Capybaras country club nft

Cryptoids holders will be able to play, train, and earn directly on Open Sea.

They haven’t announced the game’s goal or details of how everything will work, but they have released a gameplay video to give holders an idea of game mechanics.

As you know, our collection is interactive, but have you already tested interactivity on OS? Generative Dungeon is also working on this amazing technology, check their demos!

Win a WL spot for Generative Dungeon: 🧙RT &❤️ 🧙Follow @The_Cryptoids & @GenerativeDng 🧙Tag 3 friends

— The Cryptoids | Playable & Interactive NFTs (@The_Cryptoids) January 20, 2022

The game and technology are fascinating and got me excited about the project.

However, the roadmap is extremely bland, which is concerning since it’s an un-doxxed team.

Capybaras country club nft

This is a guaranteed mint. So from February 25 at 7:00 AM Pacific Time until February 26 at 7:00 AM Pacific Time, everybody on the Survivorlist can mint at least one NFT at a price of 0.115 ETH.

The next mint phase is the presale phase, which begins on February 26 at 7:00 AM Pacific Time. And this is what I am currently giving away whitelist spots for. The mint price here is 0.125 ETH, but the thing to know is that simply being on the presale list does not guarantee that you will be able to mint.
The max mint per wallet is three.

And then the next mint phase is the public sale, which if any NFTs are remaining from the previous two phases, will begin on February 27 at 7:00 AM Pacific Time at a price of 0.15 ETH.

Sakura NFT

Next project is Sakura.

I do have whitelist spots to give away on Twitter as well as in my private Discord, the Degen Den community.

It’s pretty simple in my opinion, but that’s OK because I think it meets a minimum acceptable quality and really the bent of this NFT is in the experience and not so much the art. Let me explain.

So the country club will be in the Sandbox. They do want to acquire four LANDs in the six-month short-term, nine lands in the one-year mid-term, and eighteen lands in the two-year long-term.
Two Sandbox lands have already been purchased. Here is the Capybaras Country Club Sandbox profile where you can see the two lands.

And these are just their ambitions with the proceeds of the NFT mint; they say they want to increase their Sandbox land holdings through various forms of income including gambling zone commissions, entry fee from the gaming zones, royalties, and future investors.

So now let’s talk about the country club itself.

These are the NFT projects that I’m participating in or thinking about participating in in the near future.

Note that I generally do full-scale writeups on larger NFT projects that you can find here.

This article is specifically about under-the-radar projects.

If you’re new to NFTs, check out these general reminders that go for all NFT projects:

  • In order to get the latest information about an NFT — such as details of how to actually get the NFT on the mint date — you generally need to join the NFT’s Discord server (which is 100% free and does not obligate you to purchase an NFT). In this article I give you a link to join the Discord server for each NFT project I mention unless a Discord does not exist.
  • Scams abound in the world of NFTs. You will likely get direct messages in Discord from scammers trying to pose as the NFT creators or administrations.

The art looks super clean and incorporates different popular childhood toys, taking me right down memory lane.

We’re Bringing Back Your Childhood…

Toyz are coming to life… Are You Ready?

— TOYZ (@ToyzNFT) January 17, 2022

Right off the bat, one of their first sneak peeks incorporated a Pokémon card as the head, which I’m a huge fan of.

Play Your Cards Right and You’ll Get in…

Look Closely…

— TOYZ (@ToyzNFT) January 17, 2022

They incorporated childhood gems like GameCube, Yo-Yos, and even skateboards for the kids who liked to spend time outside.

We want to call this our Gamified Platform, the start of all o the utilities you will benefit from shortly.


When staked, the NFT will be placed in an escrow account and removed from your wallet. We have taken this approach to remain competitive in the market and for the streamline the revenue-sharing process.

– When you un-stake, the NFT will be returned to your wallet.

– While your NFT is staked, you can harvest $NOROI/$JUMON at any time.


You will be able to yield $NOROI/$JUMON daily but simply holding your Norowareta Uchu NFTs.

  • 60% to the community treasury or StarVault
  • 5% to the founding team immediately, which is fair
  • 35%, which is the remaining founder’s revenue, locked away

This got great reception from crypto influencers like Matt’s Crypto, Andrew Wang, and others, so that’s a good sign.

I hope that I can get into the Discord to learn more about this project and possibly get some whitelist spots for my Twitter as well as my Degen Den community, but if not, it’s alright, there are other projects in the sea.

Fishman’s Laboratory NFT

3000 #finions To the Mooon !! 🚀

— Fishman’s Laboratory (@FishmansLabs) January 22, 2022

Fishman’s Laboratory is a project that caught my attention purely just based on the fun art.

It obviously has a nautical theme.

This will be distributed quarterly to the holder’s wallet address. The Norowareta Uchu NFTs must be staked prior to the pay-out.


A Colony of 15 to 24 Norowareta Uchu NFTs will get 10% of The Norowareta Uchu Marketplace’s profits. This will be distributed quarterly to the holder’s wallet address.
The Stoned Frogs must be staked prior to the pay-out.


A Colony of 25 or more Norowareta Uchu NFTs will get 15% of The Norowareta Uchu Marketplace’s profits. This will be distributed quarterly to the holder’s wallet address.

Oh wow! Thanks for being so willing to help, we had so many volunteers in such a short time! So, who will be the first 50 to bring Luna back to the Discord?🍀

— The Cryptoids | Playable & Interactive NFTs (@The_Cryptoids) January 19, 2022

The open spots get swept up quickly, so make sure to turn notifications on to increase your chances.

If you want to skip the discord grind and go straight to the whitelist, Twitter is your best option.

Cryptoids NFT runs giveaways and collabs for followers to win whitelist spots and access to their pre-sale.

We’re happy to announce an official collaboration with The Cryptoids! A fully interactive nft game.

To celebrate we’re giving away whitelist spots on twitter!

1. Follow @The_Cryptoids and @FurballsNFT


That said, as of recording, Chiptos has less than 7,000 Twitter followers and only about 5,500 members in its Discord, so it has some growing to do if it’s going to sell out that 7,680-supply collection, but the fact that it already has an existing Genesis collection is obviously helpful.

Like I said, I will be doing a Chiptos X whitelist giveaway on my Twitter as well as in my Degen Den private Discord community.

FilterYa NFT

Introducing FilterYa’s NFT Wearable Marketplace! will be a Web 3.0 application that allows you to create an avatar and share it through the metaverse!🚀

— FilterYa (@filterya) December 7, 2021

So FilterYa got on my radar when I saw that JRNY Crypto was partnering with them, so that piqued my interest.

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