Cat punks nft solana

cat punks nft solana

If anyone asks ‘what is the most expensive NFT art’? , then the Merge outsells its nearest competitors by a mile!2) The First 5000 Days: Second Most Expensive NFT Which Sold For US$ 69 Million

Image Source:

This massive collection of artworks by Beeple was sold for US$ 69 million by auction house Christie’s in their first-ever auction. It contains artworks titled ‘Everydays’ – since Beeple never missed a single day of creating artworks since 2007. This also makes Beeple the second most expensive NFT on our list.

3) PAK’s Clock NFT: Sold For US$ 52.74 Million

Pak, Clock. Source:

Developed by Pak and Julian Assange and dropped in February 2022, this PAK’s Clock NFT currently ranks in third place for the highest valued NFT sales for 2022.

Cat punk nft solana

NFT market blew up in 2021.

CryptoPunks prices soared over the last year, but Larva remained largely hands-off with the community, not offering loads of perks like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, nor offering guidance on whether owners could commercialize the IP rights of their respective Punks.

Hemba, who claimed the most free CryptoPunks at launch in 2017—but sold most of them before the boom, hence his Twitter name,soldthebottom—described Larva Labs toDecryptas being like an “absent dad” to the Punks community.

When selling its CryptoPunks andMeebitsproject IP rights to Yuga Labs in March, even theLarva duo admittedthat their “personalities and skill sets aren’t well suited” to managing the ongoing demands and community interactions required of a high-profile NFT project.

It’s not entirely clear how Yuga Labs plans to use the CryptoPunks going forward.

Cat punks nft solana

Without further ado, let’s check the top 20 most expensive NFTs.1) The Merge – PAK’s NFT Artwork – Currently The Most Expensive NFT Which Is Sold For $91.8 Million

The Merge NFT- Image Source Nifty Gateway

Currently, The Merge – PAK’s NFT Artwork is the topmost expensive NFT so far in 2022. Murat Pak is one of the most famous digital artists and a huge name in the NFT space and he created pieces of ‘masses’ that people could buy, instead of creating a discreet static piece.

This collection of masses became the ‘Merge’ and the total value of the Merge NFT sales has been coming around US$91.8 million.

Cat punks nft solanaceae

NFT sold on OpenSea to an anonymous buyer for US$ 5.4 million, although the bidding for the NFT had begun in June 2021 with USD 1000.14) Save Thousands Of Lives NFT Sold For US$ 4.5 Million

The ‘Save Thousands of Lives’ project was created by Noora Health so that the proceedings from this NFT actually go to the purpose of saving lives across the world.

Created on May 3, 2021, and sold at US$ 4.5 million, Noora Health is using 100% of the proceeds in caring for mothers and babies in South Asia.

The foundation feels that it can create a difference by saving more than 9 children out of 1000 born, with US$1235 invested in every life that gets saved.

15) CryptoPunk NFT #2338 Sold For US$ 4.32 Million

Image source:

One of the most popular NFT collections that shot to public attention was the CryptoPunks by the Larva Labs.

Cat punks nft solanacearum

Do you wish to know details about some of the most expensive NFTs sold so far? Do you wish to know what is the most expensive NFT Art Collections? Since the craze continues in 2022, you could also be wondering what is the most expensive NFT 2022?

In the following sections, we wish to make you aware of the top 20 most expensive NFTs sold so far including the most expensive NFT sold on OpenSea. We will tell you about those NFTs including the specific features that made them priceless in the market.
So if you wish to know about the top 20 most expensive NFTs sold as of 20th May 2022, keep reading till the end.

The Top 20 Most Expensive NFTs Sales In 2022: Overview

Amongst the most expensive NFTs sold, there are various kinds of assets like the Canadian rapper Weeknd’s unreleased albums sold as NFT tokens for US$ 490,000 each, snowballing into a massive US$ 2 million.

That made it to the club of the top 20 most expensive NFTs with a price of nearly US$ 4 million.

Someday, if someone asks ‘what is the most expensive NFT art’ and this meme coin which also has blockchain applications and is gaining traction fast, becomes the most expensive one, it will be a meme upon us – humanity!

18) Bored Ape NFT Yacht Club #8817 Sold For US$ 3.14 Million

Source: Opensea

Just like CryptoPunks earned a lot of premium in the NFT ecosystem with their collection of thousands of punks, the Bored Ape NFT Yacht Club was one such collection that got a lot of praise from the artist community as well as the NFT traders who kept on cashing in on the out-of-the-box apes!

One of those was the Bored Ape #8817 which is only one of the select numbers of Gold Apes in the entire collection and therefore is a rare commodity.

Jeho charakteristickým rysem je high-tech vzhled a lesk.

