Christmas tree nft

christmas tree nft

Dear community,

Tis the season to be jolly! We at Lympo want to wish you a Christmas that’s merry and bright! We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season with lots of gifts under the Christmas tree.

We come bearing gifts too! To thank you all for being with us this year, we are launching a special Lympo Christmas Event!

Christmas has us feeling extra Santa-mental so we are giving away 1 of 3 limited-edition Christmas-themed Lympo NFTs to everyone who participates in the Lympo NFT Staking Platform over the holidays.

Get One of These NFTs For Free!

Celebrating the strength of the Lympo Community. This NFT acts as a beacon, showcasing the willpower it takes to accomplish even a single act of power.

Christmas tree nft

Think of having this virtual furniture the same way you have your favorite albums on your phone or some abstract painting of one of the world’s best artists.

The more you go into the crypto world, the more you will find non-fungible works more attractive and great to have. So, before you jump on the first NFT album released by Kings of Leon, you can order that NFT furniture.

You can display it in a virtual shared space

With the growth of virtual shared spaces, you can do a lot with NFT furniture.

You can explore the 3-D model of the future with any of the augmented reality tools available. You can broadcast them via video games or upload them to any web pages that allow game players to upload their non-fungible tokens collection.

Then, you can have it exhibited in a virtual museum.

Rockefeller christmas tree nft

Jan. 1, 2022. Just a mere four days after the posting on the NFT marketplace, it still hasn’t made much of a splash.

As of Friday, the Christmas Tree — or “digital artifact,” as it has been snarkily dubbed by Curbed — has only 122 views, four likes and three bids.

One of the bids comes in at the tune of $500 — or, 0.13 units of cryptocurrency Ethereum — which is certainly cheaper than what the real-life tourist attraction must cost at Rockefeller Center, where it has lived since 1932.

The iconic 12-ton spruce, which stuns with 50,000 colorful lights, is a glamorous sight looming over an ice skating rink.

Speyer, the global real estate company that owns Midtown NYC’s iconic Rockefeller Center, launched a bid to stay on trend this week by chiming into the NFT market, right alongside the likes of former FLOTUS Melania Trump and the ghost of Marvel guru Stan Lee.

While fancy yachts and luxury real estate are among some recently minted NFTs — meaning non-fungible tokens — Speyer has positioned the beloved Rockefeller Christmas Tree in the same camp.

But don’t be fooled: The actual holiday spectacular is not what’s being sold.

Instead, the tree’s NFT developer made an animated GIF of a cartoon tree — bearing little resemblance to the real thing — topped with a banner reading “79 feet,” which is the real deal’s reported height.

Not surprisingly, it hasn’t gone so well.

Rockefeller Center appears to have pursued minimal promo before posting the NFT on OpenSea on Dec.

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Nft christmas tree

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NFTs to create a unique mash-up of culture and design fit for the digital age.

The sculptural piece invites shoppers to explore the work of eight NFT creators, inspiring them to become NFT art collectors by incorporating QR codes that connect to the profiles of creators Aldous Massie, Bianca Beers, David Porte Beckefeld, James Jirat Patradoon, Jonathan Puc, Lucius Ha, Rel Pham and Serwah Attafuah on Foundation.

NFT: Illuminated complements work undertaken by Fabric to provide bespoke signage and a new brand identity for The Galeries on behalf of Vicinity Centres.

Vicinity head of brand marketing and experience (premium) Corrine Barchanowicz said: “The Galeries has long been a destination for the contemporary and unique, and we wanted to extend that vision into Christmas by combining unique artwork with new technology.

Tishman Speyer pays to put up the real thing each December. This year’s 12-ton, 85-year-old Norway spruce was trucked in from Elkton, Maryland, after it was cut down and lifted by crane.

The physical tree is adorned with more than 50,000 lights and topped with a 900-pound star covered in 3 million crystals.

Tishman has overseen the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree since it bought the famed New York City landmark for $1.85 billion in 2000.

The complex was built in the 1930s and was renovated in 1996.

Though the auction marks Tishman Speyer’s first foray into the NFT business, a number of physical real estate players have started dabbling in the sales of virtual homes and artwork as NFTs.

In March, the first ever “digital house,” designed by a Toronto-based artist, sold for 288 Ethereum tokens — or around $1.09 million in today’s ever-volatile cryptocurrency prices.

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Dedicated to the incredible feats of strength Lympo athletes and members demonstrated throughout 2021.

Celebrating the agility of the Lympo Community. This NFT acts as a beacon, reminding that anyone can sparkle like ice upon the winter stone.
Dedicated to the athletic agility Lympo athletes and members demonstrated throughout 2021.

Celebrating the mental prowess of the Lympo Community. This NFT serves as a beacon. Reminding that when the time comes to act — a champion acts without hesitation! Dedicated to the strategic intelligence Lympo athletes and members demonstrated throughout 2021.

These NFTs are part of an exclusive event and mainly serve as collectibles.

The Mad Santa is a collection of 150 uniquely created NFTs. These creations are stored on the Solana blockchain.

With a creative story line behind it, we present to you these spooky collections of Santa, with varied rarity and a different twist to what Santa has evolved to become or not or could Santa be a twin? Hahahaha! Santa has changed from its original, nice, gift bearing character we all know him as, into different strange looking characters that represent the opposite of its original nature. We know you may be wondering if Santa would still come around bearing gifts. Well, why don’t you wait to find out.

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