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Without further ado, let’s check the top 20 most expensive NFTs.1) The Merge – PAK’s NFT Artwork – Currently The Most Expensive NFT Which Is Sold For $91.8 Million

The Merge NFT- Image Source Nifty Gateway

Currently, The Merge – PAK’s NFT Artwork is the topmost expensive NFT so far in 2022. Murat Pak is one of the most famous digital artists and a huge name in the NFT space and he created pieces of ‘masses’ that people could buy, instead of creating a discreet static piece. This collection of masses became the ‘Merge’ and the total value of the Merge NFT sales has been coming around US$91.8 million.

Cat punks nft

Where do I look for NFT projects?

Although there are thousands of online NFT markets, OpenSea remains the major daddy. You’ll discover a multitude of NFTs on this Ethereum-based platform, ranging from the uber-popular BAYC to smaller specialized projects. Because OpenSea is a “open” NFT marketplace, anybody with a MetaMask wallet may mint, buy, or sell NFTs.

Although OpenSea is the most popular site for buying NFTs, it is far from the only one.
Rarible and SuperRare are two more popular Ethereum-based NFT markets.

Outside of Ethereum, NFT markets have appeared on a variety of rival chains, including:

NFT galleries are also linked to the websites of centralized crypto exchanges. Gemini, for example, operates the controlled Nifty Gateway, while has its own NFT Marketplace. Fans of Coinbase may also look forward to a new NFT marketplace in 2022.

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It was sold for 819 ETH or US$ 3.14 million and is one of the most expensive NFT Bored Ape that has been sold to date. It is one that has evoked envy in the hearts of traders and collectors alike.19) Meebit NFT #10761 Sold For US$ 2.7 Million.

After Larva Labs enjoyed wild success with their Crypto Punks series with some of them still featuring amongst the most expensive NFT sold on OpenSea, the Meebit collection debuted in 2021 as a follow-up to the wildly successful collection. And it lived up every bit to the expectations of the creators and the fans.

The Meebit collection features 20,000 Voxel 3D characters which seem like they have logically evolved from the 2D pixelated Crypto Punks! The Meebit #10761 is one of the rarest of the collection since it is one of those ‘dissected’ Meebits with a ‘ghoulish’ appearance.

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NFT drops.

Key Facts

The CryptoDads (#11)

The CryptoDads’ source

If you’re an experienced crypto investor, you may like to flaunt your personality with a CryptoDad NFT.

This collection of 10,000 NFTs includes individuals with unusual characteristics who were produced at random. Developers say these fathers were going through a “midlife crisis” as they plunged further down the crypto rabbit hole in a tongue-in-cheek description of the project. Some CryptoDads seem to have made new fortunes, while others appear to have been “rekt” by the volatility.

Members of the CryptoDads community may participate in the project’s entertaining activities, which include a popular “lawnmower racing challenge.” The makers of CryptoDads also want to include a metaverse game and the possibility to gather CryptoMoms and CryptoTots.

This paper should outline the NFT team’s future development objectives.

A effective roadmap should include attainable objectives that contribute to the advancement of the NFT project’s key functionality while also increasing the motivation to retain these tokens. To gain a sense of the project’s direction, carefully check the roadmap on your NFT team’s website.

Many individuals purchase NFTs more for the sense of belonging to an exclusive group than for the artwork. Building a feeling of community has become a critical component of an NFT project’s success post-BAYC.
Company executives must develop a distinct design and ambiance that encourages NFT holders to bond.

Consider if this NFT initiative is something you’d like to join in real life.

So, although these Bitcoins theoretically trade at market value, they have a unique “fingerprint” that may prevent them from being sold.

On the other hand, the price of Bitcoin is well-known. All you have to do is look it up on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap. NFTs like BAYC and CryptoPunks are not in the same boat.
An NFT, like a Rembrandt painting or a rare baseball card, is only worth what other people think it is worth.

Bitcoin isn’t regarded an NFT in general since it may be traded for a set price with exchanges or other individuals. Some in the crypto community, however, contend that Bitcoin contains several NFT-like characteristics.

Last Thoughts

NFTs aren’t going anywhere.

Do you wish to know details about some of the most expensive NFTs sold so far? Do you wish to know what is the most expensive NFT Art Collections? Since the craze continues in 2022, you could also be wondering what is the most expensive NFT 2022?

In the following sections, we wish to make you aware of the top 20 most expensive NFTs sold so far including the most expensive NFT sold on OpenSea. We will tell you about those NFTs including the specific features that made them priceless in the market. So if you wish to know about the top 20 most expensive NFTs sold as of 20th May 2022, keep reading till the end.

The Top 20 Most Expensive NFTs Sales In 2022: Overview

Amongst the most expensive NFTs sold, there are various kinds of assets like the Canadian rapper Weeknd’s unreleased albums sold as NFT tokens for US$ 490,000 each, snowballing into a massive US$ 2 million.

Although Beeple is one of the iconic NFT studios, this isn’t their most expensive NFT 2022.11) CryptoPunk NFT #5217 – Sold For US$ 5.45 Million.

Image source:

CryptoPunk NFT #5217 is one of the rarest CryptoPunks as it has multiple attributes of various CryptoPunk variants. For example one of the 419 knitted caps, one of the 169 gold chains around its neck, and most importantly it is one of the 24 apes that are there in the series!

That is why initially it was sold in 2018 at around US$ 1800, but later, in July 2021, it became one of the most expensive NFTs sold at around US$ 5.45 million.

12) Edward Snowden’s Stay Free NFT: Sold For US$ 5.4 Million.

The name of Edward Snowden is etched in the pages of history with his release of classified information from the NSA in 2013.

Eight years after that gigantic sensational news that rocked the world, Edward Snowden again made it to the news screen by selling the ‘Stay Free’ NFT for nearly US$ 5.4 million.

One of the top 20 most expensive NFTs ever sold contains Edward Snowden’s portrait etched against the landmark court rulings where it said that the NSA did implement mass surveillance violations using its power.

13) This Changed Everything NFT: Sold For US$ 5.4 Million

This Changed Everything actually symbolized the creation of the internet through an NFT which contained an artistic view of the source code of one of the earliest or initial versions of the World Wide Web.

I’m hoping by doing this it will open the floodgates to a whole new economy for meme creators and artists to validate their work.”

By using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to distribute art, content creators like Torres are able to capitalize on their art while buyers ensure they are receiving an authentic piece of digital art, the same principle applied in the traditional art market that grants more to original pieces than their copies.

Celebrities are Jumping on the NFT Bandwagon

In recent months, the Nonniche has seen growing popularity among celebrities with the likes of Lindsay Logan minting their own tokens and selling them in NFT markets. Back in early February, the actress sold an NFT with an image on her face for over $17,000 which was later resold for $57,000.

Lohan is now selling a Daft-Punk NFT for 8.8 ETH, which is around $15 at this time.

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