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We are a family of really strong individuals, really different people,” she says.

Her foray into the realm of decentralized finance has in many ways been shaped by her grandfather’s approach to value investing. “It’s not just about the money, or about scoring the points and winning the game,” she says. “It’s about what’s behind it. How does this serve the world in general, beyond a financial game that is being played? I think there is a responsibility and a moral perspective there, and that is very much a Buffett thing.”

The methodology that goes into investing in NFTs or art isn’t all that different from the methodology that goes into investing in stocks, bonds, or any other asset class, she notes.

Cityverse nft

#Metroverse has 4 zones:

➡️ Residential: houses, mansions, etc ➡️ Commercial: shops, restaurants, stadiums, etc ➡️ Industrial: factories, warehouses, etc ➡️ Public: transport, schools, hospitals etc

The public zone is unlike the other 3 – do you know why?

— Metroverse (@themetroverse) December 20, 2021

So each city block has its own score between 200 and 500 that is calculated based on the residential, commercial, and industrial buildings within it and their rarity.

For example, in the tweet above, that particular city block has a score of 360, which is calculated as the sum of the individual scores of the buildings sitting on the block.

For example, a skyscraper is rarer than a house and therefore will have a higher score.

New skyscrapers are emerging in Metroverse everyday.

Cityverse nft opensea

Participants can get equity in the metaverse, and the future of the metaverse is in the hands of the users.

  • User governance. Most crypto metaverses are democratic environments that have a governance token and a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) to enable users to take control of the metaverse and decide on future updates or changes through voting.
  • Transparent ownership. Crypto metaverses use in-game items, that can be represented through cryptocurrency tokens and metaverse NFTs.

    Gamers can truly own the assets they buy in a game and anyone can easily check on the blockchain the true owner and value of a metaverse token.

  • Crypto tokens have real-life economic value. Users of a metaverse can easily trade the metaverse NFTs and tokens on DEXs or NFT marketplaces.
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    Crypto Metaverse Games and Apps

    Since the metaverse requires a safe and transparent technology to incorporate all aspects of a virtual world, including a financial environment, the rise of crypto metaverses has started. A metaverse app can be built on top of a programmable blockchain that supports smart contracts, such as Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Harmony and others.

    A crypto metaverse is all around the economy within the virtual space, which will rely on metaverse NFTs and tokens.

    How are crypto metaverse app different from traditional online multiplayer games?

    Firstly, the core component of the crypto metaverse apps and NFTs are :

    • Decentralisation.
      A crypto metaverse is not owned or controlled by a central entity. At least a part of the metaverse is built on the blockchain.

    NFT platform OpenSea, which reported more than $3 billion in sales on 2 million transactions. Even with crypto hitting September speedbumps, OpenSea’s 30-day trailing sales came in at $3.2 billion as of this week, with 2.4 million transactions.

    This year, trophy sales of NFTs by Sotheby’s and Christie’s — which fetched $69 million for an NFT in March, while accepting payment in either cash or cryptocurrency — have forced even the most passionate NFT naysayers to consider the gold mine they may be shirking if they ignore the crush of crypto-rich millennials pouring bids into the market.

    For Nicole Buffett, creating NFTs of her paintings, especially during the pandemic, when in-person art shows and gallery openings have been a near impossibility, allowed her to expand her circle of buyers globally — a large proportion of them young, entrepreneurial, and tech-savvy.

    This, as with much crypto, creates their authenticity and scarcity. For artists like Buffett, it also establishes an NFT’s provenance and chain of ownership so sales can be tracked in real time.

    As a result, the assortment of items now being tokenized and tossed onto the blockchain is near-bottomless: photos, paintings, collages, musical compositions, and virtually every type of art imaginable; game, video, and audio files; celebrity tweets, texts, memes, and selfies.

    Charmin even began selling toilet-paper-themed NFT art this past spring, smirkingly dubbing it “NFT(P),” nonfungible toilet paper.

    NFTs were quietly introduced several years ago but only this year crossed the line from quirky collectibles to serious bank. Marketplace data show sales of NFTs topped $2.5 billion during the first half of the year, dwarfing the prior-year period of $13.7 million.

