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Buy nft opensea

It is the largest NFT hub, containing millions of NFTs from numerous DApps, including the best-selling ones you have probably heard about, like NBA Topshot, CryptoPunks, and CryptoKitties.

Currently, there are over 700,000 virtual assets, all groupable by type, price, and date of release, on the buzzing online marketplace.

Buying NFTs on OpenSea: What You Need to Know

Buying an NFT on OpenSea is surprisingly simple, even for beginners. You will not come across any intimidating strings of words in the process of acquiring your NFT. The only thing you need is an Ethereum wallet and some crypto to use the platform.

Here’s a quick walk through the marketplace features.


NFTs can be anything, and OpenSea has done a wonderful job demonstrating that.

Buy nft opensea

After connecting your wallet, your account will be ready to go.

  • The app should now take you to your profile page, offering insight into any tokens you’ve created, collected, or favored for potential purchases. If you wish to change your account from “Unnamed,” head to the settings symbol in the right section of your picture to customize your profile. Pass the security prompt and sign an agreement to continue.
    Choose your username, add some information, and include your email address.
  • Explore OpenSea to find the NFTs you want to purchase.
  • Review any collected information about your NFTs. Collectible and rarer NFTs may have some valuable properties. Make sure to go through their pricing history to determine if you should use them for trading.
  • Press “Buy Now” once you’ve found the ideal NFT.
  • Buy nft opensea api

    The Opensea platform also allows you to mint an NFT and list it on the marketplace.

    OpenSea also provides market stats and activity of the top NFTs, which are ranked by floor price along with volume and other important statistics for trading. Moreover, the new and ingenious tools being built by OpenSea will provide an integrated marketplace that offers uncomplicated and convenient trading of digital assets, along with a reliable platform to successfully launch new works.

    Headed towards a lucrative future, OpenSea is backed up by prominent industry leaders and top firms. The mode of payment for the NFTs is done by a currency called ETH, which is specifically used for carrying out transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Buy nft opensea polygon

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    Что такое NFT?

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    Как покупать и продавать на Opensea

    Для начала вам нужен будет криптовалютный кошелек, который способен взаимодействовать с dApps.
    Например, Metamask.

    Buy nft opensea metamask

    Once you complete the checkout, the NFT is yours!

    Unlike auctioned NFTs, they can be purchased using ETH tokens in your wallet.

    Viewing your Purchased NFTs

    If you want to see the asset that you have just purchased, return to your OpenSea profile in the menu. Once the transaction is completed, your recent NFT will appear in your account as a ‘Collected’ asset.

    Just like how you buy NFTs, you can also resell your NFT at OpenSea for a fixed price or at an auctioned price by inviting bids. Or you can create your own NFT experiment and list it for sale.

    NFTs have great potential and use case for any industry.

    Buy nft opensea app

    You should also see a gas fee that depends on network activity that can sometimes reach well over $100.

    Bear in mind that some tokens are auctioned, meaning you’ll need to bid for them. Even if you can use the “Buy Now” option, you can also offer a lower price. Here’s how to do so:

    1. Go to OpenSea and find an NFT.
    2. Press the “Offers” button to check if there are any offers for your NFT.
    3. Click “Make Offer” to place your bid in wrapped ETH (WETH).

      This form of ETH is tradeable, but be careful when choosing the amount you wish to bid. The amount should be displayed in the right section as US dollars.

    4. Select “Convert ETH” and confirm your amount. Each conversion is subject to transaction fees.

    Buy nft opensea mobile

    Hence, you might want to convert larger amounts if you wish to bid on several NFTs.

  • Press the “Wrap” button.
  • Your MetaMask wallet should drop down and ask you to verify the amount. It should also present the gas fee, which is lower than when buying NFTs ($5-$10).
  • The updated WETH and ETH balance should be presented in the MetaMask extension. Press confirm and hit the “Make Offer” button again.
  • Specify your amount and select “Make Offer.”
  • Pick “Confirm” to complete your bid.
  • Click the “Sign” button when the wallet drops down.
    This finalizes your placement, and your bid should now appear in your “Offers” section.
  • Acquire Your NFTs and Get Your Journey Underway

    Knowing how to buy and mint NFTs on OpenSea enables you to grow your cryptocurrency portfolio.

    Buy nft opensea trust wallet

    It is also based with the Polygon blockchain, which ensures the lowest cost and speediest trading.

    With these two kinds of blockchains that are available it is possible to choose which one you want to publish your NFT as an seller. This will ensure the security of your NFT, along with the people who want to buy it. All transactions are made using this blockchain, so you should think about where you should upload it.

    OpenSea: NFT Collection Galore

    At OpenSea, it is like an online shopping mall that is endless where you can exchange your cryptocurrency or NFTs in exchange for other NFTs.
    You can purchase anything from just a domain name to an official artwork by an artist you admire.

    Buying nft opensea

    You will be asked to sign in to your wallet by entering your password – or using a fingerprint on mobile – and sign a message to confirm your interaction with the OpenSea platform. There is still the option to link to any of the wallets stored in your MetaMask profile, giving users plenty of options to make good use of their existing addresses.

    Once the linking process is complete, browsing the OpenSea marketplace and its collections will become a lot more straightforward. Make sure there is some Ether in your account if you see anything you want to buy.

    Finding NFTs And Browsing Collections

    On the OpenSea homepage, hit the “Explore” button to gain an overview of which NFTs are currently hot or in demand on the marketplace.

    With several million listings today, it can take a while to find something you want specifically.

    Cheap nft opensea

    Here’s how you can do it:

    1. Look for an NFT on OpenSea.
    2. To see if there are any offers for your NFT, click the “Offers” button.
    3. To make an offer in wrapped ETH, click “Make Offer” (WETH). This type of ETH can be exchanged, but be cautious when deciding how much to bid. The sum should be displayed in US dollars in the appropriate area.
    4. Choose “Convert ETH” and enter your desired amount.

      Transaction fees apply to each conversion. If you want to bid on many NFTs, you should convert greater quantities.

    5. Select “Wrap” from the menu.
    6. Your MetaMask wallet should appear and prompt you to confirm the amount.

    Purchase nft opensea

    The tokens you purchase from MetaMask will be deposited into your wallet account. You are all set! Let’s head back to OpenSea to buy your first NFT!

    Sync Your Wallet with OpenSea

    As a first step, connect your wallet to OpenSea. Once you connect, OpenSea will display the available balance that you can use to purchase your NFT.

    1. To connect your wallet, simply click on the wallet icon shown above at the top right corner.
      You will then be prompted to choose from a list of wallets.
    2. Choose MetaMask and sign in to your account. If you have any other wallets, you can connect any of them. If you have multiple wallets, you can have more than one account in OpenSea.
    3. Now you can access your wallet from OpenSea and view your balance.

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