  • The Awakened – Probuzení představují 5 % z celkové populace. Jen oni znají pravdu.
  • catpunkové gangy

    Kromě různých tříd CatPunks obsahuje Paw City ™ také čtyři různé gangy rozdělené podle regionu, kterému ve městě vládnou.

    • All-Nighters například vlastní noční kluby na východní straně města.
    • Kabutowari řídí obchod s drogami na jižní straně Paw City™.
    • Zlomený čip drží sever.
    • Katana gang ovládá západní stranu.

    Tyto gangy také provádějí různé podzemní aktivity v Paw City™.

    Vyplatí se investovat do CatPunks?

    Zatímco 9 z 10 projektů NFT dnes postrádá originalitu a vizi, tým ZodiLab se ukázal jako kompetentní poté, co úspěšně splnil milníky ve svém scénáři dříve, než se očekávalo.

    3D galerie je již online, stejně jako 3 sbírky NFT.

    US$ 7.57 million as of the date when this article is being written.8) ‘Right Click Save As Guy’ NFT – Sold For US$ 7.1 Million

    The ‘Right click save as’ is one of the popular jokes amongst the population that is not into NFTs. Their reason is that digital art can be copied and sent across without virtually any cost.

    So why are NFTs commanding so much value? Although it is true that the receipts associated with the art cannot be replicated, the art itself can be.

    However, Snoop Dogg, one of the most popular figures who has taken a liking to everything in the Metaverse, crypto, web3, and NFT space, bought this particular NFT at US$ 7.1 million, and this NFT is landed on your most expensive list.

    9) Ringers #879 NFT by Dimitri Cherniak : Sold For $5.8M Sale

    Image Source: Opensea

    It is a collection of randomly generated digital artworks by Dimitri Cherniak.

    CryptoPunks and that they “don’t like” them.

    Likewise, some V2 owners aren’t thrilled about the rise of V1 Punks.

    PSA: “V1 Punks” are not official Cryptopunks. We don’t like them, and we’ve got 1,000 of them… so draw your own conclusions.
    Any proceeds will be used to purchase real Cryptopunks!

    — CryptoPunks (@cryptopunksnfts) January 25, 2022

    But at the same time, Larva Labs also wrapped and sold some of its owned V1 Punks—a move thatthe duo apologized for in February, calling it “stupid” and a “bad decision.” All told, they made about $622,000 worth of ETH at the time from selling off V1 Punks.

    Larva Labs ultimately spent the funds buying up official V2 Punks NFTs from owners and donated a matching amount to charity, but the clumsy situation left a bad taste in the mouths of some Punks owners.

    FISH lze také použít k odemknutí dalších funkcí v galerii a 3D místnosti, jako jsou témata. 3D Meow Bar bude brzy také hostit speciální akce s žetony FISH jako platební záznamy.

    V tuto chvíli je jediným způsobem, jak získat nějaké RYBY, získat je z měsíčních výsadků jako držitel OG Pass nebo prostřednictvím komunitních akcí, soutěží a dárků na serveru CatPunk Discord.

    Kdo je ZodiLab?

    Zodilabs je tým za CatPunks. Skládají je umělci a vývojáři Web3 inspirovaní žánrem kyberpunk.
    Bohatý příběh CatPunks je toho důkazem.

    CatPunk třídy

    V Paw City™ jsou čtyři třídy CatPunks:

    • Punks – Punks představují 55 % celkové populace.
    • Nosiče zbraní – Nosiče zbraní představují 30 % celkové populace.

    Although Beeple is one of the iconic NFT studios, this isn’t their most expensive NFT 2022.11) CryptoPunk NFT #5217 – Sold For US$ 5.45 Million.

    Image source:

    CryptoPunk NFT #5217 is one of the rarest CryptoPunks as it has multiple attributes of various CryptoPunk variants. For example one of the 419 knitted caps, one of the 169 gold chains around its neck, and most importantly it is one of the 24 apes that are there in the series!

    That is why initially it was sold in 2018 at around US$ 1800, but later, in July 2021, it became one of the most expensive NFTs sold at around US$ 5.45 million.

    12) Edward Snowden’s Stay Free NFT: Sold For US$ 5.4 Million.

    The name of Edward Snowden is etched in the pages of history with his release of classified information from the NSA in 2013.

    I said, ‘That’s a scammer.’”

    While the V1 Punks project already has its own webpage, the standalone Rarible marketplace is a much more robust effort. It’s fully customizable, so the V1 Punks can share their own story and welcome their community, plus a share of the marketplace fees will go to the V1 treasury.
    Frank said that it could fund future community-driven projects and initiatives.

    Importantly, it’s also a dedicated home for the V1 Punks. Rarible has made a few of these custom marketplaces for other NFT projects, includingSolana’s Degenerate Ape Academyand Ethereum’s Meta Angels.

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