    My grandfather will look at something and ask, ‘Does it have integrity? Does it have sustaining value? What are the components; can you break them down? What’s the concept behind it? Has it ever been in the marketplace before, and has anyone ever bought it or sold it?’ Art is very much like that.”

    Since offering her first NFTs several months ago, Buffett has released four collections. Her most popular collection so far is her first, “Spirit Coins.” Simple and brightly hued, they’re paintings that seek to evoke “the way the spirit sits when you are in a circle,” she says.
    “They are about bringing clarity and light to these technology spaces. It’s really an ode to ancient practices. They are small and meditative.”

    The immediacy of the NFT medium is a major part of its appeal, both for artists and investors, Buffett says, as an NFT can be sold the same day it is minted.

    It’s a function of how money and culture coexist. It’s putting a flag in the ground — it’s very Christopher Columbus. And of course, someone has to pay for that. It’s clubby and much of it is very hype-driven.
    But these big sales mean we get to decide the value of our art and prove that the belief is real.”

    Does the Buffett name bring clients in? Yes, but most of the time, she says, millennials only learn of the connection to Warren Buffett after buying her work. Dan Sickles, a 33-year-old New York-based filmmaker who purchased an NFT of Buffett’s painting Opal Moon No. 6, has never met her in person and didn’t know anything about her family history. They connected through the CryptoPunks community, an early NFT art project that recently surpassed $1 billion in all-time sales.

    Metroverse theatre! We’re wondering if 0xRam has a hidden degree in architecture he has not told us about!

    Tell us what you think and you could win a spot on the whitelist! 🔥

    — Metroverse (@themetroverse) December 22, 2021

    Other NFT Collaborations

    Metroverse is also giving away whitelist spots to other projects to give to their communities.

    For example, Metroverse gave BearX — which is another NFT project I’m in and that I’ve covered in my content — 10 whitelist spots, and everyone in the BearX community could enter in.

    And Metroverse is doing similar collaborations with other projects.

    Influencer Collaborations

    Metroverse is also doing collaborations with NFT influencers like Kosher Plug for example.




    The first time is awkward, clunky, and discomfiting, but then you get better at it, says Nicole Buffett, the 45-year-old granddaughter of Warren Buffett.

    She still remembers her trepidations when trying to create a nonfungible token, popularly known as an NFT. “I was definitely like the annoying person who doesn’t get it, asking a bunch of questions,” says the abstract painter and mixed-media artist. But she also felt like she was stepping into a fascinating new world.

    “It was wild, it was very exciting,” Buffett says. “I was like, ‘Oh no, I have to do all this technological stuff.’ It felt uncomfortable. It was like learning a new language.”

    Regarded by much of Wall Street as a curious extravagance, NFTs are digital assets encoded in an online ledger or blockchain as part of a “minting” process, which certifies them as unique and noninterchangeable.

    Explore the metaverse

    After you connect your wallet, you will be able to access and experience the metaverse. Users can interact with each other and set a custom avatar for the metaverse.

    Step 4.
    Buy Metaverse NFTs from the marketplace

    Metaverses have incorporated NFT marketplaces, where you can buy or sell NFTs, using the crypto metaverse native token. To buy an NFT, you will need to hold the required sum in the wallet you used to connect the metaverse.

    The Metaverse Is Free

    Obviously, users can enjoy the metaverse for free, and there’s no requirement to buy a metaverse NFT.

    My Major Concern With the Metroverse NFT

    But there is one thing about this project that gives me pause, and that is the fact that the team is not doxxed.

    What we know about the team so far is found in the Team channel in the Metroverse Discord, and while based on the bios for the team members, it sounds like a stellar team — the founder 0xSlice is apparently a Silicon Valley tech nerd with 18 years of experience is various positions for Silicon Valley-based tech startups and there are other very well-qualified members as well, including designers with decades of experience — we don’t know their real names.

    There’s always a chance that with an anonymous team that they’re completely fake.

    And the team has been directly asked in the Discord why they choose to be anonymous, and here’s what the founder, 0xSlice, said:

    “Within the team we are all doxxed.

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