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Collectible glass animals nft

75% of the proceeds from the sale of these nifties will be donated to Giving Block nonprofits that have Covid-19 relief programs in place and 25% of proceeds will go to the NFT artist, Thomas Duffy.

Nifty MarketplaceDrop #5. These nifties became available for purchase on May 27, 2020.

Kenny Scharf is without a doubt one of the most renowned artists in the world. He rose to prominence from the burgeoning street art scene in New York City in the 1980s, and has worked alongside artists such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and more.

Collectible glass animals nft

Record labels take a cut of ticket sales, and while artists profit from them as well, COVID-19 will put an end to the live concert industry in 2020.

Content and experiences that are one of a kind

Artists have lots of freedom when it comes to what they wish to auction. NFTs for music might be both digital and tangible. Artists exchange albums, digital art, sound snippets, merchandising, concert tickets, and other non-fungible tokens.
Fans are excited to have these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and are willing to pay for them.

FYI, DJ and music producer3LAU made $11.6 millionin just 24 hours by selling music NFTs in February.

In future, the sport collectibles market is expected to grow with growing popularity of Major League Soccer and international sports. New and exciting deals are lurking around in the corner and waiting to be grabbed by the collectors who wont miss any collectible from their favourite athletes like Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Pete Rose and more.Many markets in the world endured a severe setback due to the global pandemic in the year 2020 but the sports collectible market continues to be soaring high since the early lockdown periods.
Digital purchases rose up to $200 million in 2020 and sales in popular platforms such as Ebay increased by 142% between 2019-2020.
His mum’s influence is even more apparent: sampled from old home movies, her voice recurs throughout Dreamland.

Two songs tell unsettling stories from Bayley’s time in Texas. “I see the bruise/ I see the truth/ I see what he’s been doing to you,” he sings on the anguished R&B of Domestic Bliss (Hawaii), remembering a child’s first encounter with violence. “Even at that young age you know something horrific is going on,” he says. Space Ghost (Coast to Coast) uses a gangsta rap homage to bring to life a youthful friendship gone wrong.
If you’re singing about listening to Dr Dre, who better to mix it than Dre protégé Derek “MixedbyAli” Ali? Similarly, Your Love’s conflicted booty call pays tribute to the formative influence of Timbaland and the Neptunes. “I was obsessed with those sounds,” Bayley says.

He regularly posts animated artwork series to Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

Perry’s second collection with Nifty Gateway will feature his similar high resolution and incredibly detailed 3D animation style.

Nifty MarketplaceDrop #16. These nifties became available for purchase on August 13, 2020.

Steven Baltay is a 3D artist and animator based in Brooklyn, NY. His work revolves around surreal representations of organic forms that evoke surprise, disgust, and satisfaction. He has worked with several well known artists and brands including Adobe, Beck, Bershka, Converse, Herno, Volvox Labs (Netflix), and Rose Pilkington (Ports 1961).

Heavily influenced by 80’s japanese artists and 90’s culture, Twisted Vacancy represents the many facets of his life through allegories displayed in his works.

At first, Twisted Vacancy only created art as part of his therapy, but over time began to display his work at galleries where it became recognized and sought after. He now continues to showcase his art in the traditional art market and the crypto art scene, and actively works with a number of brands in a creative collaboration or licensing capacity.

Shop Twisted Vacancy

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Nifty MarketplaceDrop #3.

These nifties became available for purchase on April 16, 2020.

Cey Adams draws inspiration from 60’s pop art, vintage sign paintings, and comics.

He has created some of the most recognizable murals in the world and has held countless exhibitions over the past 30 years.

One of Kenny’s guiding principles is to reach out beyond the elitist boundaries of fine art and connect to popular culture through art, creating the best possible work every time. Kenny views his expansion into nifties as an extension of this underlying philosophy.

Hackatao is an artist duo formed in Milan in 2007; “Hack” for the pleasure of going under the skin and discovering what’s hidden inside, “Tao” for the yin and yang of their creative dynamic.

After exploring sculpture, canvas, and different techniques, Hackatao began storing their work on the blockchain and were soon considered amongst the top artists pioneering the space.

There are three nifties in his collection — each is extremely rare.

Nifty MarketplaceDrop #11. These nifties became available for purchase on July 16, 2020.

Darel Carey is a visual artist based in Los Angeles who is fascinated by psychology and our visual understanding of the world around us. With optical and spatial perception as his main focus, Darel uses lines to shape and bend the perceived dimensions of a surface or a space.
His current work includes dimensional line paintings, digital art, murals, and immersive tape installations.

Darel sees a strong connection between his art and the patterns of nature and is inspired by the works and writings of cosmologists Lawrence Krauss and Sean Carroll, and the artist MC Escher. Darel is a veteran of the U.S.

There are around 23,000 athletes in the marketplace who have one or more sport collectibles revolving around the world at hefty prices.Trading cards are still very much prevalent among the sport collectible industry and 98% of sports collectors. At the instant, Eli Mannings autographed sport collectibles are the top-sold ones and he is the sole reason behind 2.1% of sales followed shortly by Michael Jordan (1.8%), Peyton Manning (1.5%), Mickey Mantle (1.2%), and Tom Brady (1.2%).

The National Football League and Major League Baseball are the top organizations who sell 34% and 26% of all sport collectibles in the United States respectively.The Driving factors of the sports collectible market are the new arrivals of players from various teams in the market, increased number of rare items and increasing influence of athletes on target collectors.
Added Jack.

“Our crossover with Jack Storms demonstrates how Coinllectibles Fusion NFTs will benefit artists and collectors from around the world,” stated Benny Phang, Managing Director at SGI Partners & Advisor at Coinllectibles. ” Our Fusion NFTs, like centuries of art, will bring people from all walks of life together,” added Dr Herbert Lee, Founder and Advisory Board Chairman of Coinllectibles.

The NFT marketplace has yet to be announced, but is rumored to be soon. More information and updates can be found in the website, coinllectibles.art.

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“Coinllectibles” is an ACT (Arts and Collectibles Technology) company, which is redefining how the world thinks about art and collectible ownership in the digital age.

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