Carbon drop nft

carbon drop nft

Aerial soft-launched last October as a company allowing people to offset the carbon emissions produced primarily by their travel. The app can sift through users’ emails to find Uber rides and flights, and it converts those emissions into dollar amounts, which users can pay to environmental organizations that are restoring more carbon to the earth through practices such as forest conservation. The team had long considered tackling cryptocurrency emissions and prioritized it after NFTs suddenly became mainstream. “We want to build products that reach a wide audience, and that help raise awareness around sustainability and climate action,” Homer says.

When using Aerial’s app to offset a purchased NFT, users paste in the collection address of the NFT drop, or the wallet used to mint the token, which will generate an estimate of the carbon footprint.

Carbon drop nft

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  • The funds raised were beyond expectations, initially the organizers expected to reach a half million dollars, at most. The conversation generated around the event, and the awareness it created, was another huge positive.

    The participating artists are among the most-watched celebrity creators, and have followings in millions on social media, and so the issue of climate change got much-needed publicity.

    Dr. Wainstein also noted that the NFT Art space does not directly impact the environment.

    The space does not use Bitcoin, which is the primary threat in the crypto world, but instead runs on Ethereum. He also said that since NFT Art has developed as a medium, it has generated a lot of awareness, and brought about platform innovation. Other spaces have also now started adjusting their mechanisms to ensure that their platforms start “cleaning up”.

    A forest conservation project in Brazil backed by FIFA for the 2014 World Cup was suspended after loggers destroyed more trees than all the credits sold, ProPublica reported.

    “When it comes to offsets, the jury is still out,” said Heidi Roop, an assistant professor in the Department of Soil, Water, and Climate at the University of Minnesota, in an interview with Hyperallergic. “On the whole, I think the broad consensus is that any of the price points that have been put on a unit of carbon that you’re offsetting are monumentally cheaper than the actual cost of climate change that will be incurred as a result of the production of the emissions of that carbon.”

    “Sure, it’s better than nothing. But is it enough? The answer is no,” Roop said.

    Ethereum. This followup is a quick and easy guide on how to turn your NFTs from carbon emitters into carbon removers. We piloted this with Imogen Heap for her first NFT drop, so we know this method works!Step 1: Figure out the carbon footprint of your NFT drop

    Fortunately, this can be a lot easier than you think.

    IMO, people spend way too much time trying to analyze so precisely what their carbon footprint is. It’s a better use of time to look at well-researched benchmarks, adjust upward to account for error, and then go with that.

    Here is a very reasonable guide that estimates a typical NFT on Ethereum—including minting, bidding, sale, and transfer—is responsible for ~0.2 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

    Step 2: Remove your emissions

    Once you know how much carbon is going in the air as a result of the NFT drop, then you can remove your carbon emissions.

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  • After all, most people would say that a perfect copy of a Mondrian abstract painted on your garage door is not the same as the one created by the artist. Why couldn’t the same be true for a .CAS file? A bonus of the model is that ownership can be extended to resales of that token, allowing artists to continue receiving a cut.

    “We have to change our existing habits.

    So how can we build new platforms that are unsustainable?”

    Memo Akten, technology artist

    The trade-off is that this model consumes lots of energy. The major marketplaces for NFT art, which include MakersPlace, Nifty Gateway, and SuperRare, conduct their sales through Ethereum, which maintains a secure record of cryptocurrency and NFT transactions through a process called mining.

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  • An onus should be placed on marketplaces to either provide an estimate of the carbon footprint related to NFT transactions or provide data that would allow these estimates to be produced by academia. Right now, the actual carbon footprint of NFTs is being treated as a black box.

    Consumers need to be aware of what’s going on so they can make decisions they’re comfortable with.

    2) Improve Ethereum’s algorithm into a more energy-efficient algorithm (transition it to implement proof of stake as opposed to proof of work). This would be considered a tall order. As an engineer, I am comfortable saying that I don’t know what this would even look like.

    However, if we can transition Ethereum into an algorithm that continues to provide the benefits of blockchain (e.g.

    Among them was Beeple, one of the world’s top-selling NFT artists. Each artist created a new piece for the event, within the theme of climate change, and collectively the artworks raised 6.6 million USD.

    One of the artists, Kyle Gordon, is a talented artist who has recently entered the NFT field, and is a diverse personality.

    In addition to creating valuable NFTs, he is an investor and he does creative visual work for commercial clients through his company, Studio ZIRO. He was glad as a person to have the opportunity to do something that could potentially have a lasting impact on society. To other artists, he suggests asking questions of the platforms they choose, equating the platform with the artist’s canvas.

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