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C86 nft

Join those who change the world, who fulfill their destiny.

60%SPONSORSHIPS -We will be sponsoring the most exclusive events : concerts, international fights, masterminds and many others. -The Cyborg 86 community will not only control the metaverse but will have a real influence, in the real world. ‍-Only those who have similar values to ours will enter the system once they have proven their worthiness.

70%$860,000 IN FUNDS -The community will be able to vote & choose projects through our DAO. ‍-All the candidates who have become cyborgs and who are part of Brain 3.0 will be able to vote & choose through our DAO and invest the $860,000 which is exclusively reserved for it.

C86 nft


Cyborg 86 NFT takımı incelendiğinde birçok isim görülmektedir. Ancak bunlar kendi sitesinde takma isimler ile verilmekte olup şu şekildedir;

Cyborg 86 NFT

  1. C86 – Founder: Kurucu
  2. C86 – MXD: CEO
  3. C86 – Cyboss: Pazarlama Uzmanı
  4. C86 – Creators: Tasarımcılar
  5. C86 – 4kGeniusTeam: Tasarımcılar
  6. C86 – Benbot: Danışman
  7. C86 – fiO-Borg: Blockchain Uzmanı
  8. C86 – Anaborg: Sosyal Medya Uzmanı
  9. C86 – Hisao: Web Tasrımcısı
  10. C86 – Ayzen: Web Tasarımcısı
  11. C86 – Daniel & Guillaume: Metin yazarları
  12. C86 – Sam & Dev: Discord şefi

NFT projesinin kendi sitesini ziyaret etmek istiyorsanız, https://www.cyborg86.io/ linkini açmanız yeterlidir.

Cyborg Nasıl Elde Edilir?

Cyborg 86 NFT Aalabilmek için yapılması gerekenler oldukça kolaydır.

C86 cyborg nft

Crypto, NFT, Metaverse, etc … ‍Anything is possible, all of the 8,600 Cyborgs decide where the money goes and the majority wins.

80%$1,000,000 IN REWARDS FOR OUR HOLDERS -Every member of the system is an asset. And each asset has its interest to claim. ‍-This is why the holders will benefit over $1,000,000 of reward through the 8,600 cards. -‍Each card will have a distinctive sign which will determine the value of its reward. -It will be presented when you least expect it.

90%UNIQUE HEADQUARTERS IN THE METAVERSE -An application has been submitted to the elite House of Kibaa to be with B.A.Y.C and the Gutters Cat Gang. -The goal is to be among the first projects to have a plot in the Metaverse within their ecosystem.

C86 cyborg nft rarity

I would still single out:Decentralization (MANA) because it has made a huge contribution to the popularization of NFTmahdi hosseini


Which NFT projects you will follow in 2022?

I found three good project that feel are great for 2022,they gave great community and strong ideas in back1: Wilder World2: Illuvium3:Alien World

What NFT project is your favorite so far and why did you choose this one?

Illuvium.It’s a Play-to-Earn game with great graphics,story and rules.It’s token is ILV with +1000$ price.Game will release at Avril/March 2022 and there is two type of game.Illuvium and illuvium-zero.In illuvium zero you can buy land and create your own world

Hussein Hashish

Blockchain academic & analyst.

Which NFT projects you will follow in 2022?

I will most probably be following the blockchain gaming & nft gaming space.

Check which NFT projects are ready to explode in February 2022 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) took over the crypto market in 2021. They blew up the market in March and later, the value of the cryptocurrency market as a whole rose significantly in July, as investors and the general public became more aware of NFTs’ potential. Interest in the topic continues to grow and there are no signs that it will stop in 2022.

There are millions of NFTs, and hundreds of new projects seem to open every day.
Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors all over the globe closely watch the NFT market looking for new interesting projects and trends. More information about trending NFT platforms you can find in this Wisdom Collection.

Many others will take place virtually through masterminds on Zoom or directly in the Metaverse !

40%Charity -In the hope of seeing the accomplishment of other children to whom NOTHING encourages their success : -$50,000 as well as 10% of our royalties will be donated to the association 27-12 & Motema Foundation in Ivory Coast to help children with childhood illnesses and perhaps save the world of tomorrow once again.

50%MORE THAN A BRAND, CYBORG 86 -Millions of people appropriated our image to the point of becoming a brand : Cyborg 86. -Today you have the opportunity to be the first ambassadors.

We are curious about which NFT projects you are going to follow in 2022.

When lambo?

Get a free toolkit of quick insights and decentralized points of view that will enlighten you on a variety of crypto topics.

I am in!

We have asked 509 Experty community members questions related to “Top 10 upcoming NFT projects to follow in 2022”. We have received many valuable replies, the best ones (based on Experty community feedback) you can read below.

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Want more?Tobi Micheal Olaitan

Manager / Crypto Passionate

Which NFT projects you will follow in 2022?


C86 Cyborg NFT Roadmap

10%GIVEAWAY -During those days, you will have the opportunity to receive $86,000 in gifts to congratulate you for taking action. -‍In other words, there will be $8,600 in gifts each day, tracked and dispatched depending on the events. -Etherscan Link

20%Secret and private investment -Get into the system and gain access to private and secret investment opportunities : ‍-Real estate off market deals, access early rounds investment in startups, angel investing, Launchpad ICOs, IDOs, etc …

30%V.I.P EVENTS -Imagine a world where the flapping of a butterfly’s wing causes the biggest hurricanes. ‍-This is the power of the BRAIN 3.0 ‍-Our first global event will take place in February in Miami.

Bunun için aşağıdaki üç işlem takip etmek yeterli olacaktır;

  1. Google Metamask uzantısı Ethereum ile dijital işlemlere izin vermektedir. Bu nedenle ilk olarak bunun yüklenmesi gerekir.
  2. Arıdndan Metamask cüzdanı kullanılarak, Ethereum satın alınabilir. Coinbase ya da Binance gibi borsalardan Ethererum gönderilebilir.
  3. ETH aktarımı yapıldıktan sonra Cyborg mint edilmelidir.
    Metamask bağlandıktan sonra Cyborg basılara işlem onaylanabilir.

Bunun yanı sıra ilk satış aracılığıyla kendi web sitesinden de alınabilmiştir. Halka açık satışların kapatıldığında ise ikincil piyasalar aracılığıyla satın almak mümkün olmuştur.

Cyborg 86 NFT Nasıl Satın Alınır?

Cyborg 86 NFT satın almak, üzerine yatırım yapmak istiyorsanız ikincil piyasalar güncel olarak kullanılabilir. Bunlardan bir tanesi opensea.io’dur.

It supports Ethereum’s ERC-721 tokens as the collectibles. It is interesting to monitor its progress in 2022 too.Axie Infinity:This is Ethereum based play-to-earn NFT gaming platform which become very popular in 2021 and it is also interesting to watch in 2022 too.

What NFT project is your favorite so far and why did you choose this one?

Axie Infinity is my favorite NFT gaming platform and I have been monitoring this project. In 2021, this Ethereum blockchain-based project becomes so popular and dramatically, it managed to have a number one spot for the highest sales volume.
Currently, it is approaching the $3 billion ATH sales volume. It has changed the course for NFT blockchain gaming as there are more than 2 million daily players to back the project.

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