hacked and have your NFTs stolen, especially if you don’t have the best cyber security.

Finally, if you’re going to buy NFT, you need to make sure that it’s actually worth the money.

Not all NFTs are worth paying for and a lot of artists are just creating hype to earn a quick buck.

So, before you buy NFT, make sure that you do some real homework on the artist.

If you do this, then you can make sure that when you buy NFT you’re getting a good deal on a good piece of art!

What’s the point of investing in NFTs?

NFTs come in all shapes and sizes, but most don’t really have a purpose.

It could be a screenshot of a Tweet, a GIF, a song, a video or just about anything else your heart desires.

Most NFTs are digital items as it’s easier to send and receive them over the blockchain.

But there are a few physical NFTs out there and companies are looking to use this tech.

For example, Nike has patented a method that allows you to verify the authenticity of sneakers using an NFT system, dubbed CryptoKicks.

So, there you have it.

NFTs are just tokens that live on a blockchain that validate the holder as the true owner of an item, be it digital or tangible.

How do NFTs work?

The world of blockchain and crypto can be really confusing, especially to those of us that aren’t technically minded.

And that’s totally fine, you don’t need to be able to explain exactly how blockchain works to be able to buy NFT and use them.

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They want everyone to join them and have a unique and magical experience ahead.

Average price: 0.17 ETH, an average of 7 days

Owners: 2528 Owners

7 Day Volume: 901.41 ETH

Total Volume: 965.1 ETH

Twitter Account: @U_UnicornsNFT


Discord: U_Unicorns

13. Doge Pound Puppies

The developers of The Doge Pound created another platform for NFT.

It is known as the Doge Pound Puppies. These tokens as puppies are adorable. These cute tokens have remarkable features to unlock.

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Basically ANYTHING that can be turned into a digital format can be turned into NFT.

Whatartists have had big success in the NFT world? There have been well documented examples of artists having huge success in the NFT world. An obvious one is Beeple who managed to achieve dizzy heights of monetary success in the Christie’s exhibition.
Beeple’s piece was a collage of 5000 photos he had posted online every day since 2007 and its sale in March of this year, helped fan the flames of NFT mania.

Other notable examples include Burnt Banksy, an artist who bought an original Banksy print, burnt it, filmed it being burnt and turned that film into an NFT which would be worth considerably more than the original Banksy!

Celebrities are also getting in on the game, with some doing one-off NFT drops that have garnered notable success.

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Finite is an undulating, mesmerising 3D render in the style of many of his catalogue of works – dark and moody. It’s hard to tear your eyes away from this piece, and we assume the buyer must have felt the same way as they shelled out a whopping $809,789.40 for the work in March 2021.


Blake Kathryn

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Blake Kathryn creates vibrant, ethereal digital art, which is both fantastical and futuristic. Kathryn counts Adobe, Fendi and Jimmy Choo among her list of clients, but she’s also an active player in the NFT space.

Seasons (above) is a stunning depiction of the seasons inside a series of vertically-rising rooms, described as ‘a reflection of time passed within familiar walls’.

The most popular cryptocurrency you’ll need when buying and selling NFTS, is Ethereum (also known as ETH). You will need this to pay for minting (listing) fees and also for mining (transaction) fees.

STEP TWO: Get a MetaMask Wallet (a Wallet) This is basically what you use to mint (list) your NFT on the blockchain and buy other NFTs.

It also holds all the NFTs you have (both the ones you own and the ones you buy). There are various other Wallets including Ledger, Binance and Coinbase) but I find MetaMask to be the most user-friendly.

STEP THREE: Open an Opensea account (a Platform) This is the platform/marketplace where you buy and sell NFTs. There are various other platforms including Rarible, Foundation and Superrare but I find Opensea (which is the biggest) to be the most user-friendly.

The interplay between NFT and real world has been illustrated many times but here are a couple of examples of ways NFT projects could help both Croydon and its creative community:

*Using NFT art to raise money to create site specific murals (which would then fund Croydon based artists to create them).

*Offer locally based creative experiences as part of the NFT sale. You can attach anything to the purchase of the NFT for example, a screen-printing lesson with a local artist.

To summarise, Croydon is in an amazing position to be the first London Borough to not only embrace this exciting new way of creating, buying and selling art but to really be at the forefront of using to revitalise the town and helping it realise its true potential.

(Sept 2021)

East Croydon Cool talks…is a blog series that explores topics of cultural interest via local area experts.

We’ve read A LOT about NFTs this year and have become mildly obsessed with how this new type of digital asset is revolutionising the world (and seemingly making a lot of people a lot of money!) Seriously, if you’ve not heard the term, do a quick Google search now – EVERYONE is talking about them. 😉

Whilst NFTs can (and are) impacting many industries and disciplines, the area we are most intrigued by is digital art. Since Croydon is a breeding ground for creative talent, we want to know how our local creatives can benefit from the NFT revolution.

We reached out to various people across the tech, financial and crypto currency industries in Croydon but struggled to find the right person to walk us through it all.

NFTs comes from exclusivity and scarcity (you are the only person who owns the original).

I will caveat this by saying that some NFT sellers are including more tangible products or experiences within the sale. For example, some artists may include a print of the artwork.
Others may include a Virtual Q and A (whereby the buyer gets to speak to the artist online).

Social Media’s favourite entrepreneur, Gary Vee, recently launched his NFT project called VeeFriends in which his NFT artworks of animals come with a ticket to a huge marketing convention and a range of other activities including one on one time with the man himself.

What is the future of NFT art? This is an incredibly exciting time and things are changing quickly! New platforms on new blockchains are opening all the time, offering a more dynamic experience in creating NFTs.

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